Friday, February 22, 2013

Making things out of old sweaters

I got some old clothes that I just want to throw away, but I dont like throwing things that I CAN use, so I searched google for some DIY and found this! --> 30 Easy and cuddly DIY ideas for recycling old sweaters

I'm going to go through my wardrobe now! :D

Examples :)

Cosy pet bed

Lovely pillows

Awesome bag for whatever x)

Arm warmers!

I have sweaters, pants and who-knows-what to cut into pieces and make new stuff out of. Mostly in cotton, but I will try to find something knitted to cut also, hehe.
Some ideas: a skirt, a top and atleast one pillow, like the one on the top with the dog, so cute. :) 

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Haven is a very good series I've been following. Based on the novel "The Colorado Kid" by Stephen King. I just started watching season 1 again, since I could'nt remember anything, so now I can watch season 2 and 3 without any questionmarks :D
It's sort of a thriller-mystery-drama-fantasy. Unexplained things keeps happening. I like everything about it!

Another awesome series is Kingdom Hospital. Also by Stephen King, but this series really IS Stephen King! It's weird, strange, creepy, mental... Uhm, you get the point! :D
Also based on a novel if I remember correctly, so I think that's why it's only 1 season.
Totally worth your time, watch it. ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


No, I have not taken a picture yet, I'm too busy feeling weird and annoyed! :(
My eyesight is now perfect = I can see every pixel on the TV, lol. I mean, it's a good LCD and all, but omg... SUPER-SIGHT!
I was so annoyed at one point I took the glasses off and thought "screw this!", but then I noticed I could hardly see anything, haha.

I want to get used to this fast.

I bought coconut oil a week ago and tried it out as deodorant. Took a shower before bed and applied it, the next morning I smelled horrible! :/ Not sweat or anything, just a disgusting, old-hospital smell?!
I tried the oil on my face last night, since I could'nt use it for my armpits, xD but the same gross smell was there the next morning... It's hard to describe. The oil smells lovely in the jar and when it's new on the skin, but after a few hours... eew.

Going to check out what more I can use this oil for. I hate buying things and not use them! ^^

This is the one I got. It's pure coconut oil, raw and everything. Am I doing something wrong? Or does my skin just not like it?

Friday, February 15, 2013

New carpets and semlor!

We got some new carpets today. We have been throwing carpets away, one by one, over the years, and have'nt really got new ones until today.

The pictures look like crap because I didnt photograph the whole carpets, but it's just so that you can get a small peek at the rest of the room. :)
And excuse all the crap and clothes on floors and tables, you dont want to clean the whole house after a day of shopping... Zzz...

Oh! We also bought some old furniture this week at the flea market. 3 armchairs and a shelf-thingy. There was a huge cabinet for the kitchen aswell, but after a misunderstanding they sold it to someone else. :(

I bought 2 carpets, I love them! They match my new, old, chair... approx 100 years old, (I think atleast, after I over-heard a conversation about it at the store). It's in great shape and I'm going to leave it red, since the fabric looks so nice. :)

Unmade bed and clothes everywhere. I guess I'm still a teenager when it somes to some things. xD

A little piece of the upstairs hallway. Normally I really dont like the combo of purple and red, but these carpets look cool! :D 

Downstairs hallway. One of the other chairs got a spot here, we're going to get a new fabric for this one, maybe dark red or brown.
This carpet is old, but this is a new place for it. :)

Livingroom. This **** pic did'nt want to turn the right way! xD  Anyway, new carpet, thick and nice! Smulan already loves it, she crawls around like a worm on it. Silly dog <3
...again, dont mind the crap on the table! Crap everywhere, lol.

Mom's room! The last chair ended up here and it fits so good with the colors! Even with the new carpet. :) And finally there's some flowers in the windows. Love this bedroom.
This is also Felix's new "spot", he LOVES this chair! 


All hail, The King of the blue-ish chair!

The other day was "Fettisdagen" (Shrove Thuesday?) xD we ate "semlor" today, and so did the dogs ofcourse!

Without exaggerating, the cakes were gone in 3 seconds.
Next time they get something special, we will have to cut it into small pieces, because in worst case it can get stuck on the way down to the tummy. :/
They really are my babies! <3

Monday, February 11, 2013

Some more flower pots!

:) I found some more flower pots...

These four beauties now have a new home. The black one is for Camilla, ze sister! :)

This closest one I also got today, looks old and pretty just the way I like it, and the one in the back is from last week. I fed them with pretty flowers :D

I have decided that we are going to get white, beige and grey flower pots for the kitchen windows. It looks nice when you mix different sizes and shapes!

Thank you, Camilla, for cleaning the whole house while I was at work! <3
I'ts nice to not live alone :D and it's even nicer to live with people that dont expect so much from you, like a boyfriend would do, for example. But that's just my experience.

So tired right now... Zzzz...
Oh, how I like Creedance Clearwater. Oh, Lodi... 

Btw, about my new conditioner! 
(This one)

It's from Garnier... who tests their products on animals. I wanted to puke when I found out... well, not really.  But I was pissed -.- I thought that by now, known brands like this would have given up the cruelty. 
Even our toothpaste is tested on animals, how screwed up is that!? Or maybe it is the ingredients that is non-cruelty free? I dont know and it does'nt matter, it's horrible anyway!

Some brands that I use that are cruelty free: Schwarzkopf, LdB, Nivea, Wella, Grumme. 

Tests their **** on poor animals: Colgate, Head & Shoulders, Garnier, and many more! I cant remember where I found the list :/ and I was shocked of how many brands that is on this list. Just ask Google if you want to find out.

Anyhow! I went from using soft soap to dish soap, Grumme's ofcourse :) works very well in my hair! The hair is a complete mess right after the shower :D but when the hair has dried, its very soft and shiny and you can brush it without any problems!
I'm going to switch to dish soap for the rest of my body also, since I have some issues washing the soft soap off.
I also only use olive oil as a "lotion" for my body and face and it works perfectly fine! My skin is not half as dry as it was before I switched to "natural" products. Worth mentioning maybe, is that I dont use soap on my body anymore, (except for the important parts!) x)
For the rest of my body I use the sugar & oil scrub 2-3 times a week. And I'm clean as ever!
Normal products like my conditioner (HORRIBLE BRAND!!!) smells way too strong for me now, as the natural products has such a soft scent to it.

I have to get almond oil and coconut oil also! \o/

Laterz! ;)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Bible was gone

Someone bought it! :( I should have taken it as soon as I saw it the other day. Oh well, I'll get another old Bible, maybe from our Swedish Ebay, "Tradera". Those are way more expensive though. My 1800s Bible was only 3 dollars. *Slaps self*

I bought some more stuff today... it's not my fault! The stuff tells me to buy it, the pretty things screams "BUY ME, BUY ME"!
So I'm now one leather bag richer. It's awesome! And 4 more pots. Need more flowers and plants. Got 2 new plants also for the 2 pots I bought yesterday. Will take pictures of that tomorrow :)

Sisters opinion at first sight: "Wow... Uh... it's really special." xD Indeed it is!
I love it :) It reminds me of the medieval and vikings... Like a huge leather pouch for coins. I have 3 bags now all together and that's more than enough. :)
This one costed me 40 SEK, almost 6 dollars.

Oh and I bought dish-soap for my hair, since the soft soap did'nt want to wash out properly. Scent of wild strawberries *Gonna sniff my hair all day long*, and also some conditioner, but only because this conditioner is approved for "Noo-Poo". Plus I'm going to bleach my hair soon, so I'm going to need it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things from the flea market

This is from the series True Blood. Hate it or love it.
Awesome music... even more awesome in the actual episode ^^

So yesterday I found some thingys at the flea market :) 

- 2 beautiful pots, the bigger one may need some paint tho!
- Purple yarn for mom, 4 "bunches"
- Pretty yarn/thread for my future dreads and bracelets. So many green pretty colors <3
- And a big crochet hook for hats, caps etc. 

Just 100 SEK, that's about 14 dollars.

I finished a bracelet today! Great color-combo if I may say so myself! xD 

I went to Netto today, cheap super market, and found this rug. I fell in love! Love the colors x) You can haz my brown sock to compare the colors! xD lol
79 SEK. Not that cheap, but you know how it is when you just have to have something.


Today was a great day aswell, I really like working at that place! It's sad they dont hire people, most of the workers are volunteers. But atleast it will be a great experience :) I cant help it, but everyday is like shopping, so many pretty things! 
Today an old chest arrived, from the year 1800-something, very cewl :)
Oh, and I found a Bible from the year 1846, I hope it's still there tomorrow, I want it! They only have the store itself open for costumers 2 days a week, and one of those days was today, so I hope noone bought the Bible.

Bed soon! Zzzz... Got a bit late last night, my eyes were ├╝ber-red this morning, almost got scared when I saw myself in the mirror. I always fall asleep on the bus and wake up every 30 seconds, panicking, wondering where I am xD

Monday, February 4, 2013

I made a bag!

It first started with my mom, who was knitting a bag... like a summer bag/purce :)
I wanted one too and got a great idea!

I made this out of an old pair of pants and some yarn. Greenish <3
The yarn is dark olive green, but in daylight its more brown, weird but cewl :D

So today was my first day at the flea market, it was fun! :) Fixing stuff in the store, packing up "new" stuff they got in, shoes and bags, yay! And then before I left I went trough the store and found some yarn for mom + some other stuffs, will show you tomorrow. I really need to sleep!

Oh and they have a couch that is over 100 years old, it looks so beautiful! Cant transfer pictures from my phone to the computer tho :'(

Nighty nighty.

Rise and shine!

I got the spot on the flea market if I did'nt mention that before! :)
Starting today, first mission: find mom some yarn xD
If you want to buy something, they have some rules. You can't put a price on the thing you want to buy yourself, obviously. And that the thing you want to buy has been in the store itself for atleast 2 hours... because: customers first! But sometimes they make exceptions. :D

My bag is done! Taking pics of it later today.

Weather is really grey, I hate it. One day its sunny and warm with no snow and the next day it's snowing like crazy, and then the day after that it's 15 cm of snow and freezing!
Please Spring, come sooner this year!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pretty skies

When I see the sky is pretty, I have to take a picture of it :)
So here are some pretty sky pictures, from different areas and years. Oh, and the sundog I was writing about also!

Silky clouds


Yellow stripes

The Sundog! He wasnt very bright, but he's there ;)
This one's red, the other one I saw last year, had the colors of a rainbow.