Friday, May 24, 2013

No education yet... but something else.

So, I called the work advisers today and asked how everything was going with the information about the education, I didnt know anything except that I wanted in.
She told me that the education is actually for people who already got some experience from that kind of work or has some pre-education.


"But!", she said, there is another way!
She is going to discuss it with my other contact person first tho.
So if everything works out, I will get an "employment", sort of a trainee position in my city.
There I will get experience for a year, and then after that I will get an education, dont know if it is the same as the one we talked about before, but it all leads to a real employment!(!!!) YAY!

So again, let us hope it works out this time! :)
I will get an answer next week. Hold your thumbs and toes for me! :D

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Series: Bates Motel

This is a great one. Not a boring second goes by. :) Based on Hitchcock's novel Psycho.

Sadly there's only 10 episodes in the first season... and the 2nd season starts sometime 2014. It was a big "NOOOOOO!" moment when I found that out, haha :P

Tried an episode of another new series: Orphan Black. It seemed OK, but it was not... hmm, mysterious enough? Ofcourse the main characters talk british. And I have some issues listening to british accent. I mean, some words dont even sound like english! xD Ugh, you get the point. I cant even understand danish and apparently us south-sweeds are suppose to do that...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Going redhead!

This! <3
This is one of the red colors of Henna. :) It's Henna from a brand called Herbique. The color I will get, hopefully, will be a bit lighter than on this picture.
Will buy bleach this month and start my progress of forever being a redhead! Woho! :D

I've been thinking alot about what hair color I want and it's been hell. Blonde or red.
So my thougths at the moment are...
Blonde - Hurts your hair. Is a pain in the a** with the dark roots. Gets boring over time.
Red with Henna - Great for your hair, works like a super-conditioner. Fits all year long, especially autumn & winter.

Shower time! A boring, early morning is waiting. Ugh, I just wanna stay home and do nothing, maybe poke a little in the garden and watch a movie.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Awesome weekend!

The weekend started early since thursday was a holiday.
Dad picked us up and we went to the hunting cabin just 15 min from here, in the middle of the woods. the cabin is so tiny and cute! :D It has a great view and a lake to swim in... for those who don't mind the weeds. Eeew! Better for fishing!

We ate moose. A moose that lived in these woods. Pretty cool. :)
Thank you, Mr Moose, for the dinner.

Sis & dad... and dad's dogs!
It was a warm day, but with a little rain. 

Trail to the cabin. Almost looks like autumn with all those leaves...

Tikka, the most kind dog ever. :)

Fanny, the bitch. :D

Totally camouflaged...

The rest of the weekend was as awesome as this day! Catta & Micke came to visit and we grilled sausage and drank Bacardi Melon. Yum. Next playdate, I'll come visit you, Catta. :) <3 If you don't have the time to show up here before that! ^^

I bought a cheap plant the other day, I named him Krister. Lol.
I'll show him another day. He's really handsome!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Need to buy some cheap t-shirts... make things like this! :)

There is so much more I want to do... but the lazyness stops me... plus that I dont have that many fabrics to work with. For example a skirt out of a scarf. Different tops out of over-sized t-shirts. So many things I've thrown away over the years. :/
Well, shit happens, as they say.

I am now going back to my forum and google to figure out if I'm going to dye my hair Henna red or blonde. I think I will get tired of blonde very quickly... and when autumn arrives, I know I will be wanting red hair. ^^ So I will probably get red! ...Or summer-blonde? AARGH!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Education in June! :)

If I am one of those 24 people that they choose to move forward with, I will start my studies in June! Woho! :D I have been on "AF" for too long now, plus I have no other education, so atleast I'm a priority. In time there will get more spots open for more people, so if I dont get in among the first 24, there will be other chances after that. But I just dont want to wait. :)

The Education is aprox 2 years and afterwards there is a fat (YES, FAT!) chance you will get a job! :D LoL

I have decided to dread my hair even if I dont have any extensions, so they will be pretty short to start with, but I can easily put in extensions later. I just saved myself 600 SEK! Yay! xD I just need to bleach it first.

who is sitting right next to me at the moment, farting like there is no tomorrow! 

Last week, Smulan & Mr Felix <3
Felix got a minor chock when he turned his head around and saw Smulan. How could he not see that she was right there in the first place? :p

Friday, May 3, 2013

Education soon?

Information meeting on monday about nursing educations at "AF". I hope it's something for me.
I've always said that I will never ever wipe someone elses ass. Literally.
Might sound not-so-nice, but I have a hard time dealing with other peoples, ehm, body fluids and hygiene. Right.
But it's time to look past that and think of the job opportunities! If I really have to, I think I can make it. :) And it would be SO nice to take a break from all the "practise work" that "AF" is putting me tru.
Luckily there are different directions to go in a nursing education, but I'll know more on monday about that.

Ooh yes, the swenglish. <3

I still like the work at the Second Hand store, but it wont get me a job. It's sad they dont hire people.

Today we got some fixing in the yard done. Looks a bit better now when the flowerbeds arent covored in moss and grass. :D But, there's still much to be done. So. Much. Moss.

Oh! Took some pretty pictures at the sunset the other day. As always! :) Actually, two nights, two sunsets.

Sky on fire

It was so pretty and the colors changed so fast! Happy I cought the real colors! The red, orange and pink usally doesnt get this bright with this camera.

The pink stripes

I always try to avoid buildings and streetlights on my pictures if I can, because I think it ruins the "look" a bit. I like my photos  to be all "natural". :) At these last 2 photos I was avoiding some stuff, first I thought it looked weird with just half trees, but they actually turned out pretty cool! :)

Nature <3