Sunday, July 27, 2014

The prittiest thing

Found this on facebook. It's adorable. I want to hug them! <3

They have a website too, with pictures. :) -->
Bambi came to visit when he/she was just a baby, and never left the black, furry friend.

The weather continues to be a bitch. Right now here's thunder and a little rain every now and then - but it wont get colder! It just keeps getting more humid... bleh.
And in this heat I have to go to work tomorrow. The bicycle is fixed and I bought a locker today. Hurray!
Now I just need to buy the monthly card for the train... 1135 SEK less than planned. Crap.
I should'nt complain though, I managed to save some cash for next months' shopping trip. ^^
It's on, Wifey. <3 Finally.

I will try not to use all the money, because H&M got autumn vests again. Damnit!
(I ordered one online last year, but somehow it got cancelled.)
Do want. Will get!
Or maybe Ullared has a similar one. Lets hope!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A beautiful night view ...& sucky bra-sizes!

Aah, I managed to place my bed so that at night - the moon shines directly on me. <3 I'm so happy in this house, in this bedroom. Of course my camera refuses to take a shot of it, so here's a cozy pic from tumblr. ;)

The only bad thing here is the heat. God. It is as if the roof sucks up the sunbeams and slams them down your face, and then it stays indoors.
I tried to play WoW before, but my poor computer freaking melts! I opened it up and put a fan next to it... Im sitting in my bra and panties. Oh yes. If I move, I'll start to sweat.
I'd guess it's about 35-40 c in here. 30 outside.
Next week: 30 c (...wich really means atleast 35 c!)

I was clearly not born to live down here in the south! And this is not even a warm country. D:

I got pissed earlier today. I ordered some clothes from H&M and some bras. H&M's bra-sizes sucks ass! They're fucking tiny and the desctription of the products is totally inaccurate.
The pretty apricot one, with black details, the one I liked the most - should actually be called "push-down", not push-up. Screw them and their stupid auto-answer when you e-mail them about shit!
I'll give them one more chance when the autumn catalogue arrives. If they are as fucked up as these last ones - I give up. I'll have to find another store.
I just had to get that crap off my chest. Sorry.

Oh, wait... was that a breeze from the window? OH MY! HOUSTON, WE GOT AIR!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Vampire Skeletons Mystery...

Found a documentary this evening on youtube about vampire skeletons. 
I found it during my search for "vampire teeth" on humans and what that would cost to get done... I get these strange ideas sometimes. 
I'm also watching The Vampire Diaries all over again. <3 (I guess this is why I got the idea of the fangs.)
And then I read Lynoire's post
You can never get too much of vampirism. ;)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Intense week

My whole body still hurts after last weekend. My feet are the worst. Swelling and cracked heels. Boo. :(
I blame the crazy heat we got down here... humid and disgustingly warm! Yesterday we had 28 c outside and 31 inside.
Very nice. Not.
I'm drowning in my owm sweat for christs' sake!

The moving went well! Took us about 11 hours that saturday... So. Much. Stuff.
Where did it all come from? xD
Next time we're hiring a moving company.

I will start cycling to the trainstation now on monday. It will be nice to wake up properly in the mornings... and get some exercise.
The house is perfect and very cozy! And the surroundings are great! There are actual paths in the woods for walking. <3

This was just a quit update, I'll show pics and stuff later. Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


So! We are moving about 10 km north of here this saturday, about 15 minutes driving. We hope we can make it in only one day. Moving is a pain in the ass, but very fun afterwards! Decorating! :D
The heating system in this house is very expensive and our landlady is thinking about selling the house. She told us she had another house for us if we were interested, and we were. :)
So Saturday it is!

You all know by now that I dont want to live down here, and 10 km north is'nt very far, is it? xD
I'm employed until february next year - then we will start looking for a new home, hopefully a permanent one.

But yeah, we decided to move now anyway, even if we're not staying there that long, because of autumn and winter. We dont want to freeze our asses of one. more. season.
Moving far, far north will cost a lot of money, so we will have to save all we can - and that takes time.

Ze internet will be back on tuesday, if everything goes as planned - wich is rarely does when it comes to technical crap!
Anywho - I'll see you when I see you. :)

From my tumblr

I want winter.
But first, I want autumn. A long, sunny, colourfull autumn.
I dont like the summer as much as I would like to... 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New workplan & breakfast

Finally I got a hold on somebody at the office at work. I got my new plan now, starting tomorrow. What a relief. I've been hunting them for over a week and I felt really bad about being home for no reason.
But it's ok now. Phew! Anxiety-switch set to "off".

Breakfast the other day... 

Huge cup of coffee with cream. <3
Gawd, I feel healthy! The only not-so-good thing about this is all the seeds. Well yes, they're awesome for your body, filled with nutrition & all that. But, my tummy does not agree. Not yet anyway. xD

I've been into lchf and paleo for a while now. But I decided the other day that I dont have a need to follow any of them strictly. I'll just cut sugar and grains out of my diet. Think that will do a big difference in my health. I guess I'm eating both paleo & lchf. ^^
But as anything else, it might not work for me and my body, and if that's the case - I'll just change something else about what I eat! 
Diary is a big problem for many people, but I hope that I dont have to scratch that from my diet. 
I love cheese. And I can't drink coffee without cream anymore.