Friday, July 22, 2016

Fixing my bleached hair

Slacking allready with the blogging. :D
New stuff in World of Warcraft, so I'm slacking with eveything right now *oops* And soon Legion, the new expansion! Demons and everything evil <3

Sitting here listening to Wardruna, full volume, drinking ice coffee (in the disgusting heat!) :)
Here comes the dirty-bathroom-mirror-pics!

My hair is blonde with almost-white highlights. 
Not happy about putting chemicals on my scalp so I'll try to stop bleaching it from now on. 
Maybe highlights later, but that wont ruin my scalp atleast.

Much more natural "growth".

Used the one to the left, was planning on using the other one on the rest of my hair, 
but I changed my mind. So, a warm brown color to avoid green hints.
It's not as coppery as it looks, it matches my own haircolor quite nicely. :)

I did it with a brush, just like in this video. Though she starts f*cking around with other colors, I just had one color on the roots and brushed it out. Turns out more smoother looking than you think it will. ^^

Friday, July 15, 2016

And a year later...

Oh, look at that, almost a year ago since I last blogged. Or blogged? I would rather call it writing in my diary.

I feel like it's time to start reading my favorite blogs again.
I dyed my hair again and I felt like I had no place to put the pictures of it. Facebook takes too much of my time and half the people there would'nt care less if I have a new haircolor, haha.
Also I like to share tips and stuff, because as always, I myself would love to find more info on the interwebz about how to get that special hairdye/hairdo etc. :)

Oh, and I think that this, my last design of the blog, still works for me. That's a nice feeling. :)

Cya soon again...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Header-making for dummies & a little home decor

LoL :D I just found a webpage where you can make you header without photoshop and such.
Very simple... & free! Saves to your harddrive & can be shown on social medias. :) Click here.

Today feels like a good day to write in my diary. I noticed I have not done that in 2 months.
Time sure flies by!

The last few weeks, or should I say months, I feel like I've been getting to know myself better, kind of... It's hard to describe the feeling. I just, know what I want!
I had a look in a catalogue (Cellbes, online shop for clothes & stuff for your home) and saw this gorgeous bedroom with wine red walls, dark rose-y curtains, and oh, the bed & the bedcheets! <3
It's beautiful! But I dont want that it in my bedroom. Just because I love that look does not mean I must have it. It felt so nice to just think "nope, I know what I want & this is not it, even if I love it!"
I want the old look, the rustic, used look. Like a hunting cabin or a barn.
I did find something else at that store though, on sale - brown leather boots & two new bras.
Picking it up tomorrow at the post office, so I will show the boots some day soon. :)

The wine red bedroom.

What I really want!
Well, I dont live in a house built out of wood, or cabin, yet. 
But you get the point. 

It's august already, phew... soon Autumn! <3
Anyway - I have not heard from my contact person yet, so she's still on vaccation I believe. I can't wait for our next meeting - I found an education that I really, really what to get! I have always loved plants & planting, gardens etc. but was told when I was younger that there is no work in that genre (can you call that genre?), so I didn't thought of it more than that - after an education you want to be able to get I job, I mean.
Till I found this new blog, that I now follow ->
She lives in northern Sweden and works with plants, flowers etc. She told me that "Of course you can get a job in this buisness, I have no idea why you would'nt?"
This might be because it's different times now & it's in another part of the country.
So... If all goes as planned, I will get the education of my dreams! Well, one of my dreams. ;)
Super excited! This will also be awesome to learn since I want to live in the country/forest, growing my own foods & such.