Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trying a new diet!

The Stone Age Diet!
That sounds weird in english. ^^
Google said it is also called Paleolithic diet. Tho, the name "Stone Age diet" feels more foolproof, so let's call it that!

Sick of looking like a big blob, so I'm gonna try this diet. Just a few years back I was not fat, I just had some more fat than "normal" and I was happy with that. :) Of course it depends on how you look at things, "normal" to me might be "fat" for someone else.
But who cares, I'm doing this for me, no one else!

The Stone Age diet makes alot of sence to me. Eating just meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries cant go wrong. It's all natural. Going to eat all the veggies & fruit raw.
Also - no more dairy products. I'm drinking coffee with coconut milk right now... it tastes like it would do with not enough coffee cream, with a little sting of coconut. ^^ I can live with that! Or I might go for a little milk in the coffee, because I only drink about 3-4 cups a day. Depends on if I get all the minerals and vitamins etc. with this diet. I guess we'll have to see...

This is a photo of me (with my aunt & Tikka the dog) when I spent that week at dads' place. I know I'm fat, I have a mirror, :P but it really is a reality check when you see yourself on photos! Especially from behind!
Being fat does not mean your not beautiful - But my bodyfat really sits in all the wrong places! xD

Picking berries. :)

So from this afternoon and forward - No sugar, no grains & bread, no milk, not even salt... And so on!

Went shopping for foods today, so I guess that's why it felt like a good day to start. :)


 Going to freeze some coconutmilk in cute, little boxes, or it will get bad in the fridge.

Todays dinner :) With a glass of lemon water.
(This camera is NOT my friend! *sigh* Taking all blurry photos... )

I'm going to modify the diet a tiny bit. This is pastrami with spices already on it. The Stone Age diet is really about eating low-fat-meat. But hey, you buy what your wallet allows you to! ^^ 
I'm going to loose weight either way since it's a complete change of diet.
As it is today I eat candy, chocolate & icecream several times a week! 

So yeah... Good luck to myself! I really hope I can do this without killing someone when I crave sugar! :D



Found this awesome Tumblr blog showing evolutions weird way - WTF, Evolution!?  

Monday, July 29, 2013

New shiny curtains!

Found these super cheap curtains at!
They were so cheap we bought 2 of each, so that we could mix them and match with pretty tie-backs in black. :)

Before you -"What the hell?"- anything, :P we are planning on making a new cover for the sofa, in a dark grey color. <3 So now, the only problem is that wall!(!!!) You cant match anything to it! Its' colors are... eew.
Our landlady does not want us to paint over it, so we just have to live with it. That's why nothing matches that wall - we're simply trying to ignore its' existence. ^^

On to the shiny curtains!

(Behold the terrible wallpaper!)

 (There you go mom, you're almost not in the pic.) :D

It will evetually match the sofa. :)

Going to change the curtain-rods too, but not right now... we just got 'em up and it looks so much better than before, so we're happy for now!

We got a new vacuum cleaner also. HURRAY! Haha. The old one sounded horrible and literally fell into 3 pieces. So it was time for a new Rolfy. And with 4 hairy companions lurking around... phew, you can just imagine.
(Rolfy is the name of a cute, limegreen, little vacuum cleaner we once had, so now every new one is called Rolfy too.) :D 
Welcome, Rolfy the third!

The weather is still extremly humid and SOOO warm! But it's getting cooler, slowly, day by day... GOD! Cant it just be autumn!? Yes. I'm a whiny b*tch. :D
We put the thermometer outside yesterday, at the porch with glass walls. It showed 44 C... and every single window out there was open! This kind of heat is not OK what so ever. :/

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cant edit my blog

Why oh why, blogger?
I can click my way into the editing and design, but underneath, where I'm suppose to see the changes I do - it's just blank! White. No blog showing.
It's been like this for weeks or even months now. :(

Anyknow know what the issue can be?

WOHO! I did it! ...IN INTERNET EXPLORER! Omg, it's incredibly slow compared to Chrome!
And aren't Chrome and Blogger both a Google-thingy? In that case... FAIL!

Not sure about all the red... there is another background with a little green/blue-ish colors that I like. Also a pretty, dark forest. :) But this will have to do for now!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kära Norrland

North of Sweden, soon I'm there. Or in the near future atleast!
Had a talk with dad who had the same exact thoughts as me. - You can't stay at a place because of other people (depends on the situation ofcourse). If you want to move 1000 km from here, do it. -
My plans are to get a driver license and a car, so I can come down to Skåne and visit all my relatives and friends. Exactly, dad says. :)
Feels so nice to have someone that understands how I think. Mom and sis understand me too, but they are a little like the rest of the people I know. They really hang on to the distance, the 1000 km (or even more). But it's just distance. Just some miles. There are cars, trains, buses and planes - problem solved.
As it is today we only meet with our closest family, aunts & cousins etc, once or twice a year... and they only live 120 km away today.
So there will be no difference in how often we see them. At all.
We see dad much more often than that, but hey, there's Facebook, mail and phones! Even if it's in the woods! :D And again, one of the musts in this is a driver license.

There's a town up in the north that has a good university, I know they have some educations that I'm interested in. And there are many other cons that I can't be arsed to write down at the moment, haha.

Oh and yes, I will take my family along with me. Mom, sis and all the pets. They have no choice. <3
It will be a great change for all of us. I dont want to live alone and I sure dont want any relationship... for now. And I don't want to leave my pets (my furballs, my kids, my cuddlers)!
I know sis will want to move out at some point, but she dont want to move very far away from mom, ofc ^^, so it's best for her to tag along anyway. And if mom and I get really sick of each other, we will fix that with an extra house on the same farm. Cause in the future, when I'm done with my education and stuff, I will be getting a great farm - with lots of animals and land. Well, it doesnt have to be huge, just enough space for us and maybe a goat, chickens and some sheep.
It has to be close to a lake tho! Aah, nothing beats swimming in a lake a warm summer evening... in the sunset.

I found a great photographer that loves Norrland. I borrowed some pictures. :) He takes amazing photographs! - Source - 

Borrowed photos by Stig Helgesen

Friday, July 19, 2013

A change of heart...

I am getting a little bit tired of myself when it comes to apperance. Looks. Style.
It's been sneaking up on me these last weeks, the darkness. Yes, let us call it darkness.
The black clothes, the long - long - pretty hair wich you can make amazing looks with, the make-up, etc... I miss it. I miss it alot.
I found myself looking in the mirror the other day and I was standing there, wondering, why did I make these "dreads"? I want my long, shiny hair back.
And whenever I take on a top or a t-shirt, or even pants, that are light in color, I dont really feel like myself... I dont like it at all.
So back to the old me.
I think I am going to brush my dreads out again. So now I've tried it twice and still like my non-dreaded hair more. So I guess I'll stick to that. I really hope I do this time!
The only good thing about this is that I have'nt really bought anything that I regreted.

I'm still at my dad's place, where there is absolutly nothing to do = too much time to think about stuff. About everything. Well, the weather is pretty nice and I was suppose to get a little tanned and stuff, but I realised - for the 20th time - that I dont like the summerheat! And the bugs! I hate it.
The nature is green and pretty tho. :)

I just had to write this down somewhere, since there is no CATARINA here! *Hint* :P
I had to complain and think out loud. So there it was.

I also have decided to take some courses in school, to learn how to really draw, paint and write.
I'd still like to be an tattoo-artist and/or a write or painter (artist). Whatever makes me able to throw my ideas and fantasy out there, on a paper or on a persons skin. :)

Now I'm going to continue drinking my cold, tasty beer and keep looking on the internet for anything interesting. Anything really. I've watched ALOT of movie this week and it's getting a bit boring. Even if it's good movies.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Plants, plants, plants... and more plants!

Nalle drove us to Gränsbygden today, so that we could buy doggie- and kittyfoodz. :) And human foods too. And icecream. <3 Very needed in this heat! 
But, it's good tho, cus I'm going to watch dad's dogs next week and be all by myself in his house. Nice weather means I can stay outside all day long, get tanned, drink bear, play with the dogs. :D
I would'nt say no to a cold bear right now...


At the store I found this pretty plant for almost no money at all. I had to save it from the store. The warm, extremly humid store. It's called Japanese Nest Fern. :) IT'S SO PRETTEH!

 The hanging one is also kind of new. I forgot to water him for a long time tho, so he barely survived. But he's alive now and that's what matters! :D
The Yukkapalm on the floor is named Krister. Also called Yukka. A bit more fitting maybe.

 The window. 
(With my beloved mosquito-net. It has saved me from many warm nights.)

 The coconut-tree! :) 
He's growing fast and is in dire need of a new flowerpot, poor thing.

 This must be the most boring picture ever. xD
Here's he hanging, all alone in this corner above the red chair. He lived by the window before, but didnt like the sun very much, so he changed color to a grey-ish light green. But he's fine now, in his corner, dark green again!

Then we have all the plants outside that we planted this early spring.
The tomatoes and paprikas are growing like crazy. 


 Dont know what these are called, but the one in the middle is HUGE for beeing a "what-ever-its-called". :D
The 2 plants to the right are the appletrees! I planted 5 seeds from my apple I was chewing on and voilá! They're not growing the same speed tho...

 Flowers & paprikas!

 I like this flowerpot alot. And the pretty flowers are matching it. ^^

 The sunset today was awesome, you could stare at the sun without going temporarily blind. :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Paranormal Witness, season 3

New episodes to scare yourself shitless with!

Said it before and I'll say it again, it is things like these that makes me believe in good and evil forces.
My necklace with the cross is now hanging over my bed... obviously it has a negative effect on evul stuff! :P But I still dont know if there's a "god" sitting up there, watching over us.

Pics from season 1/2.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dreadlings - 3 weeks young

Not much has changed. They're getting a bit bumpy & crooked. :)

And I got 2 baby loops!

It's hot outside again. :/ I really enjoyed the cold and rainy weather. Oh well.
Have to wear them up like this or I will melt away.
Atleast it's windy! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Cosy clothes for cosy weather

H&M got some news from L.O.G.G for autumn. 
I love L.O.G.G, it's so countryside-like. :)

Always wanted a green vest, finally! 
I drool a little everytime I see something camo-green <3

Always loved burgundy. :)

This color...
I have no idea why, but I love/hate it. Maybe because it's such a warm color. Plus, there's a burgundy/purple print on it. :)

Socks with skulls and bats can never be wrong. :) But I only use ankle-socks for summer/spring.

Please let it be august soon, I need my wife! xD
Haha, well that came out wrong! Those are two different wishes. ;)

Monday, July 1, 2013

A dreamhouse

I want one too! And if you read the article, it took him 4 months to build it and like... no money at all. ME  WANT! <3

What you say, wifey? lol xD