Monday, December 30, 2013

Day dreaming... & Happy New Year!

:D Hope all of you out there will have a great night tomorrow!
I will stay home with sis & mom & our beloved, furry babies. They really dont like fireworks. Smulan rather sit behind the sofa instead of in my lap with a blanket. Luckily there's not much crap going on out here and hopefully all the neighbours will spend their nights somewhere else than here. :P
Yes. I need to live out in the country by the woods... there I will have no one to complain about!

I bought a new computer! Hurray! Everything except the shell and the harddrive will be changed - so it will be as brand new. :) Later on I will get a new shell aswell, because of the looks of course! ;) And a faster harddrive. Nothing wrong with the one I have now, but a "SSD" is much faster and perfect for gamers.
Oh, and that keyboard and that mouse too. Later on.
Hopefully I can sell my old computer parts, for a small amount. The ones that still works. :D

Then I have everything I need to start playing my favorite game. But not everything that I want to have before starting! Plus time. Time is kind of necessary. And right now I get up at 6.00 and get home 18.30.
* Comes home - says hi - pets dogs - eat - shower - sleep *
Only 2 more months, only 2 more months, I keep telling myself. xD

Thursday, December 26, 2013

So warm, much grey... Very doge?

No. No doge.
Just the weather. Still gray. No snow. No cold. Just rain.
It sucks! Today we got some frost... wow! Maybe this fake-spring weather will end now so that we can get some proper winter weather!

I really dont feel like writing here, but just so you know. I live. :) More blogging later on.
Everything is just so depressing right now.

Hope you all had a great Christmas! 
I did. :) I got the Harry Potter Blu-Ray Box. <3  
So right now that is what I do. Watch Harry Potter and eat Christmas-foods-left-overs! 
And candy... 
New Years Eve (and the day after that) will be the last days I will eat crap food. On to LCHF again. I actually miss it, all the bacon and cheese. Noms! xD


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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What I do at "fake"-work!

Oh, sorry... "Practise"-work! ;)

I failed to ask Chatarina what their homepage is and all that, but atleast I took some crappy pics with my crappy (but beloved) phone!

Painted, new "handles" and newspaper-y. :D

 What I do right now. 
Emma drew it - Chatarina painted most of it - and yesterday I continued painting a little on it too
...also todays work I assume. :)

 The B&W Bureau - wich never gets done!

 Future work!

 Chairs made to look worn.

Now I have to drink my coffee, brush ze teeth, do some make-up and run off to the bus! Last night I left work an hour early - Yay! I thought - But there was no bus going for another hour and a half... WOHO! F*ck you, Skånetrafiken. F*ck you.
They cancelled A LOT of busses lately due to new trains, but the trains do not stop at the little places - like this one, so we still have to take the bus. Idiots.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Muffin-tea & work

Today was a pretty good day. I did not die of boredom at work... or at the long travel there and home again. I am still working with the black & white bureau. I keep fixing peoples "mistakes" on it. Or, they are more like misses with paint etc. but it's a pain in the ass to keep re-doing it! They're lucky I like to paint. x)

And this Blueberry Muffin tea kicks ass! 
Usually I dont like tea, so this must be good.

My shiny, pretty, favorite mug. :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I long for a Night Elf Hunter... & shopping!

...4 months since I played now... I know I'm a WoW'oholic. x)
I have other things in mind too, of course, but with an upcoming expansion and new character models - I'm super excited! I'm not in any hurry though, because my computer is dying any second now and if I were to play WoW on it, it would instantly die. Poor thing.
It's not really old, not even a year. And it has all those shiny things inside it... Aah...*In heaven* ...well, not yet!

Boredom has struck me. Let's make a shopping-list!

  • Computer (from Micke, hopefully!)
  • Keyboard, SteelSeries with glowing keys & extra macrokeys
  • Gaming mouse, Logitech of course
  • Mouse pad, a cewl one! ^^
  • Headset
I have a pretty good monitor and decent speakers... So i dont need everything new. But still, this is going to get expensive. I hope I get that job!

Other stuff

  • Human hair extensions - for dreads! Yeah, I will probably go there again. x)
  • 2 or 3 packs of "Color B4" - (If I decide to go back to my original haircolor)
  • New ear plugs & tunnels
  • Mineral make-up - so that I can throw all these chemicals away!
  • "In ear" Headphones for my Iphone - I joined the club finally! (R.I.P Sony Ericsson w715i. It was so pretty when it was new!)
  • New Converse shoes
I think that's it. Maybe. Most likely not. 

And now, Icecream time! \o/

A little change

I've always hated the color blue. It's mostly cold and ugly.
But for some time back now, I started to like some blue colors... It all depends on what it is.
The sky is pretty in all its' colors, specially the nightsky - but a skyblue sweater or a skyblue bag is just horrible.
I love my metallic-black-blueish nailpolish.
I hate the light blue color of our kitchen walls.
I love my new blog colors. :) With a little purple and lime green. <3

Winter is finally here. It's frosty and very cold, wich means it's a little colder inside also, but it's totally worth it. It's so much lighter outside and not constantly wet from all the rain. And we have a tiny bit of snow too thanks to Sven. Weird name for a storm.

I lost another kilo btw. *Hurray for me* :P
Finally got new batteries for that thingy that you weigh yourself on. (Cant believe I got a B+ on my english in school!). I have been eating a lot of "no-no" food lately, (that's probably why I dont loose weight faster), but it's soon x-mas and I love saffron and  x-mas candy. xD I'll just start over, again, when x-mas and New Years Eve is over!

Sunset - the day after Sven was here.
Stormy and cold, but I still ran out there with no jacket to snap some shots. :) It was so pretty!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sven is here!

Sven, the storm!

He just blew off parts of our roof... 
And it's not over yet, it keeps getting stronger. It's pretty scary to sit here upstairs. The floor is swinging. 

The last storm, just a few weeks ago, blew away a pane/window.

I wonder what will be next, snow in June? ;) I hope I'm not alive when the world is coming to its' end. But hey, I plan on living for atleast 100 years! So it's not happening any day soon. :P

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Early mornings

Off to fake-work soon. *Yaaawn*
The fake-work that is soon going to be a real job! :D 
I got some more info from the unemployment office - After 3 months this "practise"-thingy is going to turn into a real job, I will be hired for 6 months or 1 year so that I can start a thingy at A-kassan. Swenglish warning.
When I have collected this amount on A-kassan - and then get unemploeid again - I will still get money to survive, yay!

A not-so-late afternoon the other week <3

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Project: Bleach/lighten your hair with honey - part 2

It was hell washing that crap out! The honey and olive oil, that is. I never had issues washing out olive oil before... I blame the honey!
I first forgot the chamomile-rinse, so I used it after my hair was already towel-dry. And then I dried it again... with a wet towel. -Did not like- xD

Today when my hair is dry I can see the result. And it worked! :D Not by much, but I will use it many times more.

The before and after pics are pretty crappy, since the light is not the same.

Before (One month ago)
My haircolor has washed out a little since then, but not much...

It's almost like there is green-ish "highlights"?

 After - In proper daylight
The green-ish highlights are actually light brown! All of my hair was coppery before the honey, since I have been coloring it with henna before.

Very pleased with the result! I didnt think it would do any difference on the first try.
My hair got a bit dry from the lemon juice I think... there is knots everywhere! :P

Friday, November 22, 2013

Project: Bleach/lighten your hair with honey

I havent even colored my hair black yet, and I still had time to change my mind! Wat? :O
I am now trying to get my real haircolor back. Boredom = experimenting! And also, I might want to get dreadlocks again.... I know, right! xD My darling, Catta, said she would take a shovel and smack it in the back of my head... as if that would help! Lol.

So, I have colored my hair 3 times with henna, one of those times with a "Lush Caca Brun", wich has indigo in it. So to get my own, original haircolor back - dirty dark blonde - might be a pain in the ass.
(Bleaching with chemicals is a last resort!)

Right now I'm sitting here with honey & olive oil in my hair. I took equal parts of those ingredients, microwaved it for 15 sec and then mixed it with a fork. Took some time to get the oil in there, but it turned into a smooth paste at last. :)
There is literally honey & oil all over my head and face. It's like henna - IT'S EVERYWHERE!
The things you do for your hair. ^^ Going to let it sit for 1,5-2 hours.
Lighten your hair this way takes a lot of time and many, many applications. I have a chamomile tea mix downstairs also, to rinse with. But first - schampoo! Honey is very sticky.
The chamomile mix is tea, lemon juice & honey. Mix however you want. Chamomile tea and lemon juice are also things that lighten your hair naturally.

Excuse the food-stuffz in the back. :P

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stuff from - All natural and ecofriendly :)

Finally my order arrived at the door! It was sent to me for free because they could'nt deliver it to the place I wanted them to. :D Very nice of them. Next time I'll have to go get it in the town next to us though. ^^

So! Soon I'm all natural. :) I've read so much crap about chemicals they put in "normal" schampoos, soaps etc. It's scary. Anyway, the only thing I'm missing now is make-up and perfume. I rarely use perfume because everything you put on your body already smells good. But there are some perfume-oils that I want to get my hands on, one of them smells like wild passion fruit. :)

The goodie bag
(Lotion, smells like forest)
(3 soaps for ze shower)
(Olive oil soap, for testing, works as hair conditioner for some people)
(Aleppo soap for my hair, the smell is not that great) xD
(Crystal deodorant, hope it wokrs!)
(Nettle Schampoo for dandruff, mom and sis are trying this one) 

I cleaned the whole bathroom, so much crap!
A new jar for random stuff, with a black glittery ribbon. :)
(The old "jar" for random stuffs was a plastic mug. Not that pretty.)

 My two new friends. :) The Aleppo soap is very green, wich I find a bit strange... it should be more greenish-beige with a dark green core? Well, the name of it, and the ingredients, are correct, so I hope it works the same magic as the original Aleppo does. ^^

Monday, November 11, 2013

A fifth World of Warcraft expansion!

I knew it would be about Outland again because everyone loves The Burning Crusade. :) The absolute best thing about this is the remodel of the characters! Finally we get normal eyes and fingers! This will come out sometime in 2014. Probably after the summer, or even after fall.

Pics borrowed from Blizzard, World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor. Here you can read and look at some of the changes. Including some of the remodels! And trailers! Cant wait to see the female Night Elf, Draenei and Human remodels! :)

This time I'll buy the collectors edition, never done that before & for once, I will. Of course I still need a new gaming computer and a mouse and a... Yeah.

The new Alliance capital is beautiful and it is always night time there. <3

When you look at these before & after pics, 
you clearly see how crappy they have been looking all along. xD

Diet news!
I measured my body before starting this diet, or before failing at it, lol... and I have lost 2 cm around the waist. And almost 2 cm around my thighs. I'm happy, :D because I have been eating candy like a ************!
(Diet: 3 days - Candy and crappy food: 5 days - Diet: 2 days - Candy and crappy food: 4 days)
So yes, I'm happy for those results. And now that I'm finished with candy and other crap, I will get good results I think. ^^

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yet another new start

I read a little more about the diet "LCHF" on ze internetz and it turns out I have been eating bad stuffz. :D Haha, so I started over... again. 
No fruit, no fruit yoghurt, less milk (if I want to loose weight) etc. And much more fat! I cant remember everything when I'm sitting here writing, but when I look in the kitchen I know what not to eat atleast! :P
Did you know that peanuts are not actually nuts? They're more like seeds. No good for LCHF'ers.
And I learned how to make "milk" out of eggs, for my coffee, have not tried it yet though.

Tonights' sunset.
Everything else is gray and that is what makes it beautiful.

 2 min later...

Longing for even colder weather, frost and snow.

Thanks Laura for tagging me btw. :) One day I will parcitipate, one day!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A few more Second Hand findings!

...and a little life update. :)
((I hope the "job-agency" doesnt screw this one up. They were a bit unclear with some stuffz.))
Anyway! I'm expecting a call this friday, to book an appointment with a nice lady. She is going to be my new support-person at a new place. There I will practise-work for 3 months, and then, if I got the info right, I will be offered a job!(!!!) Or education and then a job! Yeah... I'm not really sure how it works, but it gets me a JOB! Finally!
I will be able to try out some of the things I love the most - caring for animals at a farm <3 and learn how to properly restore old furniture. I'm super excited! :D
All this will start in 1-2 weeks, if all goes according to plans.

I'd like to blog more often than I do, but I'm just too lazy... and I have other stuff to think about at the moment. :) I still want to move to the north. But if I get this job I will be able to save up for many things needed, both now and for a long distance-move. ^^

My cave-man-diet didnt work out. Well, for a couple of weeks it did. But I got tired of not beeing able do eat and drink milk, cheese, yoghurts etc.
So now, since 9 days back (woho!), I'm on LCHF. Suits me perfect! I do very well without bread and potatoes actually. And sugar too. I can crave it, like today, but when I eat it I realise that I didnt need it that bad. So today I had a little chocolate - but I went quickly back on track. :)
This is a diet I can live with. I like it. And I dont have to feel that I have to do this or that.

Bought a few things at the Second Hand store lately... PICS!

My new computer chair. I hate "traditional" office chairs, uncomfortable and ugly.
Paint it black and change the fabric to something red or black. I will try to save the nails, but if I cant, I'll get new ones in gold.
Felix loves the old, dusty thing. ^^

Two really thick and flyffy blankets.
And a piece of lace fabric for a lamp-shade.

 Wallpapers for my room. I would like them to be much darker, but hey, for 30 SEK it's OK! xD
Dont want to spend too much money for a house that is not mine.
All-new make-up brushes, 8 SEK!
And some x-mas lightning. I will paint the wooden stars in a metallic gold paint.

 Pretty candle holders!
They will fit in nicely when I've painted my room... and furniture. :)

More pretty candleholders!
I will have to decorate a future guest room in a white-country-romantic-style, so that they will fit in well. :)

Finally I got an old Bible.
A very nice one too, with ornaments and - it's black & purple! :)  It's from year 1877 and have alot of personal writing in it, but I cant make out what it says except for a few words. The art and text is beautiful, but it's a bit hard to read, so I will have to get another one if I decide to read it. 

Now I just need a nice, black shelf to put it on, as if it were a painting. ^^

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hair & coconut oil

I figured out that my hair wants/needs oil after each wash. Every time! Or else it will just look like damaged fluff. So after I wash it, when it's still wet, I put half a teaspoon of coconut oil in my lengths/tips.
I really have to get my thumb out of my *** and drown my head in olive oil before I go to sleep. It does wonders for your hair. But I'm too lazy at the moment. :P
Oh, and I cut my own hair... again. Apparently it needed that too. Again.
Sis got her hair cut too, finally she got rid of that damaged crap!
Cutting your own hair is easy, just ask youtube. :D Also I'm too lazy to show you Camilla's result for now, so that I'll do tomorrow.

Without oil.
I think that last set of dreads killed my hair a little. I've cut off about 10 cm since then.

 With oil.
Coconut oil. <3

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


God, that is weird. I just got the feeling of spring! That the snow just melted, the sun is shining and the birds are singing... Right outside my window. :O

Weird. But it was a happy feeling... I think. Mostly weird.

Lush Caca Brun - Before & After

So, :) I didnt like my red (orange) hair and was longing for black, raven black hair... once again.
Been thinking of it for a few months... and then I decided when I saw Lesthi's hair. <3
My growth looked like ****. It was not even red. So I guess henna doesnt stick that well to my hair.
I had a Mama Caca Brun from Lush laying around. (A mix of henna, indigo, various stuffz & oils to make a brown color). My hair needed it and I couldnt stand my "too light"-hair any longer, so my sister and I threw it in! 
With herbs you can color your hair as often as you like, so I thought I rather have brown hair than orange, until I can get the black color that I really want.

I had a teaspoon, or two, of salt in my mix, because that helps the indigo stick to the hair. Other than that I went after Lush's recipe - Just mix the caca with boiling water and apply right after. I used the whole caca - 6 squares, and I only had about 100 ml of henna left afterwards. I have alot of hair! I let it sit for 4-5 hours without any cover. (If you cover your hair it gets warm, wich means a warmer, more red-ish color). I washed it out with only water, no schampoo or conditioner. It was a pain, but that is to let the indigo get a hold of the hair. After, at first sight is was almost black - a pretty, dark brown. :) Then after the first wash it went a bit lighter, but not much. Washed my hair a second time and no color shed. Yay!
I'm happy with it. :)

Before & After

The caca was about a year old, so it looks a bit dry, but it worked fine.

 Newspaper is no fun. I rather do some extra laundry. ^^
Oh and this stuff does not stain as pure henna does. Not on the skin, not on the floor.

Right after, no schampoo etc.

And then after a wash or two, in different lights.

 Feeling pretty... right xD

It didnt stick THAT well to my hair, atleast not to the hair that was a little dry or in bad condition. So my roots are a bit darker, but not as much as before, and most of the lenghts are a bit lighter. Mostly at the back. 

I keep using coconut oil in my hair but it's still dry as a desert. I use "Faith In Nature" schampoo & conditioner. Any tips? :) No chemicals though. 
I'm going to buy some stuff this month, switch to natural products only. One of the things is Aleppo soap - I hope it will work well with both my skin and hair, that would be awesome.