Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hair & coconut oil

I figured out that my hair wants/needs oil after each wash. Every time! Or else it will just look like damaged fluff. So after I wash it, when it's still wet, I put half a teaspoon of coconut oil in my lengths/tips.
I really have to get my thumb out of my *** and drown my head in olive oil before I go to sleep. It does wonders for your hair. But I'm too lazy at the moment. :P
Oh, and I cut my own hair... again. Apparently it needed that too. Again.
Sis got her hair cut too, finally she got rid of that damaged crap!
Cutting your own hair is easy, just ask youtube. :D Also I'm too lazy to show you Camilla's result for now, so that I'll do tomorrow.

Without oil.
I think that last set of dreads killed my hair a little. I've cut off about 10 cm since then.

 With oil.
Coconut oil. <3

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


God, that is weird. I just got the feeling of spring! That the snow just melted, the sun is shining and the birds are singing... Right outside my window. :O

Weird. But it was a happy feeling... I think. Mostly weird.

Lush Caca Brun - Before & After

So, :) I didnt like my red (orange) hair and was longing for black, raven black hair... once again.
Been thinking of it for a few months... and then I decided when I saw Lesthi's hair. <3
My growth looked like ****. It was not even red. So I guess henna doesnt stick that well to my hair.
I had a Mama Caca Brun from Lush laying around. (A mix of henna, indigo, various stuffz & oils to make a brown color). My hair needed it and I couldnt stand my "too light"-hair any longer, so my sister and I threw it in! 
With herbs you can color your hair as often as you like, so I thought I rather have brown hair than orange, until I can get the black color that I really want.

I had a teaspoon, or two, of salt in my mix, because that helps the indigo stick to the hair. Other than that I went after Lush's recipe - Just mix the caca with boiling water and apply right after. I used the whole caca - 6 squares, and I only had about 100 ml of henna left afterwards. I have alot of hair! I let it sit for 4-5 hours without any cover. (If you cover your hair it gets warm, wich means a warmer, more red-ish color). I washed it out with only water, no schampoo or conditioner. It was a pain, but that is to let the indigo get a hold of the hair. After, at first sight is was almost black - a pretty, dark brown. :) Then after the first wash it went a bit lighter, but not much. Washed my hair a second time and no color shed. Yay!
I'm happy with it. :)

Before & After

The caca was about a year old, so it looks a bit dry, but it worked fine.

 Newspaper is no fun. I rather do some extra laundry. ^^
Oh and this stuff does not stain as pure henna does. Not on the skin, not on the floor.

Right after, no schampoo etc.

And then after a wash or two, in different lights.

 Feeling pretty... right xD

It didnt stick THAT well to my hair, atleast not to the hair that was a little dry or in bad condition. So my roots are a bit darker, but not as much as before, and most of the lenghts are a bit lighter. Mostly at the back. 

I keep using coconut oil in my hair but it's still dry as a desert. I use "Faith In Nature" schampoo & conditioner. Any tips? :) No chemicals though. 
I'm going to buy some stuff this month, switch to natural products only. One of the things is Aleppo soap - I hope it will work well with both my skin and hair, that would be awesome.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A new movie - Just as I like it

"I, Frankenstein", a supernatural good vs evil movie. Just the way I like it. :)
The link is for IMDB, with pics and trailers and such.
There are many more movies coming, but this one caugth my eyes.

Beautiful beings.

I've had a tattoo-project in my mind for some years now, with gargoyles among other things... I have to think about it for a few more years before I decide how, or even if, it will be done. 
I both want to, and, dont want to show anyone my ideas of future tattoo-projects, someone will probably just steal my idea. ;P

Books, plants, baking & other stuff!

Catta, my beloved wife, was here this weekend and we did some baking... a lot of baking.
I woke up sick friday morning, but I didnt tell Catta or she might not have come visit. xD
(Sorry, babe! :D I hope you stay well.)
Anyway, we had major baking-plans and went to the store to get all stuff necessary.
We started...
Vamilla buns.
Broccoli & ham pies.
Pizza buns.
Some sort of cake that did not turn out that great... at all. *trash can*
Piraguas. (Really? Google told me it was named this!)
Catta brought some home with her and the fridge is still full. :) And just because you have it... You dont crave it. Sigh. But it was yummy the first 2 days atleast!

I got my book that friday btw, yay! But since Catta was here I didnt read much. I did some reading before bedtime, but beeing sick = tired. Yesterday and today I have had plenty of time for my precious book, :) so I'm soon done with the first one. I fear for when I'm done with the second book... I hope I can keep it together until I can order a third (and fourth!) book. :D

The holy books.
I will get them all eventually, and they will have a special place, an alter, in my bedroom.
I feel a little insane as I write this. xD
Anywho! I will try to find a little shelf at the second hand store, to remodel and paint black. And I will have to find some nice book ends also.... Gargoyles or dragons! 

Mom bought me a pretty plant last week, just because it had leaves in the shape of dragonheads! 
So of course I named "him" The Dragon.

And then I found some pretty things at the second hand store, of course, where else?
A purple glass bowl, 
A perfect, low flower pot for a future project,
And a new, nice coffee mug! I like mugs. :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jonna's Northern Lights

She did it again. The Northern Lights started dancing the nightskies already and it's not even winter.
When I live up there, in the north, I wont get much sleep at nights during the cold part of the year. I will sit there in the window, just waiting for the next dancing light. :) Hopefully I will have a decent camera by then too. :D

Pretties --->

Just above the black treetops there is always a beautiful geenish light. It's freaking awesome! If I knew how to faint I would, lol.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Batwings & Spiderwebs

Shiny jewelry for stretched ears. :) The batwings does not come in my size tho. *Cries like a baby*

I really want these black spiderwebs, but I have to ask my wallet first! ^^
96 SEK for two of those beauties, not bad!

Ah yes, I got one of my books in the mail today... but they sent them one by one, and I got the 2nd book in the series sent to me first. Wth. But I started a little anyway - 15 pages in and I love it already! It's all magic and ghosts! :) The first book in the series arrives this friday if I'm lucky!