Thursday, March 20, 2014

And then the gray came back...

But just for a while! Today was sunny and warm again. :) Wich is probably the reason I'm even in here. This shitty weather really got to me, so I hope the sun will return to stay this time. Or soon atleast! There are a few more days of crap-weather... We'll see. ^^

2 or 3 times now, I've got this feeling... the feeling that something is about to change. That something good is about to happen. But I dont know when. One of the feelings said autumn, another one said christmas.
Yes. It is as weird as it sounds.
I've always wanted to find out if I really have a "supernatural" gift. 
Going to buy one of the magazines "Nära". Maybe I'll find someone to contact there, that teach people these things? ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

When time stands still,

Or flies by... ?
I cant decide. It's a time when everything is boring. It's a time when I'm tired 24/7.

I'm going to start work at a different place, but within the same company.
Hotel cleaning! Starting tomorrow. :)
I only have to take ONE bus to get there, plus walk about 50 meters, so it's very nice that way.
Now I can get up at 6.30 in the morning instead of 4.30. So hopefully I wont walk around like a super-tired-zombie all day!

Even if I couldnt afford it, I got a pair of Converse. Finally. But hey, good shoes lasts many years!
Yellow and pretty. Matches my camo-green spring jacket. ;)
Also got this scarf today at a secondhand store. See Catta? It's PINK! :D <3

Some pretty evening skies. :)

~ City Light meets Pink Sky ~

~ Foggy ~

~ Window View ~

~ Summer-y ~

We've had wonderful weather these last weeks!
They said there would be some rain and snow this weekend, but not much. Even if there will be - it will dry up fast, because the warm weather is not going anywhere. :)

Going to plant some veggies this weekend. All the flowers are already in the soil!