Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Damn you, fireworks... & Happy New year!

Our doggies get so scared. :(
And what a mess all that scraps do in nature.
It was many years ago I enjoyed fireworks. I still enjoy the evening of course - todays plan is awesome food, awesome nuts, fruits and icecream, and some awesome movies!
I prefer loud movies with my awesome surround system, x) especially now when we try to mask the sound of fireworks and such.

Much awesomeness! xD


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Into the woods

...a new Disney-awesomely-lots-of-magic-&-nice-actors-movie (Johnny Depp!) :) Probably in cinemas in april next year, in Sweden. Atleast that is what IMDB says. But google says 2014... well, we'll see!

Trailer and other stuff at IMDB: Into The Woods

I love the cover as much as the name of the movie!
The story involves several magic... stories. :D

I woke up with a song on my head

It was this masterpiece

Supernatural fan this way <--  :D
Just the lyrics of this song is awesome! And the music itself can cheer up any soul.
I'm searcing on the interwebs for Supernatural soundtracks, but can't seem to find any... until I find something, atleast I have youtube. ^^

Sitting here waiting for the doctor to call - I need more drugs! Lol.
Then when sis & mom gets home, it's time to grab the yellow bike and hit the store for some New Years Eve-goodies. I'm still sick of chocolate & candy though - very strange.
I'm planning on measuring my whale-sized body this morning, so that I can measure the change when I start loosing weight for real. I kind of already started eating better. :) Hurray!

Goal 1: Skip ALL the sugar & only eat home made bread.
Will make the list longer soonish! 
Got a little inspired by Linnea. :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Soon Christmas!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! :)

Lots to do tomorrow, and then on Christmas eve I will be doing nothing at all - except eating, maybe watch a good movie or 10.
When we were living closer to our relatives, we always spent the Christmas at their place, but now we don't and we don't have a car, so we're staying home. It's nice though! I would always end up with headache and get super tired with all the people around me.
Our two youngest cousins are now 15 and 13 years old I believe, so I don't even want to know what I'm "missing". x)

Still no snow yet. A little sad... I hope it comes soon.
The weather is pretty warm and windy, it's weird. (Another reason to move north!) ;D

Need to try one of these... or all of them. *drools*
(from Pinterest)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Back in space

I totally missed my background of space, with all the stars and blue-ish tones, so now it's back. :)

I've been taking a break from ze interwebz. So I missed a lot of blogposts. ^^ I'm back now, but not as much as before, not yet anyway.
And I think I needed a break from WoW also. I dont think I'm going back to it either. It's over 100 SEK per month, plus it takes so much of my time. I rather do something else of that time and money.

Some time ago I removed my earplugs to let my ears shrink back to normal piercing holes. I didn't even think about it the first 2 months, but now, oh... I don't even know. I think I miss them.
My holes did not shrink to normal anyway, I think they're about 6 mm wide still.
I might stretch them again (for the fourth time). I think I need surgery when I'm finnished with my ears. x)

Look at these pretty babies,
the top left one look like peach! <3
Jewelry from my favorite shop: Crazy Factory

I finally learned how to make a "collage" of pictures in Paint! Lol :D

Hmm, what else... Oh, I baked a AWESOME bread the other day. It is so freaking good, we were shocked! And super healthy. I will bake more of those soon and share some pics & recipe. :)

Oh and I also got sick of my red hair, AGAIN, so I dont know if I'm going back to brown or maybe try to reach my own haircolor. But for now I will leave it alone.
Coconut oil does wonders for your hair. I sleep with it in my hair - wash it in the morning and it stays soft and moist for days, and I dont even use conditioner. My hair is not dry anymore. Yay! 
Try it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Current hair colour... & even nails!

Okay, so I wanted to be a redhead after all. I liked the brown colour, but it was just a tiny bit boring, so I used henna again. 

Herbique's Kopparr√∂d (copper red). I had it at home, so it was just there... waiting for me to use it. 
As last time it went wine red, dark red, even darker than last time.
How? It puzzles me.
I loved it at first sight, it was so RED. But then it felt too dark. I really want a copper red / burnt orange, kind of.

I mixed the henna powder with very hot water and a tiny bit of lemonjuice that I had left in the fridge from last time. I used it right away instead of waiting for "dye release". It went just as well!

I took some pictures, with my nails included, because of how long they got (hurray!) and because of the awesome colour - wich matches red just perfect. :) 
But the haircolour came out different in every pic, so excuse all the freaking nails. 

I guess the lenght of my hair is still in bad shape, because the henna didn't really stick to it. 
It's like 50 % of my hair that is dried out and weird, so I thought I might just cut it off... maybe. 
It have just gotten long again. :( 

Since it got so dark, I will do a bleach bath or two, then use another brand of henna to get the copper/orange-red that I want. 
I hope I can fix the colour of the lenghts too, so that I dont have to cut it.

Oh, and I'm re-painting my bedroom! It was(is) such a horrible dark, blue colour, it darkens my whole room to the point that almost all my plants die.
I bought a colour called Mocca.
(I have no idea what the last tenants, or the owner, have done to the ceiling, but it's not pretty. I might fix that too, in the near future.)

I guess I'm doing a challange - a blogvember challange? ;D

These kind of thingies are not really my... thing. 
But sometimes the questions asked are totally okay, like now. :)
And Lesthi challanged me, so here it goes!

What is the best thing about blogging?
It's a good way to get things out of your heart and head. It's fun to show someone else what you like. It's nice to have a diary on the web, with your own personal look (well, mostly anyway) and feel to it. 

What makes my blog special?
I dont know what that would be? That it is mine, it's all me, I guess. ^^ 
And maybe that I do very detailed enteries about how I use haircolours and henna and stuff - I'm hoping that it is of some use to people out there, having the same "problems" I do with my hair. :P

How does my blog look in a year?
I will probably ramble about the same crap as now, xD but the look will most likely have changed. Surprise!

Which was my best post?
I have no idea!
I like my posts about henna, I even searched through my own blog to find info about it before my last henna-using. ^^

What other blogs / bloggers inspire me?
Wow, uhm... Lesthi of course, LauraLynoireLinnea, Insomniac's attic
JonnaRania and my precious Catta. :)
There are many more, but these are the ones that I read the most and can connect to. <3

If I have to choose 3 people to continue this challange, it'll be Catta, Rania and Lynoire
Already done it or dont feel like doing it? Then dont. ;D <3

I want winter now. Kind fo sick of the gray and rainy weather.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Baking pasties & Blizzard f-cked up

Rania posted a recipe of a bread that seems fantastic. I get a home-feeling just by looking at it.
It may also be because Rania knows how to capture a feeling in a picture. ;D

I dont have the ingredients for this bread at home, so I'll try it later, but it got me thinking of the pasties (piroger in swedish) me and my sister baked this week. 
Yay! I actually did something else that just play WoW. (It goes in periods, no worries.)

This is just half of them.
Cheese on top is very yummy. ;)

I picked some leaves in october(!) but I dread using Camillas Iphone, damn thing wants to install 100 programs just to transfer ONE picture! Thank god for Sony. "Click and drag" for the win!
(Yes, our table is in dire need of loving caring oils and stuff xD)

Oh yeah, excuse the language, but swearing is really healthy you know. They've researched it and it turn out that swearing and cursing out loud helps with pain - like when you hit your pinky toe! :D
Lol, anyway... 
The EU servers of World of Warcraft have all been working very poorly, or not working at all, ever since the expansion launch. They haven't even told us what the issues are, they just send their "apologies" every 7th hour or so, and "we're working on it". Sigh.
This is truly bad. Many people take a day off or three for the release of games.

But the little time I got to play , with no lag, has been awesome! :D

My garrison, your own home, sort of. ^^

The sky is amazing! <3


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gaming weekend

This just arrived in the mail: 
Warlords of Draenor, new expansion for WoW. :) Hurray!

Coffee - check!
Chocolate - check!
Sweatshirt pants on - check! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Issues, issues.

I think I have come to a solution of my "style"-issues. 

It does not have to be all-black.
I do not need to have black hair (even if it's freaking gorgeous!)
I dont have to leave anything out just because it does not "fit" with the rest.

And this goes for everything - personal looks, clothes, home decoration, etc.

Aaah, I feel so much better now. I was thinking of this earlier today, but I feel I have to write it down somewhere... and that's why you have a blog. :)

I fell in love with this pic. 
Even if it's drawn - that hair! <3
One can dream, right? ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home again, with breakfast

It's never good to shop for foods when you're hungry. But atleast I didn't buy any candy!
Good Sandra, good. *Pats herself*
I bought dark chocolate 80%, cream and raspberries - I'm doing a LCHF cake! :) Sugarfree of course.

Before my trip to the shop, I met the psychiatrist. She was very kind and understanding, thank god. I always fear the worst when I meet new people, especially in medical care.
She works with KBT therapy (cGT therapy? Blame google translate) .
We are starting a 5 week program, where we will meet once a week √° 45 minutes. She said it would be intense - I believe her! Five more meetings, and then I will feel better?
Hello scepticism... I can't help it. :O
But let's hope it will work wonders!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It was time for a change again.

It's that time of the year, when your mind gets a little darker. But it has been sneaking up on me for a long time now... and I hope that this time - it is here to stay!
I miss the all-black-everything. I keep drooling over pictures on tumblr.

For the 100th time, I have decided what to do with my hair... (or have I?) Well, it is back to that plan I had last autumn - growing it long. Looong. No dreads. I want it long, wavy, shiny and above all, comfortable to sleep on and easy to wash.
I am thinking of trying Lush henna "caca noir". I feel that my hair is still a bit crappy since all that bleaching, so natural colours would be best. That would be best for my overall health anyway.
Those chemicals. *sigh*

Lush Caca Noir - henna, indigo and other goodies.

I've been home from work for about 6 weeks now. At last I went to the doctor and got the help I needed, so now I'm taking medicin for anxiety/depression. The medicin can make your anxiety much worse for a few weeks and it may not help at all for up to 3-6 months. I feel a little better from time to time, but I still have nightmares and some other issues... I know, it sounds wonderful. ;)

On thursday I'm seeing a psychologist of sorts. We'll see how that works out... I'm sceptical.

I have a few projects I want to play around with at home. Fixing my lamp, a little table and a bureau. The pictures in my head of these things are so damn pretty, but I can't seem to get to work with it.
One day! Right?

Drooling objects from my tumblr.

Friday, October 3, 2014

TV show "Oddities"

This is one of the best TV shows/documentaries out there.
There are two "Oddities" shows on TV 4 fakta in Sweden, or Science Channel.
Oddities: New York - About a shop called "Obscura".
Oddities:  San Francisco - The shop "Loved to death". 
(One of the girls there is named Wednesday Mourning - how cool is that?! I love her style!) ;D

It's all about weird, disgusting, morbid and dark stuff.
Taxidermy, mumified things, old medical equipment. I love it! But the absolute best thing about these shows are the customers - such awesome poeple!
Check it out!

Monday, September 29, 2014

The endless hair story and a little food

Super depressed deluxe. That is how I would describe how I feel right now.
But hey, life goes on... I really try NOT no feel like crap.
Catta was here this weekend and I felt a little better. She's my sunlight! Lol :P


I made a proper LCHF dinner today. I like cooking!

Eating at the moment...

It's a good thing I'm not a photographer for a foodmagazine. ;D
It's very yummy, though!

I have a new time schedule at work, so now I work three days a week instead of five - monday, wednesday and friday. It feels better this way. "Of course it does!" people say, but they don't know the first thing about my health.

And then we got the hair...
I know.
But I like to experiment and document eveything! :)
As I said before - I didn't like the red after all. Figures.
I washed it with a mix of vitamin c, head & shoulders and lemon juice. No effect. But it was henna, I would guess it works better on chemical haircolour.

We threw in Mood "ash blond". (Again with Mood - the sucky brand? Yes! The one thing Mood is good at is covering yellow/orange tones!)
10 min before I needed to wash the haircolour out - the water is turned off! Finito. Gone.
It turns out there is a huge waterleak in the middle of the street. AWESOME!
After waiting 40 min past my timer - I took some water we had in the zink. Not very yummy and ice cold. But I rather have some shit in my hair than burning my scalp!
Later that evening the water comes on and I could wash my gross hair - hurray!

So now my hair is BROWN. Not ash blonde. That's what you get when you use Mood.
Or maybe that's just how my hair works? It's strange how it works so well on others...

I liked the brown in the beginning. I still don't dislike it. But I want my dark blonde hair back. As I did all those other times.
I've e-mailed a hairdresser about my hair history and asked them if they would be able to help me lighten it or something, but that wont happen any time soon. Maybe I can afford it in november.
For now I'll just leave it alone. the new haircolour is not going anywhere... I guess that is one of the few positive things about this colour.

In daylight, inside by the window, no lightning.

Inside, lightning.

Huge difference, thanks to the henna.
Maybe that's why it got so dark?

I even thought of cutting it all off. I think I've mentioned that before also... But I have a very round face, it would look so bad with short hair! And I mean short, short - 8 cm. Those 8 cm are almost virgin hair. Almost! Damn you, indigo!

I still want dreads. Blonde dreads! AGAIN! I didn't even had time to get the brown ones before changing my mind. 

Can you make tags in blogger? Do I write them here?
I'm gonna try! xD
#mood #askblond #ashblonde #henna #haircolour #lchf #hairdye

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Some more dread-thoughts & haircolouring. *Sigh* :P

My favorite dreads has always been this girls'...

... and I have watched her videos for years. I went in on youtube today and watched a few of them again - (I always check out somthing about dreads before I go make some of my own, even if I know the process etc.) - and it felt like... home? It is a nice feeling, but hard to describe. Uh yeah... She seems awesome and I've always loved her dreads... I guess that's why. ^^

I have changed my mind SO many times about what haircolour I want, and yeah, it always comes back to blonde. Like hers. Not white or yellow blonde. I want my hairgrowth to blend in. Sunkissed tips/lengths, kind of.

I coloured my hair a week ago to get rid of the red henna I put in. I went for a "ash blonde", very close to my own haircolour, but I chose the brand "Mood" once again and it came out dark brown. I never learn. xD But hey, almost all the hints of red are gone, there's just a little orange left closest to my scalp, probably because of my hairs' oil and stuff.
I like it and I will make my dread extensions brown too...

...and then(!), when my hair has grown about 8-10 cm, I will cut the brown parts off, leaving only my natural haircolour, and the put in blonde extensions! Dreads of course.
This is if I still want to have those beloved blonde dreadlocks.
For now I like the brown and I have craved for brown dreads for a while. ^^

Oh, these plans...

I bought real human hair extensions on Tradera (a part of Ebay), but the hairstrands were very corse, so I think it's the worst quality human hair you can actually get - asian hair.
Obviously asian hair is absolutly gorgeous on asians, but their hairtype do not match the europeans. So back to square one. Still need hair.
Next pay I'll check Tradera again, there's a few people selling their hair from "Rapunzel" and their hair quality is pretty good.

So, soon! Soon I will get them head-sausages! <3

Another dreadhead-inspiration is Rania. She got her dreads remade the other day. I dont think I will ever stop drooling over other peoples' dreadlocks. Hopefully I have some of my own to pat & drool over soon! ^^
Actually that may very well happen.... if I sleep very tight, I drool. Awesomestuff!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I just have to! my tiny weightloss and my shrinking waist! :D
I've been on LCHF / Primal Paleo now for 9 days. Woo! And today I measured myself etc.
-2,5 cm from the waist and -1,2 kilos. *PAT MYSELF*
I'm doing it. And I even eat chocolate at weekends. Last friday I ate an entire pizza. Oops.
But hey, the journey continues the day after that.
Previously when I've been "doing" LCHF and what not - I just gave up right after I ate some sugar. I thought - "Might aswell eat bread now, I've already screwed things up!".
Now I have the strenght (or whatever) to continue, even if I screw it up.

Except the pizza I have eaten no bread at all, no potatoes, no rice, no pasta. And I dont miss it one bit.
Maybe except a sandwich every now and then - but then I'll just shove my face full of the good stuff instead = cheese, soft cheese, ham, tomato, butter etc. So that's probably what I'm after when I crave a sandwich - the yummy stuff on top of it. ^^

I'm good!

Next week it's time for that shopping-spree. Yay!

(From tumblr)

I want brown leather boots.

Friday, August 22, 2014

That was fast!

And just like that - I've made up my mind about my hair. I want it brown, or "dirty dish-blonde", my own haircolor! It depends on how far I can push it with bleach.
Since my hair went green last time I bleached, I will do bleach baths this time, plus, my hair got its' dose of awesomeness from the last time I henna'ed (3 weeks ago!) so it is in perfect shape - again.
So it's only fair to start ruining it again, right?! x)
I even thought about cutting it all off, leaving about 8 cm, because these 8 cm are perfectly healthy, and then put dreadlock extensions in it. But I've never done that before, so what if they fall off? Hmm, I'll just keep it and see what I can do about the color.

Actually, before I went red this time, I was thinking of brown.
I guess this last henna experience was just an impuls thing. As usual. But atleast my ugly-colored, gummy hair was saved!

I got a little more money this month than I expected, so I even have the cash for extensions! Yay!
But, for a person like me, maybe it's best to just wait a little longer before I go shopping for stuff I may not even use... It's not like human hair extensions are cheap. :/

This was right after I colored my hair with Lush's "caca brun". A nice brown. :) And it's very close to my own haircolor. With age comes darker hair... I was a almost white blonde when I was little.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Decor plans for my bedroom is a Swedish home decor online shop. Since I want a beige/brown colour on my bedroom walls, I'm looking for new curtains and blankets and stuff. :) I want it to be warm, cosy and autumny.
I found a very pretty series of thingies called "Huntingdale". I love it! It screams huntinglodge and autumn. ;D

I dont like the silvery thingies the curtain is hanging by, 
so I'm going to buy the fabric and make my own curtains. :) 
And maybe some pillows...

These things would obviously look better in an old cabin och a-not-too-modern-house, but you do the best you can with what you have. :)

Life in general is ok, could've been better. I've been home from work 3 days now. I feel a little crappy. Mostly in my mood, but also physically. Tummyache, headache, nausea, lightheaded. This has been going on for over a week. It's nothing I cant live with, but it's getting boring. -.-

I have decided that I will get dreads again. No matter how I wear my hair right now, it's no fun. I dont like it. I dont like the look of it. And I miss my dreads, as I've said 100 times already... But I will start with just a few ones, just to be sure. ;D

(The buying human hair extensions experience!)
...I just need to get some new human hair extensions, since these I have are not 100% human hair. Currently I'm arguing with the company about it - they refuse to take their shitty quality hair back (a-holes), so now I've contacted some firm that help with these things.   

Oh, yeah, they want me to send the hair back (without sending me my money back) so that they can test it and see if it's human hair or not... I feel like I'm getting screwed over... again.
I did a test myself btw! I took one straw of the human hair and one straw of the plastic hair, burned them with direct fire and yeah, you know the smell of burned hair? The human hair was actually human. Wow!
The other straw, one of those that refuses to absorb any haircolour what so ever - it melted and gave no scent at all. Plastic fantastic!

Maybe it's worth mentioning the company with shitty hair -
But I've read on forums that this can happen with any company, even
Maybe the companies are the ones getting fooled by their suppliers?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My beloved stretched ears

Aaah, back to 16 mm (or 5/8").
So I've been thinking alot about how I want to look. How I see myself. I was so sure I wanted smaller gauges... and maybe add some other piercings in my ears. Probably because I think that looks more feminine than bigger holes, or something...

I wanted new (size 14 mm) plugs. Organic, handmade, pretty plugs - Etsy!
And there are sooo many pretty plugs and tunnels and jewelry and what not.
Then I realised that pretty plugs look better the bigger they are. ;)
I found many treasures! :D
So here I am, back to 16 mm holes. They had not shrunk one bit. *Stuck with big holes forever*  - And I'm ok with that! Because I'm not a fan of jewelry. Not ordinary jewelry anyway. I'm not that type that puts on her pretty, little earrings every morning. No. Mine are just there. Always if I want to. They do not get stuck onto things. They are not in the way of anything. Ever. I love them!
It has to be comfy. I want to be able to sleep with it - that's how comfy I am. Maybe a bit lazy too.

Same thing goes for necklaces. It has to be comfy. You know those chains who keeps getting stuck in your hair? GAH! Hate it! I get so annoyed I just rip off the hair, with the necklace.
(I regret one of those moments by the way, I had a bit of hair back there that was shorter than the rest, just hanging... lol.)
So I was thinking - leather. A simple crystal or stone of some sort, wrapped with leather or silver, hanging by a leather band. Perfect. But even that may be a bit too much for me, but if it's pretty enough - and even have some sort of magical property to it - it might just be worth putting it on every morning. ;)

I have even cosidered a ring(!), but it has to be a big one, not a tiny one that gets stuck everywhere. But that wont happen until I can bare with a necklace. I know myself too well.

Do you wear any jewelry on daily basis? When I'm out among people, I sometimes feel like I'm the only one without necklaces and rings.  :o


Might also work if it has a moon. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Early Autumn

What wonderfull weather we have!
Windy, leaves are falling, sunny but a bit chilly... it's just great. :)
I just found this beautiful photo on tumblr...

...everything looks so calm. There's frost and it's cold. Everything is still.
I want to be there, watching the deers, with a camera and a warm scarf. And after a long walk in the woods I would go back to my cabin, sit infront of the fireplace and drink hot chocolate, with my dogs and blankets.

Tumblr is my biggest inspiration. I sit here every morning, drinking my huge cup of coffee and watch photos like these. It is what keeps me going. What will keep me going until that day - the day I will move far, far north.

I need a major change. I find myself trying to change the little things. I dye my hair red - now I want it brown. I took out my 16 mm earplugs - I wanted smaller ones. I tried my 14 mm's - they fit and I'm happy with them. For now. I want to remove my septum - I'm not a huge fan of piercings anymore. But what if I change my mind? It freaking hurts to re-make it.
I wanted all black clothes. I wanted to decorate my whole bedroom in dark things. Now I dont know what I want. 
I'm in such desperate need of a change, that I try to change these little things. Constantly. And I get mad with myself.
Why can't I just be?

And why are we people so scared of getting rid of things? I need to throw out half my wardrobe, but I dont. I'm scared that one day I will want to wear that old hoodie. But I know I wont.
I want to sell all the shit we own, use the money to move away from here, but I dont. We dont. Why?
Why is the freaking TV so important?!

God. I just want to live in a simple cabin in the woods, with that fireplace. 
But then, the next day, I decide that I cant live without internet or movies. 

So here I am, no idea what I want or what to do.

But on the other hand I have my work. It ends in 6 months. Then I'm free. But what if I cant save enough move until then, to move? 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Henna once again!

I kind of missed my red hair. My hair had this awful color, bleached brownish red, with hints of grey and green. Sounds lovely, right?
I didnt even get to blonde before getting sick of it. 
I thought of dark brown, but I dont think that would've been enough for me. 
So I went back to henna! And this time I know that I cant bleach it.
I tried Herbique this time. After a lot of google'ing I found that Herbique is more red than other brands I've seen.

I'm in love with my new hair. It will match a green vest perfectly. And it will look pretty with my black and grey clothes. Yeah. I dont wear clothes anymore by the way, haha. Not at home anyway. The heat was just on its' way out when a thunderstorm hit us - now it's extremly humid & warm again.

(The American weather-gods says we will get a sunny autumn and a very, very cold winter. Fuck yeah! I mean... Awesome!) ;D


I love it! It's red, not orange. <3 
The most damaged parts of my hair need more henna of course, but overall the result is awesome!

 Then I went and mixed my Crearome Henna - I wanted to color my remy hair also.

Some parts colored with chemical dye. Wich failed - it's almost pink.

As usual Crearome's Henna is very orange. 
I took my left-over Herbique and dyed some of the hair again. 
So the top hair is Herbique's - much redder - much better!

Thank you, Herbique.

Oh, and by the way, we have this temporary, sucky internet at the moment, so I will start reading all of your lovely blogs again as soon as we get the proper internet working again. <3