Saturday, February 22, 2014

A sweater for Smulan

Almost 2 years ago I started to sew a sweater for Smulan, the sausage dog. Yesterday I finished it! 
It didnt work out the way I wanted it to and it didnt look they way I had pictured it to in my head, so I just left it there. Plus I have to be in a special mood to sew. I guess that is why it took 2 years. ;D

Smulan has gained some weight since then... but she could move freely in it and she seemed to like it! :)
I found another, much more simple, pattern on ze internetz - gonna try that next time I feel creative. 

The sunset the other day was pretty. :)

Oh - and we got a kitchen mouse from HELL that wont get caught in the trap!
4 times, FOUR(!!!), he has stolen the snack from it without getting stuck there. It's evil I tell you, EVIL! ...Or just sneaky.
I even swithed to another trap.

Salami, bacon, cheese, beef ...and then salami again. He's living the life. 
But today I havent checked the trap. I pretty sure the evil bastard is not in there. -.-


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Removing henna with Colour B4

So, I read this forumpost on how to remove henna with "Colour B4" - a haircolor remover. Not a bleach.
I was tired of the red and has been longing for my true haircolor for a long time now. So I gave it a shot!

It works like this: 
It opens up the scales on your hair so that the evul chemicals can get in there and shrink all the old dye molecules, so that you can just wash them away afterwards!
Simple, right? ;)
So the key to this process is RINSING, RINSING, RINSING!

How I did it:
Catta, my lovely assistant, put it in my hair (not the growth), put a plastic bag on my head and then we waited. A long, long time. It says up to 60 min, but I had it in for 3 hours. Yes, THREE hours. These chemicals do not hurt your hair, just your color residues. ;) Oh and try to keep your head warm.
I rinsed about 17-20 min total.

And it worked! Even on henna! At the package it says that it does not work on henna and some other herbs, but it does. Maybe not on everyones hair though. >> We all have different hair! <<


3 layers of henna. The last henna I did also contained indigo, wich is a pain in the butt to remove.
Brown/red/copper with a huge growth.

In different lights. It's hard to get the real color on picture.
Strawberry blonde/lightbrown/whatever with coppery highlights... and the hugh growth!

I'm gonna do another go with this and hopefully get rid of all of it. Then start to do tiny highlights with bleach. Or dye it with a color close to my own haircolor. Not sure yet.

If you are thinking of using it - do it! It works. Check forums, google and youtube - they have lots of info on Colour B4. ;)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things are looking brighter

The sun shows its' face more often now and it does not go down until late in the afternoon. :)
The 3 dogs and cat can feel it. Spring is coming. Even if there will be more cold weather and even snow, spring is on its' way!

And I got a job! :D Hurray for me!
It's a 1 year aployment where I will have all the benefits of a normal job. It's at a place where mostly sick or injured people work. Humm, that actually sounds worse than it is!

I got this chance because I broke down. I had enough and went to a psychologist and told her how I felt. Turns out I have social phobia. And anxiety, but that I knew.
I have always been a lone wolf, and I like it that way. Never really liked crowded places and I hate speaking in the phone, especially with people I dont know in person. Etc. Etc.
So this got me the opportunity to get a job. And I'm super happy about it!

I dont want to complain now that I have a job, but it's pretty damn mental how you need to be "sick" to get a chance like this.
Should'nt all people have the same choices/opportunities?

The renovating-furniture-fake-work did not turn out that great. It was getting really boring, sitting in a dusty, bad vetilated room all day - with no windows - painting. Painting. Painting....
Then there's some other reasons I wont mention.

But hey, screw that place - I got a job!

First on buying-list: Clothes and shoes!
Second: Drivers License!

And I will get a little closer to Norrlands skogar. ;)