Monday, May 25, 2015

Skin tone & hair colour

I like tests & "help-things" for your skin, hair colour, clothes etc.
Here's one I just found Pinterest.
Well, it's just tiny & not helpful at all here, so use the link above. ;)

As 10 times before, ;D I got skin type Cool & the season winter. Sounds about right!
I have pink skin, dark blonde hair & brown eyes. Kind of weird combo. 
My colours are dark & rich colours as; black, (of course!), burgundy, red, blue, teal etc.

There is one thing I learned new from this "test" though... I've always liked earthy colours; beige, brown, army green etc, but as soon as I wear something beige, I look like crap. 
Seriously. It does not look good at all.
It brings out the pink in my skin. Pale or ivory is fine - beautiful even, but pink? No.

Anyway, the point in all this is HAIR COLOURS! What else?
Cool skin tone = cool hair colours.
Red (more purple than orange), black, cool brown, dark blonde, cool blonde.
Uhm, yeah, so - any colour without golden/orange tones! Sigh...

Ugh... before I started writing this I thought I would be one step closer to choosing a hair colour I would like to have but alas, no such luck.
The search (=anxiety, never ending thoughts) continue.

I never thought I would care about it, but I will choose a colour that matches my skin tone. 
Seeing that my now evil (beige) top completely destroyed my looks. x)

Anyone out there noticed anything like this? 
Any colours that looks really bad with your skin tone or hair colour?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer is here

It's nice now when everything is green. There's flowers everywhere & it smells like summer. :)

I feel good again, not sick, but I still have a little cough left & at night it feels like I'm having a cold. Awful virus, or whatever it was.

My Diary got a new design again. It simply didn't feel like my blog when it was that light of colour.
Back to black!
When it comes to reading blogs I'm far far behind. Sigh. I'm not just in that mood right now. I'm in my gamer-mood. Or dwelling in the garden with my dogs-mood.
But writing this post is a step forward atleast!

Tonight I was browsing Pinterest for autumn outfits & red hair... & right now I can hear the wind outside my window... I think I'm longing for autumn already. Typical, you always want what you don't have - when it comes to weather atleast. ;)