Sunday, September 29, 2013

Still waiting...

...for my books! I thought I would have them by now, to read this weekend. :/ Well, I hope they arrive till next friday atleast! I ordered the first and the second book of the series, because I'm pretty sure I will read the first one straight away, :P and then be annoyed by not having the second book ready, lying beside me.

I e-mailed my contact person about not having found a job yet and wrote that I would be glad to just start "practise" work anywhere. Anywhere I can get a job! I like beeing at the second hand store, but they dont hire people. Not even when they're in dire need of more people! *Sigh* (Cheap bastards - I keep thinking to myself), but I guess they have their reasons.

I quit playing World of Warcraft some time ago, 2 months? And I miss it allready.
In the future when I have got a new, shiny gamingcomputer, I think I'll start playing again.
But only if there's time. Studies, work, friends, family (incl my furballs!) and my home comes first!

Bored and dont feel like doing the dishes - back to Supernatural again! On season 3 now. :)

These past 1-2 weeks has been real shitty. I dont feel like doing anything... at all! But at the same time, I'm SUPERBORED! Need major changes!
- I want to move away from here, to a house where I feel I can live for a long time, until I have the money to buy my own house. Not here, where I constantly keep thinking; "I wonder where we are moving to next?". "No need to paint that wall, we might not live here for very long.".
- I want to go back to studying, get a real education and get a job! A job I like, something I would like to do for a long, long time.
- I want to be able to run around in the forest, with my dogs, without getting attacked by bloodsucking tics! Without hearing heavily trafficked roads, no matter how far into the woods you go. I want to be able to listen to the forest. The silence.

Most of all I just want to win the lottery and GTFO of here! Screw school and jobs! xD Keep dreaming, I tell myself.
Oh, oh! I had this feeling for a few days that I really needed to buy a lottery-ticket. I did... and I won! I knew I would win, but not that I would win just 30 SEK! F*ck. So I'm getting a new lottey-ticket for that money and hopefully I will win what I had in mind in the first place! :D Haha

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pink & Yellow

Sunset. All pictures from the same night.
It changes fast - I ran out a few times before I was satisfied. :)

Sigh. Work tomorrow. I really dont feel like going anywhere right now.
Movies, a blanket & candy - that's all I need!
I decided to get all the World of Warcraft novels. I want to read much more than I do, so I thought I'd start with something I know I like! Night elves & magic. :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

My hair (again!) - 11 days after henna

It has been 11 days since I colored it with henna for the second time, so it has oxidized and now the real color shows. I still love it, but it's still not red enough. In some lights my growth still looks greyish-brown?
Oh and yes, Lynoire is right, I really do have a red skintone. :O Shows pretty well at this first picture, but I've never thought about it before.

In different lights
(With no make-up, hence the look of a tired & pale corpse. Yes, a tired corpse!!) ;P

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Night Creature

Another friend in the dark that I think I forgot to show you.
I'm surprised my camera managed to capture this beauty.

So fluffy! :)

I love moths, they're really beautiful!
I'm planning a future tattoo - a huge moth on my leg, above my knee. Weird position, but it's to cover up a current, not-so-pretty, tattoo.
Been thinking of it for years now, but it wont get done until I have a job.
I have plans for other parts of my body aswell - my whole right arm will be covered in Harry Potter, :) but that is also a plan for the future. Expensive plans... ^^

Been home all week because of headache and fever and will stay home tomorrow aswell. A mini-vaccation sort of, I'm getting some stuff done at home atleast. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The other cabinet is in place, finally!

We needed to make holes in the back for the cords and stuff before we moved it into place. It was a pain in the ass without proper tools, but finally we got it done! ^^

The moose got his own place now too.
I love the mix of old and new!

 I knew this was the perfect spot for my big pinecone, along with the
smaller ones... & candle holders. :)
I cant describe how happy I was when I found that huge pinecone in the woods! :D

 Handmade candle holders, second hand. :)

Today is a sunny and beautiful autumn-day! After taking a shower, I'll see if there's time to go for a walk in the forest with the dogs - before dad arrives for BBQ'ing! Probably the last one this year.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Henna Round 2 - Done!

The mess is done with. Phew.
I bought the same henna as last time, Crearome (pure henna powder, body art quality).
And still, it doesnt turn red, but orange!? Again!
This time we only mixed it with lemon juice, wich should be the best for getting your hair as red as possible... we even added paprika powder, for even more redness! 
Next time I'll get Herbiques henna, or some other brand, because this one should be named "carrot" and not "red".

Anyway, it still needs time to oxidize, up to 7 days I think. But I dont have too much hope - Last time it didnt change at all. Except for when I washed my hair when alot of color fell out.
I've read ALOT about henna the last year and it seems that everyones' henna oxidize except for mine. -.- Is it really that ruined from all the bleaches and dreads?

My hair gets fluffy & looks superdry when I brush it. :/

I've never felt more pretty! xD
My henna always "melt" and runs down my head. Very annoying.

 The day after.
After I washed out the henna I could'nt leave my hair alone, it was so soft, :) that's why it's so straight.

 In the sunlight!

So, not a huge differance, but atleast my growth doesnt look grey now. ^^

Camilla's result.
Her hair looks a bit weird because it got ruined when we did a perm, it just melted. But it's getting better and the henna helps alot. :)

 In the sunlight

Friday, September 6, 2013

A second go with henna!

Me and sis are having fun this weekend. Playing with henna-goo! :D
I have a not-so-pretty growth and I need to henna my whole hair again since the first coloring didnt stick that well. Plus I want it more red.

Camilla colored her hair with henna from Lush, "Caca Rouge". It doesnt make your hair as red as pure henna powder, so she is going for a second application too. This time with the same stuff I used. 
The more henna you use, the better you hair gets. :)

Smelly shinies

We're mixing the goo tonight, so that it can sit for 12 hours. So the fun begins tomorrow morning, woho! Not. Atleast it's fun afterwards with a new shiny haircolor. :)

Oh, and I bought some shampoo & conditioner, pretty expensive for my taste, but I had to try it. It's all organic and stuff. :) Used it last night and my hair is allready much softer than before, and it doesnt look like a dry, fluffy ball anymore when I have it in a ponytail. Hurray! 

Update coming when we're done coloring!

For now, some more Dexter. <3