Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Current hair colour... & even nails!

Okay, so I wanted to be a redhead after all. I liked the brown colour, but it was just a tiny bit boring, so I used henna again. 

Herbique's Kopparr√∂d (copper red). I had it at home, so it was just there... waiting for me to use it. 
As last time it went wine red, dark red, even darker than last time.
How? It puzzles me.
I loved it at first sight, it was so RED. But then it felt too dark. I really want a copper red / burnt orange, kind of.

I mixed the henna powder with very hot water and a tiny bit of lemonjuice that I had left in the fridge from last time. I used it right away instead of waiting for "dye release". It went just as well!

I took some pictures, with my nails included, because of how long they got (hurray!) and because of the awesome colour - wich matches red just perfect. :) 
But the haircolour came out different in every pic, so excuse all the freaking nails. 

I guess the lenght of my hair is still in bad shape, because the henna didn't really stick to it. 
It's like 50 % of my hair that is dried out and weird, so I thought I might just cut it off... maybe. 
It have just gotten long again. :( 

Since it got so dark, I will do a bleach bath or two, then use another brand of henna to get the copper/orange-red that I want. 
I hope I can fix the colour of the lenghts too, so that I dont have to cut it.

Oh, and I'm re-painting my bedroom! It was(is) such a horrible dark, blue colour, it darkens my whole room to the point that almost all my plants die.
I bought a colour called Mocca.
(I have no idea what the last tenants, or the owner, have done to the ceiling, but it's not pretty. I might fix that too, in the near future.)

I guess I'm doing a challange - a blogvember challange? ;D

These kind of thingies are not really my... thing. 
But sometimes the questions asked are totally okay, like now. :)
And Lesthi challanged me, so here it goes!

What is the best thing about blogging?
It's a good way to get things out of your heart and head. It's fun to show someone else what you like. It's nice to have a diary on the web, with your own personal look (well, mostly anyway) and feel to it. 

What makes my blog special?
I dont know what that would be? That it is mine, it's all me, I guess. ^^ 
And maybe that I do very detailed enteries about how I use haircolours and henna and stuff - I'm hoping that it is of some use to people out there, having the same "problems" I do with my hair. :P

How does my blog look in a year?
I will probably ramble about the same crap as now, xD but the look will most likely have changed. Surprise!

Which was my best post?
I have no idea!
I like my posts about henna, I even searched through my own blog to find info about it before my last henna-using. ^^

What other blogs / bloggers inspire me?
Wow, uhm... Lesthi of course, LauraLynoireLinnea, Insomniac's attic
JonnaRania and my precious Catta. :)
There are many more, but these are the ones that I read the most and can connect to. <3

If I have to choose 3 people to continue this challange, it'll be Catta, Rania and Lynoire
Already done it or dont feel like doing it? Then dont. ;D <3

I want winter now. Kind fo sick of the gray and rainy weather.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Baking pasties & Blizzard f-cked up

Rania posted a recipe of a bread that seems fantastic. I get a home-feeling just by looking at it.
It may also be because Rania knows how to capture a feeling in a picture. ;D

I dont have the ingredients for this bread at home, so I'll try it later, but it got me thinking of the pasties (piroger in swedish) me and my sister baked this week. 
Yay! I actually did something else that just play WoW. (It goes in periods, no worries.)

This is just half of them.
Cheese on top is very yummy. ;)

I picked some leaves in october(!) but I dread using Camillas Iphone, damn thing wants to install 100 programs just to transfer ONE picture! Thank god for Sony. "Click and drag" for the win!
(Yes, our table is in dire need of loving caring oils and stuff xD)

Oh yeah, excuse the language, but swearing is really healthy you know. They've researched it and it turn out that swearing and cursing out loud helps with pain - like when you hit your pinky toe! :D
Lol, anyway... 
The EU servers of World of Warcraft have all been working very poorly, or not working at all, ever since the expansion launch. They haven't even told us what the issues are, they just send their "apologies" every 7th hour or so, and "we're working on it". Sigh.
This is truly bad. Many people take a day off or three for the release of games.

But the little time I got to play , with no lag, has been awesome! :D

My garrison, your own home, sort of. ^^

The sky is amazing! <3


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gaming weekend

This just arrived in the mail: 
Warlords of Draenor, new expansion for WoW. :) Hurray!

Coffee - check!
Chocolate - check!
Sweatshirt pants on - check! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Issues, issues.

I think I have come to a solution of my "style"-issues. 

It does not have to be all-black.
I do not need to have black hair (even if it's freaking gorgeous!)
I dont have to leave anything out just because it does not "fit" with the rest.

And this goes for everything - personal looks, clothes, home decoration, etc.

Aaah, I feel so much better now. I was thinking of this earlier today, but I feel I have to write it down somewhere... and that's why you have a blog. :)

I fell in love with this pic. 
Even if it's drawn - that hair! <3
One can dream, right? ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home again, with breakfast

It's never good to shop for foods when you're hungry. But atleast I didn't buy any candy!
Good Sandra, good. *Pats herself*
I bought dark chocolate 80%, cream and raspberries - I'm doing a LCHF cake! :) Sugarfree of course.

Before my trip to the shop, I met the psychiatrist. She was very kind and understanding, thank god. I always fear the worst when I meet new people, especially in medical care.
She works with KBT therapy (cGT therapy? Blame google translate) .
We are starting a 5 week program, where we will meet once a week √° 45 minutes. She said it would be intense - I believe her! Five more meetings, and then I will feel better?
Hello scepticism... I can't help it. :O
But let's hope it will work wonders!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It was time for a change again.

It's that time of the year, when your mind gets a little darker. But it has been sneaking up on me for a long time now... and I hope that this time - it is here to stay!
I miss the all-black-everything. I keep drooling over pictures on tumblr.

For the 100th time, I have decided what to do with my hair... (or have I?) Well, it is back to that plan I had last autumn - growing it long. Looong. No dreads. I want it long, wavy, shiny and above all, comfortable to sleep on and easy to wash.
I am thinking of trying Lush henna "caca noir". I feel that my hair is still a bit crappy since all that bleaching, so natural colours would be best. That would be best for my overall health anyway.
Those chemicals. *sigh*

Lush Caca Noir - henna, indigo and other goodies.

I've been home from work for about 6 weeks now. At last I went to the doctor and got the help I needed, so now I'm taking medicin for anxiety/depression. The medicin can make your anxiety much worse for a few weeks and it may not help at all for up to 3-6 months. I feel a little better from time to time, but I still have nightmares and some other issues... I know, it sounds wonderful. ;)

On thursday I'm seeing a psychologist of sorts. We'll see how that works out... I'm sceptical.

I have a few projects I want to play around with at home. Fixing my lamp, a little table and a bureau. The pictures in my head of these things are so damn pretty, but I can't seem to get to work with it.
One day! Right?

Drooling objects from my tumblr.