Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fatty-pics and a new start!

No, I'm not showing any fatty pictures just yet. ;)
I think I wrote about this a while back... Anyway, I'll post them after I see some results!
Both me and Camilla took pics this morning and measured every corner of our bodies. ^^
I have now started to write a food diary and will probably post some of it here.

Many times have I had that feeling that "this is it!", "today is the day I start eating healthy!", etc.
I have that feeling this time also, but it feels... different.
Not jumping up & down thinking "WOO, LET'S DO THIS!"... More like - it is time now. I want to live a long healthy life. I want to be able to run in the forest, not just walk.
The list is long.

As always I read alot on the interwebs about health, food, exercise.
This time more about primal living. Paleo.
-> Mark's Daily Apple - Maybe you have heard of The Primal Blueprints?
It is alot like "lchf", low carb, high fat - but without dairy & with a little more berries, nuts and fruits.

I still use a little cream & milk in my coffee, but lately coffee hasn't been tasting as good as it once did. Maybe I'll just quit drinking it eventually.

I like that it's sunday today & not an evil "I-start-my-diet-today"-monday!

Moving on! 
I have to complain a little about the weather. We still dont have any snow(!)... february is soon here and... and... what the hell? It's not even cold! We have 3-6 degrees. 
It's so gray, rainy, windy and boring that I wish that spring would just come instead of winter! 
Maybe it will...