Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First rinse with ACV

I first washed my body with soap.
Then I used the olive oil and sugar scrub, from neck and down. Omg, the oil really sticks to your skin! *Wash, wash, wash*... but only with water of course, you want some oil left on your skin.

To the problem... yes, another problem! Haha :P
I washed my hair with the soap, it's hard to rinse out so I kept going for a while. The oil was still annoying and it was EVERYWHERE!

-> Finally rinsed my hair with applecider vinegar (mixed with water) and all done!

When my hair dried it looked very oily :/ What the hell.
I just washed it a second time and rinsed with ACV again, because I thought I had gotten olive oil in my hair.
But it felt the same this time... It's not dry yet though.
I will inspect it once it's dry!
PS. My skin is really soft & nice now, :) but this only works on me if I'm going to bed... if I dont want any oils on my clothes. DS.

I can easily get annoyed by small things like this, x) so I went to ze internet to look it up! Turns out that some people might get the feeling of oily hair from using ACV.


I also read that lemonjuice har the same effect on hair as ACV, so I will be trying that for my next wash!


Oh right, the pancake mountain from last night!

They're all gone now xD

My hair before "No Poo"

Something that is fun to do is taking before and after pictures! :)
I'm leaving shampoo and conditioner behind for good. Really. Even if I'm lazy!

My new friends:
Soap, AVC and homemade bodyscrub

Hair before No Poo, without flash.

Hair before No Poo, with flash.

Soft and shiny, but filled with chemicals! 
One of my biggest issues is that my hair goes oily in just 24 hours after a wash, so I will try not to wash it too often, so that my "sebum production" calms down and gets back to normal. Washed my hair yesterday, my scalp and 2-3 cm of the hair closest to the scalp is oily. :/

Taking pictures of your hair is harder that I thought xD

Anyway, I'll be posting new hair-pics in a month. Should probably see a difference then... or atleast feel a difference!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


...has struck me once again. xD

I was very tired last night so I decided not to set the time and just sleep. I woke up a bit too late and had to hurry a little bit in the shower, wich means I used normal shampoo and conditioner -.- It's the lazyness. But really, I did'nt wanna risk NOT getting that soap out of my hair and miss my bus.
Had some business in town and then went to the shop to get vanilla icecream and strawberry jam... making pancakes tonight! YAY! :D
Not very healthy, so we dont eat it very often... and that's why it's so good!

And because of this lazyness I did'nt make my bodyscrub either. I will do it tomorrow (yes, I will!) and also try out the ACV in my hair!
Do you think you can store the bodyscrub in the bathroom with a lid? Or does the sugar "melt" in the olive oil? I dont want to make a whole jar and then throw it away...
I'll have to ask my friend Google about that :)

I willl also continue on my project, it's been a pain (litteraly!), but it's soon done!

The unfinished project

Can you see what it is? :D 
More pics coming when it's done.

"No Poo" Bodyscrub

<3 Google <3

Led me to Lady Dahmer, awesome Swedish blogger!
I was looking for a recipe, apple cider vinegar "conditioner", for my hair and found a bodyscrub!

Mix olive oil and sugar to a thick paste, done! :D
(Source: body, wash with water, but leave the oil on the skin!
I'll try this tomorrow!

Oh and the vinegar mix: 1 part vinegar + 10 parts cold water.

Sleep tight! I sure will :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunbasking dogs and a pretty sky

Why is it so damn cold? Can the cold atleast stay outside the house, please!
The sun came out the other day to show of a little, but the days are too short still :/

Everyone loves the sun, especially Smulan the wienerdog :) Moa, the brown menace, has come to like heat a lot aswell, probably because of the cold inside.

Moa has cookie dough on her face. She smells like vanilla now :D
Switching to her summer-fur already as you can see on her neck. Vacuuming 3 times a day, woho!

Got some pretty shots at the sky the other day too, I had to run outside before the red-ish disappeared!

Found some old pictures of the sky aswell, I'll show you later :) Found a picture of a sundog that I saw a couple of years ago... I totally forgot about it! I saw a sundog some time ago and said it was the first time I've ever seen one, but that was kind of a lie, haha. Well, your memory can be weird sometimes ^^

Friday, January 25, 2013


Yesterday I went to town for some errands and decided to go check my eyesight again, it was exactly the same as 1 year ago, so this time I ordered glasses :D Yay! They were so pretty and so ME! It feels weird to be happy about getting glasses, but now I dont have to sit and lean towards the TV so see whats on it, lol. And I'm going to see the number on the buss :D etc etc!
But it's also an accessory :)

I will get them in a week or 2, pics then!

I feel like cleaning and washing clothes... maybe I should do that. It's needed, so I think Im going to do that xD
Oh and I was stressed out yesterday so I didnt get any new soap or vinegar :/ I have some soap left and also "red wine"-vinegar... Im going to use that in my hair and see what happens. Experiments <3

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trouble washing the soap out!

It's a pain in the *** to rinse the soap out of my hair! First wash with soap - I thought that white and waxy stuff in the lengths of my hair was shampoo-residue etc. but it was soap!? :O
Today I washed it again with soap... a little more soap this time, AND, I drowned the lengths of my hair with soap, rubbing like a maniac! BE GONE OLD RESIDUE!
But no, it got worse and now I had that white waxy stuff all over my hands... and all over my hair! What the hell?

So before coming here screaming about it, I asked my dear friend Google what the problem could be. Soap can be difficult to rinse out from hair, especially with harder water. We have kind of medium water here.
So I will be getting apple cider vinegar as soon as possible! Of course I did'nt read about this before I went to the store *sigh*

Actually, I paniced a bit in the shower and drowned my hair in normal shampoo :( Shame on me. But only the lengths, so now I only have soap residue in my scalp - looking oily and unwashed xD
I didnt think it would stick to the hair like this.

A little info stolen from

Shampoo and body wash, like all synthetic detergents, work equally well in hard and soft water. The problem is that it’s expensive and rips the oils out of your hair. Hence the need for conditioner–to cover up the oil-stripping-damage done by the shampoo.
Soap is WAY better. The problem with soap is that it doesn’t work as well in hard water and is hard to rinse out of your hair. But, it’s not near as damaging.
So here’s your solution:

Put 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in a quart of water and store it in a squeeze bottle. (Mine is an old mustard bottle.) It should last you at least a week.
Now here’s your new shower routine:
1. Wet a bar of real soap. ( I recommend Ivory if you don’t have homemade. )

2. Rub bar all over head until you work up a good lather, especially attending to your greasy spots. 
Rub, rub, rub.
3. Wash the rest of the bod with bar or handfuls of all that lather on your head.
4. Rinse hair until it squeaks. (read: can’t run fingers through it easily at all and you’re thinking HOLY CATS, what has Ivory done to me???)

5. Grab bottle of diluted cider vinegar and ‘draw’ all over your scalp with it.
(Yes, it’s smells strong, but trust me, it’s great stuff. Cures itchy scalp and all that. Smell dissipates quickly.)

6. Rub around and rinse hair again.
7 . Notice that you CAN now run your fingers through it.
Isn’t that amazing? No conditioner.
If you care to know, it’s two things:
1) AC vinegar breaks down any remaining soap residue.
2) AC vinegar is acidic and makes the hair scales lay back down.
Now, go shave your legs. You SO don’t want to do that before you rinse with the vinegar. Stingy-stingy!

Yay :D

Monday, January 21, 2013

No more shampoo, conditioner or showergel

I have been reading alot about "no poo" methods and natural methods lately and I decided to start washing all of myself and my hair with green soap/soft soap. Grön såpa on Swedish :D
So today was my first wash, yay! The scent of green soap sticks a little to your hair (not your skin), but yeah, I like the smell :P
I dont use anything else in the shower, so no conditioner either.
I didnt think of it at first, but the shampoo and all other thingys you buy in the store, they leave alot of residue in your hair! So since I only washed my scalp this time, there is some residue in the lengths of my hair now, it feels almost like wax on your fingers, pretty gross. So next wash I am going to wash all of it to get that crap out!


Other than the residue from old shampoo's and conditioner, I feel clean as always. :)
In the near future I hope I will stop using lotion for my skin also. Green soap is all natural and does'nt dry your skin/hair out.

This will also be great for my future dreadlocks! :D

"Green" soap comes in many...uhm, scents and colors, but it's all the same really! Green soap is just colored (naturally) to be green, it's exactly the same as normal/yellow soap.
So I will be getting the yellow one next time and also the one with citrus for the scent :)

You can use soft soap (I'm going to call it soft soap, since google told me to!) for many other things. Cleaning all over the house, wash your clothes, do the dishes and wash your PETS! It's said to be a bit resistant to ticks, and also, if your pet already have ticks or other disgusting bugs, they DIE and fall off if you wash your pet with the soft soap! :D YAY!!

So. *******. Gross.

We have alot of ticks around here. *sigh*

Friday, January 18, 2013

Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness is a series of people telling stories about their paranormal experiences. It scares the hell out of me and my family.
One of the best series I've ever seen. And most scary... especially since the stories are true, actual people lived trough this.

Me and sis have watched a lot of "Ghost Hunters (TAPS)" also... I like those guys :) If you compare it with "Most Haunted", it seems more... real? I dont know how to describe it! In TAPS they dont run around screaming and they find that wind and shadows CAN make people see things... If you know what I mean :P

And then we have "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files". We just watched 4 episodes and it's OK really, but a bit weird. Their explanations for things are just nonsense sometimes, but the videos they they show are really cool! I already saw some things that will haunt my mind forever...

It's not good for me to watch these programs because I believe in all of this. I get so scared and many things haunts me for years after I've seen them... plus I'm afraid of the dark. 
Lol, what a perfect combination! xD

Anywho, watch Paranormal Witness!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A walk in the snowy forest

We got new snow now! :D And it's getting colder each day.
There was no wind and the sun was shining today, so me and mom took the dogs for a walk... and the camera :) So these are just a few of all the photos I took. I love taking photographs of the nature and the sky.

Mom and doggies

 Moa running towards me to be sure I'm coming along :D

I love fir-trees! (Thank you, google, for translating) xD

The sun looked awesome behind the clouds. The clouds below the sun was so fluffy and magic :)

Smulan loves hunting mice and Moa tags along...

A tiny cabin/sauna in the middle of nowhere by some lakes :)

We never pull the leash! Right... <3

Friday, January 11, 2013

More practise work!

Was at the job center today and met my new mentor. She's really awesome. Very kind and understanding, but firm! She told that she had to be honest, but in a nice way, and said "If you cant handle this "practise work", you have to go!". Yep.
So I'm starting in a week or two with either working at a second hand store (YAY!) or with making dog and cat collars at a fabric. Either one is great really, but the fabric is further away, and if I know myself right - It will be harder for me to keep going there if the trip there is longer.
I'm a lazy s.o.b and "untrained", excuse the language, so starting with something closer to home is a better idea at the moment.
My mentor just need to check if there's a spot open at the store, if not, I'm gonna be making collars :)

I still dont want to go see a doctor for my tummy. So as my mentor said, I can try fix the issue myself by eating regularly and exercise *rolls eyes* WHAT ELSE!
I can try eating regularly, but the only exercise I'm getting will be longer walks with my dogs... or without them = faster walks! xD
Moa the Lab is a rocket and Smulan the Wiener Dog is a boat anchor. Not very effective walks, lol.

I was working a little at a Second Hand store when I was younger and it was really fun! All these great things you can buy for urself before someone else can have a look at them! :D
And the store I'm hopefully going to this time, has alot of old and beautiful furniture also :)

Off to forums about dreadlocks and No Poo stuffs! :D

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The new wallpaper & the cat

So, we did'nt have time yesterday to finish the room, but we will today. I took some pictures of it anyway :) And Felix the cat. He's everywhere ^^

Camilla's room is still not done as I wrote before, there's missing frames and the other walls are not yet painted. But she moved in and is happy anyway! :D

Camilla's way of keeping the dogs out of her bed xD 

 Borrowing my pots for her "baby"-flowers. I will keep those pots forever, they're so pretty! 

The not-painted wall :) Looks OK without the color tho!

Next bedroom! Almost 10 years ago we bought a wallpaper for an appartment we lived in back then, there was two whole rolls left, and now we decided to use them :D Only after 10 years! lol

This crappy, old wallpaper just fell off at some places.

Sis, a.k.a Camilla :D In her renovating-outfit!

The pretty brown color matches the white and the wood ceiling :) I'm a bit jealous!
Felix the cat looks like he's thinking: "WTH!?!"

It has tiny gold flakes/spots :)
My mom loves angel figurines and they will fit perfectly with the golden stains!

And then some more Felix! I call him Mr. Felix.

Oh yes!

I know I'm pretty.

More pics coming after moving in furniture and putting up curtains in the brown bedroom.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I want to move... the forests of north of Sweden! Like, really bad :/ 
I know it's a few years until I can, but I want it now.

Jonna keeps posting these beautiful pictures, making me wanna cry, haha.

A little piece of Sweden :)

Down here in south we have gray weather, rain and no snow at all. It's real shitty.

We are soon done with the big bedroom also :D The wallpaper that we were planning on only using on one wall, was enough to go around the whole room. It look great!
Pics after we get done today! 

Some friends are coming over later :) Going to fix a tattoo wich one of them got from me last summer.
After that I'm done with tattoo'ing for a while. It's gettin boring, I have no urge left at all for it.
I'm thinking of getting into an art class, to developmy skills in painting and drawing. Maybe become a famous artist... with my own cottage in the middle of the woods! YAY! :D

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The bedroom and ...ghosts?

Ok, so we are almost done! YAY!
Me and my sister did everything ourselves <-- amateurs! But it went pretty well and the result is awesome. We just had "the green room" for leftover things and furniture not used. But we wanted all the BEDrooms on the 2nd floor, so my sister is taking the room we just renovated - and mom is taking sisters old bedroom = everyone's happy ^^

I like my current bedroom, so I'm staying here :) I just need new wallpaint.


 Behold the ugliest radiator ever.


We did 3 walls white, or actually 2 white and 1 pink :D Haha, we ran out of white, but this wallpaper is just for painting, so it does'nt matter really. And then the wall with the window got a very pretty gray/black wallpaper.
And the radiator is WHITE!
Now we just need paint for the other 3 walls! She will move in there anyway tomorrow, because we are getting new wallpaper in her old bedroom also. A lot of work, but it's fun. :)

Oh and almost forgot! We turned out the lights before heading downstairs for dinner, so when I got up again it was dark (obviously), as I was walking towards the room I heard a bounce, I thought it was Felix the cat and turned on the light to continue the work... no cat. I forgot my coffee (very important), so I went downstairs again - as soon as I had taken a step outside the room, I heard a bounce again.
And no, it was'nt the cat this time eaither.
A haunted bedroom?
Actually we have all heard someone other than us, walking the stairs from time to time. Spooky :) but aslong as they dont hurt us or the animals, "they" can keep doing their thing! :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Possession

Another lovely horror movie. Watch it ;) I'm really fascinated by demons and exorcists. I strongly believe in both good and evil forces.
I have'nt even read The Bible. Been thinking of that for a long time, maybe this spring/summer. Good reading! :D

Lately I have been living on a forum I found when I first got my dreads, .
Such a great place! Tonight it lead me to Etsy, precious Etsy :D So many pretty things to put in your dreads! Probably going to fill my blog with pics of these thingys soon. But not tonight, we've started to renovate a bedroom, worked all day *phew* Pics coming up of that too :)


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Testing testing :)

Some new colors... more friendly to the eye and a more fitting background :) But still colors!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking for a good horror movie?

Last night was pretty quiet... and nice :) Bella does not care about the noise. Moa gets angry and scared - so she barks alot. And Smulan gets really scared, she hid behind the sofa.
But it went quiet fast, so it was fine, really :)

We watched 3 movies. 

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie - Extremly sad movie. I did not like it at all. I usally love Burton's movies, but this one was just depressing.

Sinister - Awesome horror movie! As mom said, it was a long time ago we saw a really good horror movie. Mom during some scenes: "HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO SLEEP TONIGHT!?!", "HOLY ****!!".

So yeah, it was scary :D Even the story is great. I love it. We all loved it.

Child's Play - This was just for fun :) Sis started to talk about these evil doll-movies and she remembered them to be very scary, I lol'd and said, no, they were scary when we were little, now they are just fun to watch :D So we did! She agreed with me.