Friday, June 28, 2013

Off to wifey!

Catta is my wife and I am hers. <3
Well, not really, but hey, you can still pretend as if you were 10 years old! Right? xD

So off to wifey we go and let's make Helsingborg unsafe!

I miss the forests of GlimÃ¥kra, where we lived before. But I sure dont miss the house! 
This is Catta, Diesel and Moa :)

So many nice roads in the middle of nowhere and so much fluffy moss.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dreadlings, 1 week old :)

One week has passed and they have already changed alot.
Last time I had dreads I used all the wrong schampoos, used a crochet hook all the time and didnt leave them alone for 1 sec.
This time - No crocheting, no schampoos (just dishwash) and I leave them to do their own thing.
And it's working! They are dreading faster this time and they are soft to the touch... and soft to sleep on! Phew. Very important.
And they dont grow together at my scalp this time, not much at all compared to the last time anyway.

My baby beasts are growing to be FAT DRAGON BEASTS, WITH FIRE COMING OUT O....
well, maybe not that fierce.... :D

Tomorrow is the last day at the second hand store for me. It's sooo nice to get some time off.
I dont know what plans the "work agency" has for me, I hope they will listen to what I want and not what THEY want. 
I've been thinking of what path I will choose... maybe ask them if I can "work" at a tattoo studio, to try it out and see if I'm still into that. I will talk to the same studio as before, they said I would get a job when I'm done learning, :) but that was some years ago.
Well, we'll see! 
I have a couple of things that I want to become, but the "work agency" has to agree with me. *Sigh* I dont like them. They always crush peoples dreams...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Where's autumn?

I've had enough heat for this year, I WELCOME AUTUMN!

:D And here I have been wining about the cold and longing for summer. Screw that.
I will probably never really like summer. It's very pretty & light clothes are nice... for a week or two. Then I need my coldness again. :)

Yesterday, thursday, it was over 30 C outside and extremly humid. UGH! Today was a little better, but still humid and gross.

Hope you all had/have a nice midsummer! <3

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My new "dread"-beasts :)

So! I made dreads this weekend, or as one on a dreadlock forum once said, the foundation of dreads! :D Took a bit longer than I thought it would & my arms still hurts a bit. When you backcomb the whole back of your head you are holding your arms straight up for a long, long time... Easier to do the top and sides of your head. 

I look like a mad squid. Or whatever you want to call it! xD


 Not very pretty... yet!

 The back looks even worse.

 But then I got this scarf & it saved me from the squid!

Just washed my hair, even if your not suppose to for a few days, so now they are not sticking out so much. Still, I will live in the scarf for a while!
Last time it took 1-3 months before the beasts looked like dreads and were lying down nicely on my head. :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Henna oxidation?

Not much did happen during this week with the henna color, its still orange, but not as glowing.
These 3 pics has the same light and even same place, hallway, 2nd floor. ^^ So it's a good comparison. Not a very good angle tho. Just realized I through away some pics that were better to show you. Ah well.

2 days after henna

6 days after henna

Uuh... I guess these pics were'nt good to compare after all, haha. The color has changed, but I dont know into what!? On these pics (and other pics) it looks like it got lighter, but in real life I think it looks just a bit "not so glowingly" orange. 

Pfft, screw it. xD I will apply henna all over my head atleast one more time anyway... I think. Or maybe just the roots and a few inches down the lenghts, then the tips of my dreads will look sunbleached. :)
I did make the dreads yeasterday AND today. My arms feels like noodles! Phew...
I will post pics later or tomorrow. Now it's time for Game of Thrones! Such an awesome series! *drools*

Monday, June 10, 2013

My hair after bleach & henna!

"Body Art Quality" henna, (pure henna powder), is suppose to get mixed with something sour for best dye-release. I ran out of lemon juice and had to take water, so my mix was almost 50/50 of water & lemon juice. And then some red wine vinegar in the morning since the henna was too thick.
But still, there was too much water in it. That, mixed with me having really light hair, ended up with a really orange hair! :D <3
I decided I would love the result, whatever it was, before I dyed it.
And I do, I love it!
Then again, henna settles over a few days after you've done it, so I wont have the final result until 3-5 days, from saturday.


Towel dried, brushed, not a pretty sight, it really needs to airdry to look good.

I had it in a bun all day, hence the weird tips. :)

A closer look in better light.
You can see the growth and the old "black" color.

Towel dried, brushed.
Poor, dry hair. :(

The fight against the goo IS ON!
It dripped everywhere and... the crappy-plastic-gloves let the dye through! *sigh*

I had some henna leftovers put in a plastic jar to store in the freezer.
You can store mixed henna in the freezer, but only if you do it in time, before the dye stops working.
I have no idea if I did that in time tho.

Meet Sandra, the glowing traffic-sign! LoL
This was right after I rinsed it, with conditioner as help, to get all the powder out.

2 days later, flash.
Not as dry anymore = henna <3

2 days later, no flash.
Here you can see that the henna didnt stick as good to my dry and damaged hair, as it did to the more healthy hair.

As I said, I love it :) 
But I will do the whole hair again soon, since the lower half of my hair is still too light for the rest of the hair. And if it gets darker/more red, I will still love it! 

This is one awesome color for dreads, wich I will start doing this weekend! :D

Oh, and I will post more pics later this week to show you the final color. :)

Ze challenge

I'm really bad at things like this, Lesthi, sorry!
But thanks for mentioning me :) <3

I just have to answer a few tho! Just a few! xD

5 things you need everyday
- Toothbrush
- Foodz
- Coffee
- Daydreams
- Dog-cuddles!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Preparing the henna

My hair was dry before I started bleaching it, so now after 2 bleaches it's even more dry, obviously.
I found a conditioning treatment for dry hair on the internetz!

2 whole eggs
Uuuh... and then some amount of olive oil, haha, I didn't even check it properly.
I guess I took 1,5 dl of oil.
Not that I think it matters, it's just natural stuff and it's all good for your hair.

Mixed it and thought it looked smooth and nice. But nooo, it ran & dripped down my face and neck the whole 2 hours I had it in. *sigh* Anyway, didn't feel any difference afterwards. Probably have to do it more than once. And when you're using natural oils and stuff it's better to have it in all night and wash it in the morning. I'm sleeping with olive oil in my hair tonight. Easy to wash out actually!
Henna sits better on healthy hair and I dont want it to get all uneven.

Slimy goodness :) 

Henna, before mix and after mix.
(300 gr BAQ henna)
(6,5 dl lemon juice)
(6 dl water)

Alot of goo! Smells like hay <3

So tomorrow my pretty sister is helping me to put it all in! I can probably do it myself but it takes much longer and I dont want to miss any spots. Oh and henna should sit for 12-24 hours before use, dye release and stuff! ;P So that's why it's done already.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My hair & no-poo

So! It lasted 3 months, my hair got shinier and my curls started to show more, by using dishwash as schampoo. :) No conditioner, except for maybe 2 or 3 times during those 3 months.
You really dont need any conditioner for your hair, as long as you let it air-dry = no frizz!
1 teaspoon of dishwash + 100 ml of water mixed in a schampoo bottle I saved, works lovely. And it cant get any cheaper than that! Haha

Start, end of January.

3 month later, end of April.
Grows fast! :D

And then after this I didnt really care much of no-poo. Mostly because of lazyness, but also because in a near future I was going to bleach my hair, so I wanted to use chemicals again every now and then... if you know what I mean. :)
So I'm no longer no-poo proof(ed)! :P But, i still mostly wash my hair with dishwash! Because when I get dreadlocks I will be using that, and no gross schampoo wich leaves residues in your hair. Well, if you dont have dreads, residues are fine. ^^


I started to bleach my hair the other day! Will show pics when I have taken new ones of the second bleach. Damn hair wont get blonder than this! :/ It's as if there's a limit of how light it can get. I noticed that last time I bleached it. But many years before that I had no troubles bleaching it to white blonde. 
Luckily I'm going red, so it doesnt have to get lighter than it is now. :)

Laters! \o/