Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Secret Circle

Still a bit AFK. Mostly work and gameplaying.
Anyhow, new series! Well, it started on TV by 2011, I discovered it last summer - forgot about it - and re-discovered it the other day! :D

Witches. Cant get any better than that. I hope it is as good as my other favorite series. With a new series comes new characters and in the beginning all the new chars seem crappy, but that's just because your so fond of your current show! That's how it is for me anyway.

On monday, if my freaking tooth would stop hurting, we will buy tons of "Hemmakv√§ll"-candy and camp in the sofa with The Secret Circle. Mom and sis has no choice, haha.
We're always at each one end of the house, so an new series-evening together would be nice!

We went out of firewood the other day and didnt get new ones untill last night. 4 days without any heating-source.
So yesterday when we got up, it was 3+ celsius downstairs (about 37 F)! WOOOO! Hurray! NO! It was terrible!!! Holy crap.

So we turned on the thingy in the basement, wich we will have on untill tonight. Heating by power and hot water is extremly expensive, so it's only for 2 days to get the heat up. This will cost us circa 500 SEK (~90 dollars)... for 2 days!
Pfft, we love you firewood! <3 So cheap and effective... when we're not out! :D

Friday, March 15, 2013

A bit AFK

The winter came back, my tooth has been hurting and I have been so tired of moving my ass to work every day. So there was no mood over for the blog.
Today the sun is shining and it feels a bit better. :) Was at work yesterday, only time that week, but I realised   I like that place so much, I just HAVE to drag that sorry ass out of bed each morning, even if the weather sucks! xD

My friends from north of Sweden and Norway started playing some World Of Warcraft again, so now we are all gathered in one place and can do all those fun things together. It's boring otherwise. But I guess it becomes less fun after playing a game for over 8 years... lol.

Maybe the fantasy of using a bow in the wild woods will come true one day. :D

So these days my free-time consists of WoW, searching for jobs, walking dog and planting flowers. xD Oh, how I wish the spring would just stay instead of letting the snow fall! More outside time, fixing in the garden...

It's warm during the days, so that the ice and snow melts, but during the night it freezes again. Risking your life everytime you go outside with the dogs at night, not that fun! Curse you coldness!

Oh, and I've been washing my hair with dishsoap for a while now, I'll take a picture of my shiny hair soon to show you that it's fine to live without schampoo's and such! :D Hooray for No Poo!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stretched earlobes :)

I think this is the third time around that I stretch them now. I love you earlobes, you seem to handle this brutal force so nicely. xD

Age 14-17 ~ I had 12 mm.
Age 22-26 ~ I had 14 and 16 mm.
Then a month ago... or was it 2 months? ...I decided that I dont want normal earrings at all and I missed my plugs! Wooden plugs or tunnels, pretty and lightweight :) And they are never in the way of anything. They are just always there, looking pretty.
So now I have 14-16 mm again. :)

So yeah, I stretched them to 14 mm again since I had jewelry in that size.
But now I want bigger holes, so I'm at 16 mm now, taking one ear at a time. Maybe I'll get even bigger ones... Just need to get used to 16 mm first.
In time you get a bit size-"blind" and you want bigger holes... again and again. :D

Shrunken lobes! They only shrunk to 4 mm, forever stretched.

 Tiny 14 mm. I have a lot of lobe-tissue, I wonder how big they can get? x) I dont want to find out, really.

 Stretching to 15 mm.

16 mm. Will change to my beloved wooden plugs when healed.

 My collection was way bigger before. :( Damn you brain! (Who cant decide what size jewelry you want!) That's why I hate getting rid of things, I always change my mind later. Always!

And oh, how I suck! I cant even make a "collage" out of all these small pictures.. in Paint! LoL :P

Monday, March 4, 2013

What profession?


I want to start my own company. I want to chose when to work and to chose how much work that needs to be done. How much I want to work. And above all, work from home or atleast close to home.

My ideas during the years...
- Tattoo artist
- Konservator on Swedish :D (preserves old things or animals)
- Second Hand store
- Bakery
- Painting artist


So... where to start? I feel like every time I come up with an idea and explain it to the employment office, they're are like: "But..." or "Well, you see....", fucking excuses!!! Excuse my language.
It's like they dont want me to get a job or do something with my life!
Latest reason was that it takes too long to learn how to tattoo... 1,5 - 3 years(!) - and then you have a job for many, many years. So what's the deal? Any education takes 1-6 years, normally 3 years... so what is the problem?

I'm going to have a long talk with my new contact person at the employment office, because I'm sick of being treated like air.
My practice at the second hand-store is going great, so they extended my time there to 6 months, so that is 5 more months. And that is fine... but only because I like to work there.
Their only goal is to write down that "Sandra is no longer unemployed!" for the government, and then they dont give a shit about what I'm doing, as long as they dont have to deal with it.
Actually, now when I think about it, a couple of years ago, I heard that the more unemployed people they got rid of, the bigger the paycheck was.

On to more happy things in life... The sun is still here! :D YAY! BEGONE SNOW!
Talked to dad today and his gut told him that spring is on its way. I really hope that's true! :)

Game Of Thrones has started again, season 3. One of the most awesome series ever!
Well, nothing beats The X-Files! Mulder and Scully rocks :) But GoT comes pretty close after that!
As long as I can remember, I have wanted a tattoo of them, with a background of a flying saucer, some pretty tree-tops and a pretty sky. That would be awesome. Like the "I WANT TO BELIEVE"-sign. Pure awesome-ness... with a little geeky-ness. :P

Friday, March 1, 2013


No. Probably only for a few days. It's been nice though with all the sun and snow melting! :)
I have killed some fat flies the past days, since it's so warm, they wake up and are like: "GIEF SPRING!".
And today Moa was playing with something on the floor. You know it is something that is moving if she uses her paws to "poke" it, haha, and indeed! It was a spider! She does'nt like those and neither do I. Yuck.

Birdies, keep singing! It makes me happy and forget about all the boring snow and cold for a few moments.

Oh, the green... and the flowers. And the sun... and warmth!

(Stolen from Google.)

Now: time for some "Once Upon A Time". I've started watching it for real now and it's awesome. :)