Friday, August 30, 2013

The teeth! ...Or claws?

It's been a sleepy week!
So here they are, finally. :)
Found them at the bottom of a plastic bag, with some other crap, at the second hand store.
I have always wanted to be an archeologist, so stuff like this really interest me. :)

About 6 cm long. 
There is some weight to them and they're not entirely hollowed.

They're a bit flat and striped(?) 
I think it's teeth & mom think they're claws... Do any of you know?
I asked google as I said before, but I cant find anything useful.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The cabinets & the "teeth"

Was SO tired last night, I just threw myself in bed. I had my headphones with Dimmu Borgir in them <3 and still I could hear myself snoar. Good going. xD

I have no idea how to make collages with pictures, so here they are, one by one -
it's a little annoying. ^^

We're planning on painting the cabinets black. Maybe "edge" all the edges, to make it look old. 
What do you think?
This one is going under the TV, so right now we are making 
holes in the back for all the dvd-cords and such.

The bigger one, for storing dvd's, movies etc. :)

 In place, with a Felix on top.
With this wallpaper and the lightning of the camera it looks terrible. xD
In reality it's fine, really. :)

An ugly-pretty lamp I found. Going to throw some paint on and maybe change the fabric...

The adorable, carved mirror! <3 Should I paint it black or leave it as it is?
The bigger one we're going to paint in gold. 

My new friend... Älgen! (The moose!)
Yes, I name everyting! :D

One of my darlings got a new pot.
Good boy! *Pats*

(Need to go make some important phone calls!) :P

Monday, August 26, 2013

The autumn sun is here :)

It tried to blind me so that I almost got hit by a cyclist.
But oh so pretty! :) So super-shiny and super-warm. And finally more leaves are turning yellow! <3

Got home a bit late today, ate & drank coffee... and now the daylight is gone. :/ So no pics today either. I need daylight for details. Details of the TEETH I found at work last week. Animal teeth. No idea what kind of animal they once belonged to, because goolge has no idea!! It's a bit annoying when google is suppose to know it all. Pfft.

We get our new cabinets tomorrow, so I'll take photos of it all then! :)
Now I need to run to the zink, or else I think I'll die of thirst.... C you tomorrow! :D

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monsters: now available as albino!

Blood sucking monsters, tics, are now available in white!
Come and get it, it's all free! :D

I thought I found a wound on Moa, my baby, but when I took a closer look - it was a white tic. Albino. Hell. As if they were not disgusting enough. I didnt think insects could be albinos, as animals & humans.

Here it is on the nail-file. I've seen smaller ones... 
It's scary how small they are as nymphs, evul bastards.

And then my camera got a heartattack and died. 
Second Hand findings tomorrow then!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A friend in the dark

I was taking photographs of the moon the other night, it was bigger and more yellow than usual... and along came an orange friend! The neighbors cat. He is very cuddly. ^^

Mr. Orange.
Dont know his real name. :)

Behold the awesome "foppa"-shoes! xD
They are simple & comfy, but oh-so-ugly.

Mostly I try to avoid buildings in my photos... I dont know why, but it felt right this time with a little house showing - with the moon back there, over the tree tops.

I really have to learn this camera... or I might need a better one. I'd like to take pretty pics of the moon, it's so magical and spooky. :)

Last night I slept for almost 14 hours straight. I was tired. But I did'nt think I was that tired.
Usually I sleep 6-7 hours. And I've been extra lazy today.
I'll see if I can remove my thumb from a certain place tomorrow, and show you pictures of my findings from the second hand store. 
There are bodyparts involved...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hemlock Grove

Watched the first episode today, it's awesome. :)
It's an all-in-one: horror, mystery & thriller... Lovely combo, a weird and creepy show. 
--> On IMDB

Bill Skarsgård is as good as his brothers. And nice to look at ofc! ;P

A heads up about Netflix
If you pay for your internet per GB, it uses all of that speed in just a few movies (HD quality). And then after that, when you've used up your speed, you can keep watching stuff from Netflix, but in extremly poor quality. So bad that you cant see what is what in a dark scene - for example: someone is lurking around in a dark forest - it's all just a blurry mess of darkness.
We found this out at dads' place. Very annoying! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1 click a day... help save old forests. Totally worth it. In a serious way! ^^
So click that square-button next to the grey numbers
and you help! :) --->

They have a blog on their webpage, I read a little and found out that IKEA is destroying very old Karelian forests... I'm guessing it's to make shitty furniture? If they just have to destroy nature (to make their shit that always breaks or cant be built properly!!! *clears throat* Sorry.), do it to the new forests, the trees that are grown for that purpose!

Luckily these things dont get that stuck to my brain... or else I would probably go under.

(Borrowed from:

Now - Coffee and painkillers for my poor head! :P

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Mysterious Box

The other day at the second hand store, a box arrived.
Max, who has a very vivid imagination, threw the box on my table and says:
-"Do you know what this is!?" (Very excited!)
I look at the box and answer:
-"No?... What is it?"
-"You see, there is a text here that says U.S Property. It's a box from the U.S. Military, where they transported human bodies! Tortured humans, cut into pieces to fit the box! When we opened the box outside, just now, to look inside it, there was a terrible smell ...the smell of corpses! 
You know, swedish customs dont even open boxes like these because they do not want to know what's inside them."
My reaction was OMG! That's horrible! ...but yet very interesting! But still gross... Uh, ye...
I had to take pictures of it!
Max told Åse, the store manager, the same story and she laughed so hard. :D Max goes:
"It's true! We almost had to wash the blood out of it!"

I dont know what the box was used for, but when I think about it, - there are no real locks on it.
But it's always fun to listen to Max's storys! :)

I've been taking some pics every now and then of some pretty things. :)
Old books and photoalbums from 1889 and earlier...

 Cabinets with cool engravings

Awesome leather bag :)

My mom and I stood at the entrance of the store yesterday, the first day they opened after the summervacations. - We really wanted those two cabinets we laid eyes on before the store closed in July.
People are acting like crazy when they open the doors, that's why we were there before everyone else.
If you want to get something from this store, you got to be quick! :D Haha
Posting pics of our new cabinets when we get them home. :)

Oh, and finally we got some rain and cold weather! <3

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Till next time.

This pic felt so right at the moment, so right for my mood.

Catarina, wifey, just went home. Can't wait to see her again and continue our evul (awesome) plans!
My sister got hit in the face by reality... we really are moving north soon! She got a bit paniced. But there's still time to think. ;) Me and Catta are planning on finding jobs (!), like really try, because we just want to get the hell out of here. Start over in the beautiful nature the north has to offer.

The weather is still extremely hot and humid. So gross.

My "practise"-work at the second hand store continues and on my spare time I'm going to search for jobs and study as much as I can. Need those points for future educations. :)
Got a new, black bag from Catta. Yay! Really needed a new one. Thinking of dyeing my autumn/spring-jacket black, it's army green right now, and that really suits my red hair... but black suits everything. :)
Hmm... and I need new ear-plugs/tunnels...

*Planning, planning, planning*

Thursday, August 1, 2013

First 24 hours!

I'm still alive! :D
I decided to take a little milk in my coffee... and to not skip the salt completely.
The coffee saves my ass when I crave for something sweet.
And about the salt - I dont eat much of that at all, but a little makes such a difference in food!
I also decided that on fridays or saturdays, I'm allowed something sweet. I'm pretty sure I will just give up the diet otherwise. Better to eat candy 1 day than 5 days a week!

I looked into LCHF a little when Lesthi gave me a site with recipies, or to be honest, I stared at the foods you are suppose to eat when LCHF'ing... and wanted to eat my computer screen.
I do know a little about it tho and I'm curious, how can someone loose weight with all that fat? :O
Ever heard the expression "Fat burns fat"? Apparently it works that way.
I might slip a LCHF meal into my diet, once or twice a week.
The only thing I'm adding to those meals would be some dairy products. Cheese and cream.
Of course it might affect the weight loss... but not much else, I mean, before I started this I was eating so much crap, so it cant get worse, I mean. xD
Gah, now I feel bad for wanting a little cheese...
What do you think?

Todays dinner! 
I made guacamole.. or something like that. :D

Smulan always has her own chair at the table. :) 
Except sometimes when we have friends over - not everyone enjoys a hairy companion at the table! ^^
She sometimes forget her tongue when talking to us. :D