Saturday, May 24, 2014

New blog...

..with a new name.
It was time for a change again. Lately I have been writing a lot about food, diets, weight loss etc and so on and on! I needed a new place to mumble on about all of that. ^^
I will use my new place for all other stuff also, so it will be quiet here. Not that I blog super often, anyway, but I'll try to change that. ;D

Sometimes when I start a new project, it doesnt go as I planned, or feel... so I dont know if I will be using this place later again or not. We'll see.


New blog:

Oh and it's on swedish from now on. It feels more natural as you can understand. ;)
I've added an translate-gadget of course! I totally understand if you dont want to use it... even my english is better than that thing... But I hope you will anyway!
The blog is on the same Blogger account, so I still have you guys on my reading-list.

See you! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

9 days of LCHF so far

I know, I know. But I couldn't help myself.
I read and read and read and it all makes so much sense, and it's super interesting!
So here I am, 9 days has gone since I started. This must be a record?! ;D
Though, the first 3-4 days I ate candy and icecream. But hey, shit happens, life goes on - and I've lost a few centimeters around the waist. ;)

I saw a picture of Jonna ( having a coffee break in the woods. Hot coffee, cinnamon bun and bare feet to go with that. I almost drooled at the sight of that bun! I wanted to be there in those woods, bare feet... AND SHOVE THAT BUN DOWN MY THROAT!
So now I know I'm not over my sugar addiction. Takes a few weeks I've heard.

The x-ray today went fine, I'll have the results in a week.
My shoulder, after a day of work, does not feel fine. At all.

Todays dinner

Off to get x-rayd. X-raied? Exray?

What ever. As said before, english do not always agree with me.

Today I'm heading to the hospital to get an x-ray done for my poor shoulder - wich have been feeling fine, mostly, this last week.
But it comes and goes as it pleases.
I hope they find the cause. But I would not be surprised if they didn't find anything at all.

The alarm rang 4.20... god, that is way too early! I hope I make it trough the day...

One of my brave attempts(!) to photograph the moon... And that planet next to it! ;D

And now the summer is here - for real this time - so the nights are not dark anymore. It was a bit annoying last night. 1 hour before 12 it looked like the sun had just went down, everything was light blue... and the birds were singing! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Winner of Talang Sverige 2014, a must-see.

This is the winner, Jon Henrik, of Talang Sverige 2014 (like "Sweden got talent"),
 and this is so very beautiful and awesome in SO many ways.
A must-see. <3

I'm a bit late with this I think... I didnt watch all the episodes and not the finals... I regret that now.

Gadgets... gadgets everywhere!

<--- I now have a gadget for translating the blog.
The translating isn't all that great, since my english is... not that great! xD

We had really nice weather today, maybe 20-25 c. Me and sis did some work in the garden, took 2 hours and there is more to do. Phew. Hopefully we'll get a nice tan! ;)

Beautiful sunset the other night

I think I've seen someone write about before, but I just noticed the other day - how Blogger butcher the photos! Very blurry. But I guess the website will be laggy otherwise.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Obviously the icecream (with Daim!) and the Polly's (2 bags) I ate last week prevented me from loosing a little weight... *Oops*

I tried warm raspberries with wipped cream yesterday, yum yum. This will be my savior!

This day - So far, so good. :)

Tomorrow I will head off to work for a new plan. I will only work 50% now for 14 days. Extra long weekends ftw. ^^

I made soup/stew yesterday. And "Oopsies" - lchf-bread-like-thingies.
(I always fail with the diary products in food, so it doesn't look very good, but it is!) :D 

After playing around and digging in the yard, we always spend some time in "mattes" bed, so that all the dirt comes off... 
Mhm -.-


These are the times you're really happy about having a washing machine in the basement.

Awesome clouds a warm night in may.
It looks like they're beeing sucked towards something... 
Or maybe a UFO just flew by and they got shaped that way? ;D

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Om nom...

...nom nom nom. Nom nomm nom. Omn nom nom.

Nom nom nom nom. Om nom. Nom.


I ate chocolate today, about 200 g. I stod infront of the mirror dressing myself for a short forest-walk with ze dogs... Jesus. I then went to the kitchen and threw the rest of the candy in the garbage can.
Sugar is a drug.

The first dread extension is made, yay!

I bought human hair extensions a while ago and this is the first baby dread!
It got a little longer than I thought it would, but that is alright, since I had to cut my own hair. ^^
I dont know why, but I think i will name it...

And this is how my fur looks like at the moment:

The top of the hair is shiny and ok. But the lower 5-10 cm needs to go. :(
As you can see it did not take any color and it feels like gum. You can just break it off.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weight loss on TV - It's all about money?

Have you ever seen "Biggest loser" on TV? It's mostly lies.
Yes, they work out a lot - but only for 2,5 hours per day.
In four months they got to talk to their families 3 times. How nice of them!
Lost 9 kilos in a week? Nope, more like in 2-4 weeks.
And best of all - at the premiere of the show, they GAFFER-TAPE the contestants' loose skin to their bodies! What the F?

This is in Swedish, but there's a link that leads to the interview itself, on English. :)

There's also alot about The Weight Watchers. And diet-powders, diet chocolate bars and so on and on... it's all just sugar, like candy.
Way to go.

I continue to read, read and read about LCHF. This is so interesting! :D
And I have time for it. I'm home sick this week because of my shoulder, it hurts like hell and the doctors dont know why. Going to x-ray and stuff.
It's nice with a little time off. Not so nice with hurting bodyparts tho.

Monday, May 12, 2014

I fried my hair... yay!

Lily Slim is a weight loss tracker - It's cute and helpful, ;) I had to add it here. ^^ Maybe that way I will see it more often and ...yeah.

Catta was here this weekend and we ate alot of candy... and cookies. Soda. Pizza.
Why? We have no idea. It's like every time she visits - we all decide to bathe in sugar!
We talked about it yesterday and the end of those days have come. No more shoving-your-face-full-of-crap.

I'm reading alot about lchf, it's very interesting. I'm not on any diet right now, no, but I have a feeling I will probably end up with lchf agian. It just makes so much sence.
But I have to be sure that I wont quit again - or cheat for that matter - that way I will only gain weight.

This weekend we also bleached and dyed hairs! :D
- Catta is now blonde as she should be, she just needs a little silver shampoo. 
- Camilla is now blonde, but still with a little orange. We'll see how silver shampoo and conditioner will help with that. We have to wait a few weeks now before bleaching again anyway.
- Sandra FRIED her hair! (And some parts melted!) Hurray for me! Asshole-Depend-crap-bleach. 
(( It is strong, yes, but there is something very wrong with it. My hair can take any crap - always could! But not Depends Bleach. Beware. If you compare Mood and Depend, they have almost exactly the same strenght to them. ))
It also made parts of my hair blue/grey. 
So to fellow bleachers out there - stick to Mood! 

I had to cut off 10 cm. I'll live. Really.
But it bugs me because I was saving it for dreads.
My hair looks 100 times worse in real life and I have to cut off atleast 5 more cm. 
I now have light brown hair, because I had to get rid of the blue-ish tint. Hopefully it will bleach itself in the sun this summer.

More pics coming when I continue the abuse of my hair!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pigtails for the dogs!

There is a store not far from here, selling meat and dairy products from nearby farms. Awesome stuff!
Last time we were there we bought pigtails for our furry babies. :) 
The label said: "Pigtals - from happy pigs!"
That made me happy. :)

To get a pic at Bella, we had to held her still or she would take the tail and run off. 
No, our dogs are not very good models... but they sure are cute. ;D

If you get too close to Smulan, she looks like she's going to attack, but she doesnt, she just holds it with a very, very firm bite/grip! :P

Om nom nom

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Diets, diets, diets...

One of the things on my head right now... and has been for the past weeks, or months...
There comes a time when you realise that you are not happy about how you look in the mirror. That time came a long time ago, but it's worse now. It's soon summer and that makes it so much more ...important? Well, not really. I'm just really bad at expressing myself with words! ;)
But I assume that you know what I mean.

I tried the Dukan diet, and it worked. But that is not how I want to live. That is not the food that I believe people should eat. So little fat cant be good for anyone. Yes, it's awesome for weight loss, but not your health. Those are two different things.

I tried LCHF, 2 or 3 times now. That works fine too. But in the end you get sick of cooking all that food and all that fat. If you've ever tried LCHF, you know that it's not really that much fat, but it feels that way.

I want to be able to eat anything.
I want to be able to shove that damn chocolate in my face, every damn saturday!!!

So now I'm trying something else. I wont get into it. At all. Except for the changes of my body and a little about food. :) I suck at following diets. I think we all have figured that out by now, lol.

We will just have to see how this goes from now on.

This is where we are going, Catta. <3 Can you imagine?
*Daydreaming for the win*

Monday, May 5, 2014


And then me and sister were at it again. The candy! Lol. Awesome. Not.
Anywho, I just started LCHF today. Again, YES, AGAIN!!!! - IT'S THE CHEESE FAULT! 
Plus, this is what I believe in, this is what I believe poeple ate 10,000 years ago. 
Not some low-fat-crap-food!
Camilla is just sad at the moment. She doesnt want to give a shit about what she eats, but at the same time she doesnt want to look like a blob. Just like everyone else out there I think. ^^ 

Over and out, I guess.