Monday, April 15, 2013


This describes very well how I feel like when I'm searching for jobs on the internetz.

Yes. Pretty boring.
First of all, I can apply for 1 out of 20 jobs - because of the need of education etc.
Secondly, I apply for about 20-60 jobs รก month(!), and only get about 5 answers; "We got someone else."
Oh, the joy.
But it has to be done, not because I will actually get a job, but because the community "needs" me to do this.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

A headline.

The inspiration is flowing in the air. Not.

But it's a great day and the weather is wonderfull, so I'm happy anyway. :D
Cleaning up in the garden, yard and the garage. Looks like crap really. So much overgrown... grass. And weeds! Ugh, and it just keeps coming back.
I hope this great weather lasts from now on, because we hardly have any buds on the trees and bushes, poor things.

One evening this week. :) They all have been this nice lately.

Got a new "drawer" at the second hand store. Really cheap, but I didn't see the damage on it done by water until I got it home. It's still nice tho, :) doesn't really show that much, I placed a plant on the worst spot, hehe :D

laundry-thingy ...and a mountain of laundry. xD 
Not that pretty.

Ze "drawer" with ze green, pretty plants.
I made room for the laundry in the closet, so that we dont have to look at it. Was just too lazy to deal with that before. Well, it's done now! No, that is not the new parking space for Mr. Vacuum cleaner, couldn't be arsed to move it for the picture tho. xD

The details <3

About my "no poo" activities. 

I've been cheating for a week, :/ with everything: shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Before that I was squeeky clean with my dishsoap. I have just been a bit ...not on a mood for anything at all. And I kind of missed the lovely smell of shampoo's. I thought...
But my scalp started to itch and got super-dry by the shampoo, and so did the rest of my body. When I use normal shower gel I need to use alot more olive oil on my skin.

So back to the dishsoap! Everything feels cleaner this way, somehow. I feel that now I can really compare ...and I don't have to reek of flowers and ugh... Again, I love you dishsoap. <3

I lost the pictures of my hair by the way, that I took to compare with. :O
I'll take new ones and show you soon. :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring is here! ...For real this time! :D

I was about to write: "Throwing up som pics...", but that doesnt sound very good, does it! xD
I just wanted to show some pics I took of the sun today, but I ended up sharing some more.
Iiih! It's so warm outside! :D I heard it's gonna snow this week, but I dont think it will, not with this weather. And if it does snow, it wont last anyway.

About 6 a.m. this morning, sun's allready up! :)

Waiting for the bus, more sun <3

Right now from the tree deck...

Newspaper said that it will get really hot soon! So - soon time for shorts! :D 
(But then the other newspaper said it would get really cold again).

My latest "running-outside-quick-to-take-a-photo-of-the-pretty-sky" -pics!

Some time ago we planted alot of seeds :) and more will come! The radishes and tomatoes needs new flowerpots soon... poor things! My friend has millions of flower- & veggie-seeds, so there will be even more after she donate some of those :D

Moa using her toy as a pillow <3 

Easter we spent with dad and family and cousins etc. Took some pics of his trophies and stuff :) I love them.

Got a price for shooting a huge wild boar with huge tusks.

Price for bad-ass horns!

Mr. Fox

Mr. Buzzard (...I think it's called)

Mr. Horned/Eared Owl

Done with the pics! For now :D
I got my little drawer home last night and will redecorate a little tonight... if I feel I have the strenght for it. Zzzz... Anywho, more pics after!