Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Damn you, fireworks... & Happy New year!

Our doggies get so scared. :(
And what a mess all that scraps do in nature.
It was many years ago I enjoyed fireworks. I still enjoy the evening of course - todays plan is awesome food, awesome nuts, fruits and icecream, and some awesome movies!
I prefer loud movies with my awesome surround system, x) especially now when we try to mask the sound of fireworks and such.

Much awesomeness! xD


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Into the woods

...a new Disney-awesomely-lots-of-magic-&-nice-actors-movie (Johnny Depp!) :) Probably in cinemas in april next year, in Sweden. Atleast that is what IMDB says. But google says 2014... well, we'll see!

Trailer and other stuff at IMDB: Into The Woods

I love the cover as much as the name of the movie!
The story involves several magic... stories. :D

I woke up with a song on my head

It was this masterpiece

Supernatural fan this way <--  :D
Just the lyrics of this song is awesome! And the music itself can cheer up any soul.
I'm searcing on the interwebs for Supernatural soundtracks, but can't seem to find any... until I find something, atleast I have youtube. ^^

Sitting here waiting for the doctor to call - I need more drugs! Lol.
Then when sis & mom gets home, it's time to grab the yellow bike and hit the store for some New Years Eve-goodies. I'm still sick of chocolate & candy though - very strange.
I'm planning on measuring my whale-sized body this morning, so that I can measure the change when I start loosing weight for real. I kind of already started eating better. :) Hurray!

Goal 1: Skip ALL the sugar & only eat home made bread.
Will make the list longer soonish! 
Got a little inspired by Linnea. :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Soon Christmas!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! :)

Lots to do tomorrow, and then on Christmas eve I will be doing nothing at all - except eating, maybe watch a good movie or 10.
When we were living closer to our relatives, we always spent the Christmas at their place, but now we don't and we don't have a car, so we're staying home. It's nice though! I would always end up with headache and get super tired with all the people around me.
Our two youngest cousins are now 15 and 13 years old I believe, so I don't even want to know what I'm "missing". x)

Still no snow yet. A little sad... I hope it comes soon.
The weather is pretty warm and windy, it's weird. (Another reason to move north!) ;D

Need to try one of these... or all of them. *drools*
(from Pinterest)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Back in space

I totally missed my background of space, with all the stars and blue-ish tones, so now it's back. :)

I've been taking a break from ze interwebz. So I missed a lot of blogposts. ^^ I'm back now, but not as much as before, not yet anyway.
And I think I needed a break from WoW also. I dont think I'm going back to it either. It's over 100 SEK per month, plus it takes so much of my time. I rather do something else of that time and money.

Some time ago I removed my earplugs to let my ears shrink back to normal piercing holes. I didn't even think about it the first 2 months, but now, oh... I don't even know. I think I miss them.
My holes did not shrink to normal anyway, I think they're about 6 mm wide still.
I might stretch them again (for the fourth time). I think I need surgery when I'm finnished with my ears. x)

Look at these pretty babies,
the top left one look like peach! <3
Jewelry from my favorite shop: Crazy Factory

I finally learned how to make a "collage" of pictures in Paint! Lol :D

Hmm, what else... Oh, I baked a AWESOME bread the other day. It is so freaking good, we were shocked! And super healthy. I will bake more of those soon and share some pics & recipe. :)

Oh and I also got sick of my red hair, AGAIN, so I dont know if I'm going back to brown or maybe try to reach my own haircolor. But for now I will leave it alone.
Coconut oil does wonders for your hair. I sleep with it in my hair - wash it in the morning and it stays soft and moist for days, and I dont even use conditioner. My hair is not dry anymore. Yay! 
Try it!