Monday, June 22, 2015

Oriental dancing deep into the woods... in Sweden.

My absolute favorite blogger Jonna never seeze to amaze me.
She made a video with her dancing in the woods, with sweet Nanook in the background. ;D

Youtube: "Bollywood รก la Norrland"

Here's her instagram with the most amazing photos of nature. I drool a little everytime I see her pics.

While northern Sweden has great, sunny weather, we down here still have rain. A LOT of rain. And a little thunder from time to time. I wont complain. My anxiety for sitting here by the computer, is not as bad when the weather is bad. xD

Random life update;
This week I will meet with my contact person of the "unemployment office" to decide what to do this summer. I will probably pic the "practise work" at a second hand store not far from here. It will be perfect! ^^
After summer we will discuss my future education. Hurray! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Instagram & some evil thoughts.

I've had an account there since the beginning of time, but blogging (...or posting pics?) has really never been my sport. I like following others instead.

Today I was fast to change my profile pic, post a pic or two - and then - one hour later, I dont feel like continuing posting stuff there. Haha. It's like when I change my blogdesign (or hair colour)!
"Aaw, that is SO pretty!" - few days later - "What was I thinking?"

And doing all that on a tiny screen? I think not! I love my huge computer screen. But here I can't use Instagram properly.
And apparently, on occasions, I really do like writing down my thoughts about things *coughs*

I might just continue here, with my new food journal... maybe. Time will tell.

Anywho! Today I baked focaccia - Paleo style :) It was pretty good! Not as good as bread of course, but this is still day 1 with Paleo, I will probably taste like heaven in a few weeks without bread. ;D
Aw, and I can't copy my pics from Instagram to here. Awesome.
Here's a link to my pic, or my Instagram, who knows...

While I still feel like blogging, I want to complain a little about ...myself.
It's about my "style". I don't have a style. I have many. But noone of them shows on the outside.
I just use whatever is clean. It's not pretty. I don't do make-up anymore. I don't care. 
(Well, a little maybe, when I need to dwell among others.)
A big part of this is my weight I think. I'm not happy with the way I look. But nevermind that.
I mean the thoughts that move around in my head. 
- During the day: "Ooh, black hair, red lipstick, black boots & a nice black coat for Autumn! YES! And that foggy, dark weather <3 Or the sun on the orange leaves! The warm tea in my huge mug. Legwarmers & slippers! HALLOWEEN! I want it NOW! "
- That same night: "Aaw, but I really like having light hair... or do I? What if I bleach it, it's summer and all. And I really like those earthy tone colours... Aah, nature. Living in my dream cabin! Running around barefoot with loong, blonde hair!"

When I windowshop or look online, I fall for both type or "styles" I mentioned above. 
What the hell should a lady do with that? Lady, what a beautiful word. Anyway...

Without wanting to, I think that "If I move to a cabin in the woods, I wont care to dress properly, or put make-up on, or colour my hair etc.".
Therefor I can't decide on hair colour today - What if I go dark, then move to a cabin in the woods and start living more close to nature etc. I can't have dark hair then, or dress nicely, I need to look like I "belong" to that home... Ugh, I sound like a moron! Right?

Obsessive freaking thoughts! I think I think too much. I got too much spare time! Right? RIGHT? 

You know what I really think? That summer is EVIL! It's messing with my mind! xD

I'm such a talanted Paint-artist.