Wednesday, November 28, 2012

She Wolf

I just have to show you this video, if you have'nt already checked it out at Lesthi's!
Wildlings, beautiful wolf and dogs, nature, and then the wolf goes redhead with freckles <3 Can it be more perfect? Actually... I did'nt like the blood, my first thought was "NO! POOR WOLFIE! :("
But (!) What would it be without the blood? 
Oh and the song is pretty good too :D I like some of Guetta's songs ^^ but this is the best so far.


Was out shopping foods for Xmas today! And candy- and baking-stuffs! I love baking and making my own candy :) Om noms! A gingerbread-candy-house is going to be built, just probably not gettign eaten, cus by the time that we will tear it down, it will probably be dusty and gross-ish... and full of cat hair.
Yes, Im pretty sure it will be appealing to Felix the cat... to scratch it and to brush up against it. I mean, why use the scratchingboard?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My first henna story!

Aaah, newly showered *sniff myself* :P

(This post should actually be called "From black -> to red henna -> to blonde -> to dreads!")

So, about a year ago, I decided that I wanted to be a redhead (again!), but this time with henna! 

Henna is really good for your hair and scalp, the hair feels thicker and gets very shiny after use :)
I used Lush's henna cake "Caca Rouge". This contains real henna (no chemical stuff!) But, also other natural stuff wich is good for your hair, tho this stuff can make the henna not stick to your hair as good as a mix of henna only.
Next time I'm going to get henna powder and mix it myself. When mixing it yourself you can add different things in the mix to make the color come out in different shades :) There is a long list of these things, just ask google. For example, you can add coffee to make it more brown.
I want my henna to get as red as possible, so I'm going to add red wine, paprika-powder and lemon juice into my mix!

To my poor hair. I bleached it from black to... orange-yellow-brown! :D This is after one bleach only, pretty good! Used Mood's ofc.

THE GOO! (Also know as the henna-mix)

The cleaning up was as fun as it looks!
I noticed now that this looks like poo, but BEHOLD, it's just henna! xD

I decided it was light enough, so this is after the henna!
As you can see, henna is "see-through"! So try put your henna on an even-colored-hair, not with growth and dark spots as I did xD 
I did not know this before.

Not very red, the henna did'nt really stick to my hair. I did'nt follow the description from Lush + what I said before.

Henna can make your hair less curly and frissy.

Then I decided I wanted blonde dreadlocks *sigh* I started to bleach...

After 5 bleaches, I shoud be lucky my hair did'nt fall off! I can only bleach this many times with Mood <3 ...not other brands. And this is how light it got, it was the same color after bleach no. 4 and 5. 

They say that Henna can not be bleached away, but in some cases it can. Apparently it workes on my hair.

Then to the dreadlocks, if anyone is interested :)
The look of wearing big earplugs, hoodie and dreaded hair suddenly became an obsession. I still love stretched ears and dreads tho, but that's not just me - it always comes back to black :)

So I did some reading and watched some vids on youtube... and started!
Backcombing and "fixing", using a comb and a crochet hook.

Actually some experienced girl was suppose to do them for me, would have costed me about 3000 SEK (atleast 400 dollars). So to do them myself was a good choice :D *pat myself*

After 4 days I was done! I know, I looks awfull, haha, but i only looks like this in the beginning.

3 weeks - Still fluffy.

3 months, including a week of Crete = alot of salty water, wich is good for dreads :)

Then, when my dreadies were 7 months old, I wanted to dye them red! 
I chose I dark red color, wich apparently is bad for blonde hair. Bleached/blonde hair has no red pigments in it, so my red color came out brownish-purple! *puke*

On these pics the color was also washed out.
So when my dreadlocks finally looked great and was done shrinking in length, i decided that I missed my long and shiny hair... 

I brushed them out! That took alot of work and the life of two combs :P

This is one dread just combed out. Frizzy and nice!

My fingers and neck were hurting so it took me 7 days to comb out.

How my scull looks today you all know ...washed-out black :( *growls*

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's fading...

...again :(
My black hair is getting brownish at some spots allready. I thought MOOD's color would really last on my hair since it was such a big diffrence from other colors, but no.
I've only washed it 4-5 times since I colored it. 
I guess my hair is'nt made for coloring! But it has such a boring and ugly color, dark blond/grey-ish... ugh, DO NOT WANT!

I talked about dying my hair with Henna (red) again... and maybe Indigo (black) too. But I have another issue now... red och black? xD God. If I have black, I want red. If I have red, I want black! *bangs head on table*

I know one thing for sure, I'm going to let my hair grow out to be looong! Only cutting the tips along the way :)

What to do, what to do... Tho it's a question about money now anyway, I just have to wait a while before I can get new color. I guess I will stare at Amy Lee and this unknown redhead several months before making up my mind, but right now Im leaning to red... 
PLUS! Henna does'nt fade, and neither does Indigo. Gotta lova mother nature! :D

Gah! I love this pic! Red hair meets green woods <3
This length of hair is perfect. Do want.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mysterious sounds from the sky

I have mentioned Jonna from Sweden before, with the great and awesome blogg (!
The other night she heard strange sounds from the sky... and other people from north of Sweden AND in Norway did so too, the same night. She has a video on her blogg with the sounds, you need to turn up the volume tho :) Alot.

Some people believe that the sounds are coming from the lake nearby, from the ice.

This is so weird... First thing that came to my mind, when listening to Jonna's video, was "ALIENS! OMG! THEY ARE COMING FOR US! MULDER WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG! OMG!"
But, I might just be these cool ice-sounds :D But since a whole bunch of people, so far away from eachother, heard it at the same night... who knows? 

*Makes scary sounds* :P I love these kinds of things!

And now, a sandwich and some Grimm on TV :) 

I want to win!

Lesthi, I stole something from your comments, a link to win something from Restyle.
I had to, I really want to win those earrings! I kinda feel bad for it, xD haha, even tho the competition is for everyone. 
I hope we both win something nice :)

I fell instantly for these: 

So, I wrote as a comment that I have removed my earplugs, so that my poor earholes can be normal-sized again... so that I can wear normal earrings! I thought about it for a long, long time now, so when I took a shower last night, I decided not to put the plugs back in. I feel happy about it, it's weird I know :D 
I just recently stretched them to 16 mm, what a waste.

But sometimes you need to do things, to realise some another things.

Yay, normal earrings, beautiful earrings! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Must have: jewelry!

I found Etsy... again.
*Sigh* I want money. 

I get sick by viewing all these wonderfull things!

So many great things. I want it all. It would take days for me to shop all the things I would have wanted from there... or weeks? And I would be very poor afterwards :) 

A movie to long for

I just found this on, an interesting movie to long for... gief now! On cinemas August 2013. Just a couple of months :P 

GIEF MORE GOOD MOVIES! Supernatural and mysterious stuff! Plain action is just so... boring nowadays. I like ghosts, demons, possesions, trolls, fairies and mythical beeings. And aliens! Aliens are very important! (I love the show "Ancient Aliens"... it's theories I've come to believe in. Check it out!)

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: City of Bones (Badass name!)

Wants, wants, wants!

Oh, and this one too! Probably many more upcoming, good movies out there, but these 2 I'd like to see now :)

(from Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight Saga)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cut your own hair!

You can do it! :D
I did! I just really, really wanted to cut that lower part of that looked like cr*p. My friend was suppose to do it (because she CAN cut hair) but she did'nt show up, so there I was.... with my scissor. 

(Crappy-) before pic. So this is what hair can look like when you have had dreadlocks for 7 months!

After I cut if off. I had never ever cut my own hair before, so no judging xD It's still not in good shape, need lots of conditioner!

Then I finally dyed it black, YAY! 

This time I used Mood's Black haircolor. And I love it, it's BLACK! On the edge of not beeing blue-ish black :D When I had the dye in the hair, it was purple/blue. The other black haircolor I used to use before was just dark brown/black when I had it on, so this time I think it will stick better on the hair and not wash out and look like dark brown. Plus, my sister used Mood's Brown, and it really sticks to the hair :) Mood <3
I have'nt washed it yet, so lets see how it works out before giving Mood to much love :P

Anyway, my haircut was'nt that nice looking, so I watched a video on youtube about how to cut your hair in layers. I did exactly what the girl on the video did and my hair turned out great! From now on I will cut my hair myself, I just need a new scissor! 

When I've washed my hair etc. I will show you a pic on the new cut and color :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hair ...and hair!

I wanna do a hairstory aswell, like Lesthi ! There's not much in my story tho, but there was dreads once xD I'll do that as soon as I have time :)
Tomorrow a friends comes over, she will cut my hair (finally!) and I will tattoo her, fair deal :D Pics comes later of all that.

Good night!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our 3 babies

I had to show you this pic of our 3 babies... dogs, pets, furballs, loved ones :D 
From left: Smulan, Moa and Bella.


Auroras, Norrsken

She did it again. And Im so jealous. 

A blog I follow, like a dog is following its master, is Jonna Jinton ! A swedish girl who moved a long way, from the city to beautiful north of Sweden... In the middle of nature. 
This is how I want to live in the future.

So to the pic, I only borrowed one of her pics to show you :)

The rest of awesome pics of auroras you can find in her blog, under "Norrsken" :) I have never seen an aurora myself, but I would love to! Im going to! I will! I love nature and what she has to offer.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Beautiful make-up!

Linda Hallberg, a swedish make-up artist did this on her blog:

And I love it! The colors, the feathers <3 

I dont have much make-up in my pretty little Hello Kitty make-up bag, so im thinking of getting more soon. I wanna be able to use colors like this *points up* :D Its like... Northern Lights with black, gothic awesomeness! (With super deluxe spelling!) AJ LAJK ALOT. 
PS. My Hello Kitty make-up bag is'nt only cute, it's black with a "lace"and therefor cewl! ^^

Human dolls

Have you seen these girls? 
I actually thought the redhead WAS a doll. Scary, but in a strange way pretty... kinda :)

I always end up at msn's webbpage after logging out of hotmail, so I just ave to check news there every now and then.

Off to breakfast! There is almost sunshine outside today. Im longing for snow so bad, makes things more cozier and above all - whiter! We need that in the winterdark... and so does our dogs, snow is one of their best friends! :D

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A gross thing & a good thing

I've never seen a bigger spider, and by that I mean a real live one! Omg, so gross. I have this thing... when I find something that I find REALLY disgusting, I just have to watch it! xD 

Meet Zilla!

My mom bought Aladdin Dark Chocolate at Netto, only 39 SEK, yumyum. But with all dark chocolate, a few pieces is enough! :) I want CocaCola, I think its that time of the month... I want to eat everything.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A new start... World of Warcraft :D
My first character 8 years ago was a Night Elf Hunter, today Im going for a new one, just because Im bored and I love the new Transmogging, you can make your character look much more personal.

8 years of a computer game is alot. But first few years I had a BF who was a gaming-nerd, then I got stuck - WoW was SO much fun. Then, I have'nt had a real job for a long time + I've been studying from time to time = alot of spare time. From time to time I get really sick of the game and have weeks of pause, I will probably stop playing eventually, like when I start my education in the end of this month! Im going to try out welding, mhm! :)

It's time for a Draenei <3
I have a Human Hunter too, but they look a bit boring. Mystical creatures ftw!

Pics coming up later, my brain is'nt really working yet. I got up to go buy breakfast, but the buses here doesnt go as often as I want them too. I really need a driverslicense! ...And a car!

Hairy arms (Hello, my name is weird topic)

Now Im going somewhere with this blog, yay! I wish I could change the color on my background tho, I WANT RED! Buhu! *whine whine*
At this time of year, when the tan is gone and your nice pale skin is showing again, you can see the hair on my arm so clearly... and I dont like it! I hate that I even see it as a problem.
Anywho, some of my friends shave their arms... but then you have the issue where you have to keep shaving,    and Im lazy. Ah, the things we do for looks.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

New stuff is ...evul!

Not very active at the moment but that will change shortly :)

I have an issue! When I check other blog's followers, I can view their profile and their blogs/links etc. So I tried to click myself, there I find a link to my "old" blog, but not this blog!? And when I check my "showing blogs" under settings, it says that THIS blog is shown, not the old one... Wth? 

Also I changed to Google Chrome the other day, it actually works faster than Internet Explorer, but I just hate new stuff like this, so much to learn. And even tho Chrome IS better, I miss Explorer - because I know how it works, inside and out! *Slap myself*

Monday, November 5, 2012

New shiny stuff!

Allright then, new blog, new language! 
I found all these blogs on Lesthi's blog + on the internets, wich really interests me, and they are all english-speaking. So, if anyone would ever read MY blog, its on english :)
I have some blogs to follow now and more will come, I think my "favorite links" in google chrome will be too many to fit soon :D

Also Im new to Blogger/Blogspot, feels weird after using for so long, but that domain is full of bugs and crap nowadays, so I left. Rest in peace,

I might need some help later on Lesthi, bare with me! :D

YAY! New blog! xD *pats computer screen*