Sunday, April 27, 2014

...and here we go again - again!

Dukan, dreads, shopping.

I followed the diet for a while last time... for the second time. But then it went down hill. Now I'm starting again - with my sister! (Third time's a charm?) This way we can kick each other's butts. ;)
It's summer outside - 20 c - so there's no real appetite, and we just got money, so it's perfect timing.
Yeah, the weather is lovely, but it's still april, no one knows how long this will last... 

I bought new shiny plugs for my earlobes the other day, I'll show them as soon as they arrive in the mail. :)
And tonight I'll be searching for human hair extensions online - for dreads! Yay!
Oh, and some more bleach. We got to buy bleach! 

Money says; *Poof* *Gone*.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Black Milk

These are just awesome.
One day, when I dont look like a huge sausage in tight clothes, ;D I will shop a few many things from Black Milk. Mostly their cool leggings!

(Pics stolen from

Monday, April 21, 2014

Witches do exist... Salem. Looks like this new series has it all. Dolls moving, evil creatures in the dark, magic... and blood!
Check imdb, there's even a trailer. ;)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bra Guide! - BH Guide!

LoL! Found an awesome guide to find the right bra size. It's in english and the sizes do not match the sweidish ones, but hell, I learned alot anyway and had a good laugh! xD

I'm sitting here pulling my bra band and it's f*cking annoying! And I have never really had a bra that suited very well.

Check it out!
(The text is kind of annyiong-ly small and "compressed" - But it's totally readable!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No money = depressed!

The diet & thoughts!
I think this goes for most people out there.
Somehow this month turned out really poor... And yet we had more money than we tought we would have? Plus, we have only bought food... well, not as much candy as usual anyway. ;P And this crap makes me sad. I have most things I need to continue my diet, but I dont feel like it...or atleast I didnt feel like it yesterday - I cheated all day long.
Today - I've been good!
My mood goes up and down. As soon as we get money again, I will feel completly fine, buy some candy, shove that in my face - then be back on my diet!
I only wish that I would have that attitude right now, instead of later.

So after all - I would'nt call this my "Attack Phase". But! If it turns out I have continued to lost weight, I will not have -yet another- Attack Phase for 10 days. Maybe a few 5 days will do the trick. Because I need some veggies!

But this is only how I think and feel NOW... I will probably have another oppinion about it tomorrow. *Sigh*

When I do something, I have to do it right, no exceptions. I think that is why I keep doing what I do with this diet... instead of just going with it and be fine with what I've already lost in weight...

Maybe Catta can beat some sence in me when she comes visit this weekend. <3

Me, Catta and Camilla - ze sister! - All started our journey to get blonde hair! :D Yay!
We are all natural blondes, but not as light as we would want. Plus, me and Camilla needed to get rid of our henna. Catta started out black and has come a long way since we started.

Here's a sneakpeak on my hair after the first set of highlights. :) 
We did another go a week ago and will continue until all the orange is gone!
I lost a few balls of hair during this first bleach... Depend's bleach is not to play with apparantly. But hey, it went from copper to silver! ;D
And I can afford to loose a little hair. No biggie. Not yet anyway...

It looks a little zebra-ish about 2 inches from the top, because I got most henna/indigo-mix there, it refuses to bleach - instead it turns grey/blue/green - but I WILL bleach it! -.-

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Starting over my Attack Phase (Woho!)

I was looking forward to starting with vegetables soon, but that will have to wait.
I cheated this weekend, both friday and saturday, and I feel that I ruined the "cleansing process" of my body.
So from today, sunday, I'm starting over!

Sorry for the replay! ;P

Todays breakfast, the usual!

Series: Justified

I love this series. And I Love Timothy Olyphant, with his weird name. Eye candy as someone called it. ;)
It's not just any cop-series, it's hillbillys. xD And there is always something happening, not a single boring second goes by. And there's humor! Try it!
I just started season four. :)

Into song, Justified

This music is a mix of rap and bluegrass - totally awesome!
(Yeah, I just learned that)
I never liked rap until now...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Attack Phase - Day 4 and 5

Hello pritties!

Yesterday - Day 4
It was all good! I ate the stuff I use to and all went well. ^^
Except for the evening - I just had to take a few slices of cheese (28% fat, oops)!
Nothing to cry about really.

Today - Day 5
Today has gone not too well... I craved cheese. Again. So I decided to take 2 sandwiches for breakfast... big mistake. Tummyache! My tummy turned on me and all hell broke loose. Luckily in the toilet! Haha, sorry for the info!
My tummy has been supergood these past days and yesterday I did a perfectly fine no. 2. :P LoL

Apparantly I cant eat bread anymore. Is this the reason I've been having issues with my tummy before maybe? I'm glad this happened tho, because now I dont have to cry for sandwiches no more. :D

The reason I decided to cheat was that I have been craving chocolate and fudge all week, and I was going to allow myself to eat that today - So, "might aswell go for a sandwich or two!".

I will continue my diet, ofcourse. ^^ Maybe I will have to start over on sunday... We'll see how things goes and how I feel.

on this morning - Day 5,
I measured my body and I've lost several centimeters all over. Yay! :) 
Waist: -3 cm
Under boobs: -4 cm
And then a few other centimeters every here and there!  
I even use the thingy to weigh myself, even if it's retarded. It said: -3 kg (total, since monday)


Even more awesome since me, sis and Catta are going to Ullared soonish! A huuuge store with everything you want and need! And everything is supercheap! ;D

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Attack Phase - Day 3 (Attackfasen - Dag 3)

So... tired... must... sleep... Zzzz.
After I've thrown myself in the shower. 
I hate taking showers, it's incredibly boring! Except in the summer heat, then it's ok!

* Tuna
* Cottage Cheese
* 1 boiled egg
* Water
* Tiny amount of coffee (I think that was it for me. Coffee is just plain disgusting without cream & fatty milk! So, no more coffee... unless I find myself dying of a horrible headache.)

* Turkey
* Cottage Cheese
* Water

* Yogurt
* Quark (Kvarg)
* Linseeds (Linfrö)
* Cinnamon

* Chicken
* Tzatziki (Yogurt, quark, garlic etc.)
* Water

* Meatballs! (The kind you boil... Frikadeller in swedish)
* Water

I think I cheated a little tho, because of the pig-meat used for the meatballs.
Oh well, we'll just see after these 10 days what has happened!
This morning I found out that out "thingy" that you check you weight on - is broken. Or f****d up somehow! Because it said PLUS 1,5 kg this morning. Maybe it all has to do with the fluids in your body?
Luckily I measured my whole body before I started, so I can check that instead. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Attack Phase - Day 2 (Attackfasen - Dag 2)

I managed another day of this horrible, piece of sh... no, just kidding! ;D

* Tuna
* Quark
* 1 boiled egg
* Coffee
* Water

* Chicken
* Cottage cheese
* Water

* Ham-thingy (Kassler in swedish)
* Quark/Yogurt
* Bran (Havrekli)
* Water

* Dukan pancakes
* Meat-thingy (wich you're suppose to have on sandwiches) ^^
* Coffee
* Water

Later snack:
* Yogurt
* Linseeds (Linfrö)
* Water

Dukan pancakes
* 4 tbs of bran (4 msk havrekli)
* 4 tbs of quark (4 msk kvarg)
* 2 eggs (2 ägg)
* Salt 
Mix - fry in a pan with no fat (or very little oil) - Done! 
Tastes like healthy pancakes. ;)

This was a little too much of these ingredients for one day, during this phase. But I eat very little dairy products, so these pancakes were a supplement for today. ^^

...and I have no idea why this pic turned the wrong way.

Small update - Day 2

I just had to report my weightloss now, and not later! ;D

- 2 kg (!) (Less than 24 hours since I started)

*Happi gurl*

Monday, April 7, 2014

Attack Phase - Day 1 (Attackfasen - dag 1)

I overslept this morning and missed the bus - and the next bus departs 5 hours later. Awesome, isn' it?
Not really. But I got a free day and I went shopping foods. Dukan-friendly foods. :)

* Tuna
* 1 boiled egg
* 0,5 liters of water

* Tiny peace of chicken
* Very little yogurt
* Half a cup of coffee
* 0,5 liters of water

* Tuna with 1,5 tablespoons of bran (havrekli)
* A little more water

* Grilled chicken
* Quark/Cottage cheese
* A little more water

* Yogurt
* Linseed (flaxseed?) - Some words are just weird to translate! ;)
* 0,5 liters of water
* 1 cup of coffee

I feel fine. It went fine. I dont feel hungry. Success!
I pee alot. Alot. I got a pretty bad headache before, but I get that alot, so I have no idea if it was the change of diet or not. Maybe I should drink even more water... But what if I explode? It's alot of water already! :P

I have'nt decided yet if I'm going for 7 or 10 days... I guess I would need 10 days with all the weight I want to loose. Anywho! When I reach the last day of this phase, I will report my start-weight and current weight.

It's nice that the food fits on small plates ;D

The Dukan Diet

And once again I needed a change!

I started LCHF some time ago - then quit - the started again - and so on and on...

I dont like the food food of LCHF. Too much of proper meals make me want to puke at it. I craved for sugar and carbs... Sweet, sweet carbs. And then there was all the fat. No thanks. I know I wont be able to continue with that now that the summer is on its' way... I need lighter food.

I searched online (where else?) for other diets and found the Dukan diet. First I thought it was a bad name for a crappy diet - "dukan", or "du kan", on swedish means "you can". But it was a french name. ^^ Dr Pierre Dukan.

Anywho -
I will start writing here about how it goes, what I eat, report weightloss etc. 
When the time feels right, I will start showing pictures of myself. I love to see other peoples progress in weightloss, it's very inspiring!

Dukan has 4 phases you have to go through. Today I started the first phase - the Attack Phase. I want to loose more than 20 kilos, so I have to continue this phase 7-10 days.
In this phase I only eat proteins and drink tons of water.

It's all a bit confusing if you have no idea what I'm talking about, so if you're interested - ask google. :)
Here's two links:
English -
Swedish -

Last night I had "my last meal" ;D
Yum yum

And this was my breakfast today:
About 70 grams of tuna & one boiled egg. 0.5 liters of water.
Ofcourse, after I almost ate it all I thought of taking a pic! ;)

I think this diet will be alot easier for me to follow, because of the phases, you only have to eat "this & that" for a time - then change it a little.
In the last phase, wich lasts troughout life, you will eat normal food. Again - you have to read about it to really understand it. :)