Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I just have to! my tiny weightloss and my shrinking waist! :D
I've been on LCHF / Primal Paleo now for 9 days. Woo! And today I measured myself etc.
-2,5 cm from the waist and -1,2 kilos. *PAT MYSELF*
I'm doing it. And I even eat chocolate at weekends. Last friday I ate an entire pizza. Oops.
But hey, the journey continues the day after that.
Previously when I've been "doing" LCHF and what not - I just gave up right after I ate some sugar. I thought - "Might aswell eat bread now, I've already screwed things up!".
Now I have the strenght (or whatever) to continue, even if I screw it up.

Except the pizza I have eaten no bread at all, no potatoes, no rice, no pasta. And I dont miss it one bit.
Maybe except a sandwich every now and then - but then I'll just shove my face full of the good stuff instead = cheese, soft cheese, ham, tomato, butter etc. So that's probably what I'm after when I crave a sandwich - the yummy stuff on top of it. ^^

I'm good!

Next week it's time for that shopping-spree. Yay!

(From tumblr)

I want brown leather boots.

Friday, August 22, 2014

That was fast!

And just like that - I've made up my mind about my hair. I want it brown, or "dirty dish-blonde", my own haircolor! It depends on how far I can push it with bleach.
Since my hair went green last time I bleached, I will do bleach baths this time, plus, my hair got its' dose of awesomeness from the last time I henna'ed (3 weeks ago!) so it is in perfect shape - again.
So it's only fair to start ruining it again, right?! x)
I even thought about cutting it all off, leaving about 8 cm, because these 8 cm are perfectly healthy, and then put dreadlock extensions in it. But I've never done that before, so what if they fall off? Hmm, I'll just keep it and see what I can do about the color.

Actually, before I went red this time, I was thinking of brown.
I guess this last henna experience was just an impuls thing. As usual. But atleast my ugly-colored, gummy hair was saved!

I got a little more money this month than I expected, so I even have the cash for extensions! Yay!
But, for a person like me, maybe it's best to just wait a little longer before I go shopping for stuff I may not even use... It's not like human hair extensions are cheap. :/

This was right after I colored my hair with Lush's "caca brun". A nice brown. :) And it's very close to my own haircolor. With age comes darker hair... I was a almost white blonde when I was little.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Decor plans for my bedroom is a Swedish home decor online shop. Since I want a beige/brown colour on my bedroom walls, I'm looking for new curtains and blankets and stuff. :) I want it to be warm, cosy and autumny.
I found a very pretty series of thingies called "Huntingdale". I love it! It screams huntinglodge and autumn. ;D

I dont like the silvery thingies the curtain is hanging by, 
so I'm going to buy the fabric and make my own curtains. :) 
And maybe some pillows...

These things would obviously look better in an old cabin och a-not-too-modern-house, but you do the best you can with what you have. :)

Life in general is ok, could've been better. I've been home from work 3 days now. I feel a little crappy. Mostly in my mood, but also physically. Tummyache, headache, nausea, lightheaded. This has been going on for over a week. It's nothing I cant live with, but it's getting boring. -.-

I have decided that I will get dreads again. No matter how I wear my hair right now, it's no fun. I dont like it. I dont like the look of it. And I miss my dreads, as I've said 100 times already... But I will start with just a few ones, just to be sure. ;D

(The buying human hair extensions experience!)
...I just need to get some new human hair extensions, since these I have are not 100% human hair. Currently I'm arguing with the company about it - they refuse to take their shitty quality hair back (a-holes), so now I've contacted some firm that help with these things.   

Oh, yeah, they want me to send the hair back (without sending me my money back) so that they can test it and see if it's human hair or not... I feel like I'm getting screwed over... again.
I did a test myself btw! I took one straw of the human hair and one straw of the plastic hair, burned them with direct fire and yeah, you know the smell of burned hair? The human hair was actually human. Wow!
The other straw, one of those that refuses to absorb any haircolour what so ever - it melted and gave no scent at all. Plastic fantastic!

Maybe it's worth mentioning the company with shitty hair -
But I've read on forums that this can happen with any company, even
Maybe the companies are the ones getting fooled by their suppliers?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My beloved stretched ears

Aaah, back to 16 mm (or 5/8").
So I've been thinking alot about how I want to look. How I see myself. I was so sure I wanted smaller gauges... and maybe add some other piercings in my ears. Probably because I think that looks more feminine than bigger holes, or something...

I wanted new (size 14 mm) plugs. Organic, handmade, pretty plugs - Etsy!
And there are sooo many pretty plugs and tunnels and jewelry and what not.
Then I realised that pretty plugs look better the bigger they are. ;)
I found many treasures! :D
So here I am, back to 16 mm holes. They had not shrunk one bit. *Stuck with big holes forever*  - And I'm ok with that! Because I'm not a fan of jewelry. Not ordinary jewelry anyway. I'm not that type that puts on her pretty, little earrings every morning. No. Mine are just there. Always if I want to. They do not get stuck onto things. They are not in the way of anything. Ever. I love them!
It has to be comfy. I want to be able to sleep with it - that's how comfy I am. Maybe a bit lazy too.

Same thing goes for necklaces. It has to be comfy. You know those chains who keeps getting stuck in your hair? GAH! Hate it! I get so annoyed I just rip off the hair, with the necklace.
(I regret one of those moments by the way, I had a bit of hair back there that was shorter than the rest, just hanging... lol.)
So I was thinking - leather. A simple crystal or stone of some sort, wrapped with leather or silver, hanging by a leather band. Perfect. But even that may be a bit too much for me, but if it's pretty enough - and even have some sort of magical property to it - it might just be worth putting it on every morning. ;)

I have even cosidered a ring(!), but it has to be a big one, not a tiny one that gets stuck everywhere. But that wont happen until I can bare with a necklace. I know myself too well.

Do you wear any jewelry on daily basis? When I'm out among people, I sometimes feel like I'm the only one without necklaces and rings.  :o


Might also work if it has a moon. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Early Autumn

What wonderfull weather we have!
Windy, leaves are falling, sunny but a bit chilly... it's just great. :)
I just found this beautiful photo on tumblr...

...everything looks so calm. There's frost and it's cold. Everything is still.
I want to be there, watching the deers, with a camera and a warm scarf. And after a long walk in the woods I would go back to my cabin, sit infront of the fireplace and drink hot chocolate, with my dogs and blankets.

Tumblr is my biggest inspiration. I sit here every morning, drinking my huge cup of coffee and watch photos like these. It is what keeps me going. What will keep me going until that day - the day I will move far, far north.

I need a major change. I find myself trying to change the little things. I dye my hair red - now I want it brown. I took out my 16 mm earplugs - I wanted smaller ones. I tried my 14 mm's - they fit and I'm happy with them. For now. I want to remove my septum - I'm not a huge fan of piercings anymore. But what if I change my mind? It freaking hurts to re-make it.
I wanted all black clothes. I wanted to decorate my whole bedroom in dark things. Now I dont know what I want. 
I'm in such desperate need of a change, that I try to change these little things. Constantly. And I get mad with myself.
Why can't I just be?

And why are we people so scared of getting rid of things? I need to throw out half my wardrobe, but I dont. I'm scared that one day I will want to wear that old hoodie. But I know I wont.
I want to sell all the shit we own, use the money to move away from here, but I dont. We dont. Why?
Why is the freaking TV so important?!

God. I just want to live in a simple cabin in the woods, with that fireplace. 
But then, the next day, I decide that I cant live without internet or movies. 

So here I am, no idea what I want or what to do.

But on the other hand I have my work. It ends in 6 months. Then I'm free. But what if I cant save enough move until then, to move? 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Henna once again!

I kind of missed my red hair. My hair had this awful color, bleached brownish red, with hints of grey and green. Sounds lovely, right?
I didnt even get to blonde before getting sick of it. 
I thought of dark brown, but I dont think that would've been enough for me. 
So I went back to henna! And this time I know that I cant bleach it.
I tried Herbique this time. After a lot of google'ing I found that Herbique is more red than other brands I've seen.

I'm in love with my new hair. It will match a green vest perfectly. And it will look pretty with my black and grey clothes. Yeah. I dont wear clothes anymore by the way, haha. Not at home anyway. The heat was just on its' way out when a thunderstorm hit us - now it's extremly humid & warm again.

(The American weather-gods says we will get a sunny autumn and a very, very cold winter. Fuck yeah! I mean... Awesome!) ;D


I love it! It's red, not orange. <3 
The most damaged parts of my hair need more henna of course, but overall the result is awesome!

 Then I went and mixed my Crearome Henna - I wanted to color my remy hair also.

Some parts colored with chemical dye. Wich failed - it's almost pink.

As usual Crearome's Henna is very orange. 
I took my left-over Herbique and dyed some of the hair again. 
So the top hair is Herbique's - much redder - much better!

Thank you, Herbique.

Oh, and by the way, we have this temporary, sucky internet at the moment, so I will start reading all of your lovely blogs again as soon as we get the proper internet working again. <3