Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Header-making for dummies & a little home decor

LoL :D I just found a webpage where you can make you header without photoshop and such.
Very simple... & free! Saves to your harddrive & can be shown on social medias. :) Click here.

Today feels like a good day to write in my diary. I noticed I have not done that in 2 months.
Time sure flies by!

The last few weeks, or should I say months, I feel like I've been getting to know myself better, kind of... It's hard to describe the feeling. I just, know what I want!
I had a look in a catalogue (Cellbes, online shop for clothes & stuff for your home) and saw this gorgeous bedroom with wine red walls, dark rose-y curtains, and oh, the bed & the bedcheets! <3
It's beautiful! But I dont want that it in my bedroom. Just because I love that look does not mean I must have it. It felt so nice to just think "nope, I know what I want & this is not it, even if I love it!"
I want the old look, the rustic, used look. Like a hunting cabin or a barn.
I did find something else at that store though, on sale - brown leather boots & two new bras.
Picking it up tomorrow at the post office, so I will show the boots some day soon. :)

The wine red bedroom.

What I really want!
Well, I dont live in a house built out of wood, or cabin, yet. 
But you get the point. 

It's august already, phew... soon Autumn! <3
Anyway - I have not heard from my contact person yet, so she's still on vaccation I believe. I can't wait for our next meeting - I found an education that I really, really what to get! I have always loved plants & planting, gardens etc. but was told when I was younger that there is no work in that genre (can you call that genre?), so I didn't thought of it more than that - after an education you want to be able to get I job, I mean.
Till I found this new blog, that I now follow ->
She lives in northern Sweden and works with plants, flowers etc. She told me that "Of course you can get a job in this buisness, I have no idea why you would'nt?"
This might be because it's different times now & it's in another part of the country.
So... If all goes as planned, I will get the education of my dreams! Well, one of my dreams. ;)
Super excited! This will also be awesome to learn since I want to live in the country/forest, growing my own foods & such.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Oriental dancing deep into the woods... in Sweden.

My absolute favorite blogger Jonna never seeze to amaze me.
She made a video with her dancing in the woods, with sweet Nanook in the background. ;D

Youtube: "Bollywood รก la Norrland"

Here's her instagram with the most amazing photos of nature. I drool a little everytime I see her pics.

While northern Sweden has great, sunny weather, we down here still have rain. A LOT of rain. And a little thunder from time to time. I wont complain. My anxiety for sitting here by the computer, is not as bad when the weather is bad. xD

Random life update;
This week I will meet with my contact person of the "unemployment office" to decide what to do this summer. I will probably pic the "practise work" at a second hand store not far from here. It will be perfect! ^^
After summer we will discuss my future education. Hurray! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Instagram & some evil thoughts.

I've had an account there since the beginning of time, but blogging (...or posting pics?) has really never been my sport. I like following others instead.

Today I was fast to change my profile pic, post a pic or two - and then - one hour later, I dont feel like continuing posting stuff there. Haha. It's like when I change my blogdesign (or hair colour)!
"Aaw, that is SO pretty!" - few days later - "What was I thinking?"

And doing all that on a tiny screen? I think not! I love my huge computer screen. But here I can't use Instagram properly.
And apparently, on occasions, I really do like writing down my thoughts about things *coughs*

I might just continue here, with my new food journal... maybe. Time will tell.

Anywho! Today I baked focaccia - Paleo style :) It was pretty good! Not as good as bread of course, but this is still day 1 with Paleo, I will probably taste like heaven in a few weeks without bread. ;D
Aw, and I can't copy my pics from Instagram to here. Awesome.
Here's a link to my pic, or my Instagram, who knows...

While I still feel like blogging, I want to complain a little about ...myself.
It's about my "style". I don't have a style. I have many. But noone of them shows on the outside.
I just use whatever is clean. It's not pretty. I don't do make-up anymore. I don't care. 
(Well, a little maybe, when I need to dwell among others.)
A big part of this is my weight I think. I'm not happy with the way I look. But nevermind that.
I mean the thoughts that move around in my head. 
- During the day: "Ooh, black hair, red lipstick, black boots & a nice black coat for Autumn! YES! And that foggy, dark weather <3 Or the sun on the orange leaves! The warm tea in my huge mug. Legwarmers & slippers! HALLOWEEN! I want it NOW! "
- That same night: "Aaw, but I really like having light hair... or do I? What if I bleach it, it's summer and all. And I really like those earthy tone colours... Aah, nature. Living in my dream cabin! Running around barefoot with loong, blonde hair!"

When I windowshop or look online, I fall for both type or "styles" I mentioned above. 
What the hell should a lady do with that? Lady, what a beautiful word. Anyway...

Without wanting to, I think that "If I move to a cabin in the woods, I wont care to dress properly, or put make-up on, or colour my hair etc.".
Therefor I can't decide on hair colour today - What if I go dark, then move to a cabin in the woods and start living more close to nature etc. I can't have dark hair then, or dress nicely, I need to look like I "belong" to that home... Ugh, I sound like a moron! Right?

Obsessive freaking thoughts! I think I think too much. I got too much spare time! Right? RIGHT? 

You know what I really think? That summer is EVIL! It's messing with my mind! xD

I'm such a talanted Paint-artist.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Skin tone & hair colour

I like tests & "help-things" for your skin, hair colour, clothes etc.
Here's one I just found Pinterest.
Well, it's just tiny & not helpful at all here, so use the link above. ;)

As 10 times before, ;D I got skin type Cool & the season winter. Sounds about right!
I have pink skin, dark blonde hair & brown eyes. Kind of weird combo. 
My colours are dark & rich colours as; black, (of course!), burgundy, red, blue, teal etc.

There is one thing I learned new from this "test" though... I've always liked earthy colours; beige, brown, army green etc, but as soon as I wear something beige, I look like crap. 
Seriously. It does not look good at all.
It brings out the pink in my skin. Pale or ivory is fine - beautiful even, but pink? No.

Anyway, the point in all this is HAIR COLOURS! What else?
Cool skin tone = cool hair colours.
Red (more purple than orange), black, cool brown, dark blonde, cool blonde.
Uhm, yeah, so - any colour without golden/orange tones! Sigh...

Ugh... before I started writing this I thought I would be one step closer to choosing a hair colour I would like to have but alas, no such luck.
The search (=anxiety, never ending thoughts) continue.

I never thought I would care about it, but I will choose a colour that matches my skin tone. 
Seeing that my now evil (beige) top completely destroyed my looks. x)

Anyone out there noticed anything like this? 
Any colours that looks really bad with your skin tone or hair colour?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer is here

It's nice now when everything is green. There's flowers everywhere & it smells like summer. :)

I feel good again, not sick, but I still have a little cough left & at night it feels like I'm having a cold. Awful virus, or whatever it was.

My Diary got a new design again. It simply didn't feel like my blog when it was that light of colour.
Back to black!
When it comes to reading blogs I'm far far behind. Sigh. I'm not just in that mood right now. I'm in my gamer-mood. Or dwelling in the garden with my dogs-mood.
But writing this post is a step forward atleast!

Tonight I was browsing Pinterest for autumn outfits & red hair... & right now I can hear the wind outside my window... I think I'm longing for autumn already. Typical, you always want what you don't have - when it comes to weather atleast. ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I feel like shit.

I just had to share that with my diary.

I was sick earlier this year, nothing special, just a horrible cold. It passed.
Then my dear mom got a cough that would not give up... then sis got sick too. I was still happily healthy at this point. Then along came Catta, who had a horrible cough also, but she had been sick for a while, so that would not spread to other (or however you say it in english). ^^
Then we met other friends who were sick.
And it went on & on & on...
The never eeending stoooooryyyy... *Singing* Oh, horrible, I can't sing. *Coughs a lung out*

Then "finally", all hell broke loose a week ago - I now got the same cough that mom got, or Catta? Who knows!
It's disgusting. You cough all the time, often untill you puke. Yeah. Nice.
My best friends at the moment are painkillers & anti-inflammatory pills. That fever! God.

I hate being sick.

Aaand then it was time for some sunshine here in my diary. I will probably change it 10 more times though.

Sunnier, lighter.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Life at the moment

Is pretty good!
I changed "looking-for-a-job"-office to this town now, so I don't have to go back & forth between towns. It's a pain in the *ss & it costs money. Plus, this awesome town does not have an activity where grown-up's have to sit all day long on their asses "searching for jobs". Thank you! That kind of activity is god damn pointless! As if we don't have better things to do.
Anywho, I will meet my new contact person soon, so that we can talk about my future. :)

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do... A lot. When I wake up, when I go to bed.
My dream is to do what I'm good at, what I can imagine doing the rest of my life - create stuff!
That category includes a lot of things though. ;D
Draw & paint, design & make clothes, design & make home decorations, fix old furniture & even make my own, make jewelry.
But most of all - become a tattoo artist. Well, all of the above would be so much fun, but being a tattoo artist is probably the easiest way to make a living.

In the wait of money to buy fabric, drawing materials, paint etc, I've started to draw again. It's so easy to draw when you have something to draw, obviously, but I can't seem to get the images in my head down on paper... so I always give up after a while. I'll try to continue this time...

The fabric I'm buying is for clothes! Mhm, I don't like what I see in the stores & have to make my own now! :D Not everything looks bad though, but I mostly buy clothes because I have to, not because I like it.

Me & Sister are once again planning on losing weight, well, that was the plan all along, but you know... candy tastes awesome! My "fall back" periods are getting shorter & shorter though, so I hope I will stop craving sugar completely in the end.
My darling Catta invited me to go to Cypress in Greece this summer, so I have a goal now, well - a new goal!

Tonight's sketches.
Pinterest taught me how to make huge, pretty eyes!

Sunset back in march (only a month too late).
Btw, today we had beautiful warm weather - 20 C! 
Spending time outside in a tanktop & bare legs - in April. <3

And this is my little woodland. :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

New day = New hair-thoughts!

No, I'm never going to get tired of the hair subject! ;D

Sis fixed my hair today, so now I'm light brown instead of green/beige/golden blond.
I think it's pretty close to my own haircolor, so I will now - as planned - leave it alone for as long as I can.... "can", pfft.
I still hate the thought that I use chemicals on my hair & scalp, so I've been looking into henna once again. Now that I have tried blonde & didn't like it that much, maybe it's worth using herbs even if you can't bleach them out later. I'm going to think about it for a long time... atleast over summer. ;)

This is my idol Tathariel (instagram) ^^
A redheaded elven viking, mhm!

And then I kind of regret cutting my hair off. Well, I needed to cut all of that dry stuff off, but... I still want super long hair! My favorite time of the year is Autumn (and Halloween!) so what better haircolor is there for me?!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Let there be... Silk!

The day that I will be fully happy with how my blog looks... will probably never come.

The last pattern, even if it was adorable, was too much. It would look really beautiful as a real wallpaper though, as the insomniac mentioned. ^^
I chose something softer... 

Since I cant seem to save my designs with blogger, I will save them as printscreens! x)

Today when I just sat here, playing a little with my new lowbie Priest... it hit me - I want to stay blonde. What?!? Screw gaming. On to pinterest. Search for "country living" - Aah, satisfaction.
So - for now - I'm back to the plan "natural blonde". Fix this shit color with a darker blonde, even closer to my own haircolor, and then do highlights every now & then.
But yeah, I will most likely change my mind again.

PS. Cold coffee is disgusting! DS.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Trying something new...

I fixed a little with the blog design tonight - I like it!
I have a tiny issue with patterns in the background, it's very pretty, but I get easily distracted. ^^
But I'll give it a try!

Also, I would love to have cursive text, but I somehow find it harder to read... hard to explain, but normal text is just somehow easier on the eyes...

What do you think? Does it have to be easy to read? (Of course it does, I think for myself!) ;) Is'nt the look more important (in some cases)?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Old Witch Movies

They were very fascinating, fun & spooky watching as a kid!
I found three of wich I can remember, my favorite was "The Witches" from 1990, I always remembered that a boy was turned into a mouse by a witch, in a big dining hall, but I could'nt find what movie it was until now, yay!

So! Witches movie theme the following days,

If anyone out there have movies to recommend, please do! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A few new things

Dear diary,

(I missed you!)

I have a working computer again - hurray!
I've been sneaking around a little, but mostly I've been playing a bit WoW (Oops!) and hanging on Pinterest & blogs. :)

Gotten a few new shiny things, I probably wrote that last time, but hey, they're very shiny! ;D
A keyboard that glows in different colors, you can choose any color you like - SHINY!
A new huuuge monitor - SHINY!
A new graphics card - Not so shiny, but very effective!

Ah, yes, and then we have the old "can't decide what haircolor I want".
I cut off about 15-20 cm of my hair and bleached it, I'm almost blond now. I had to cut it even if I would like to have long hair - there were residues from the indigo I used once, so those parts of the hair would never be normal again, there's a little of that left even now and it's green. Not pretty - will have to cut off a little more.
Tomorrow I will throw in a darker blonde color so that it matches my own haircolor. Then, after this, I will try to leave it alone for a while until I know what damn color I would like to have.
Obviosly I didn't like the blonde very much. -.-
Then let it grow!

I bought some other shiny things today, candle light holders & an owl. :) Threw them on my bureau together with some branches and pinecones. Very pretty! Will show that later!

Was just drooling over Pinterest,
These outfits made me happy. :)

Source of pics:

About my hair... I want it to match what I'm wearing, I want it to match ME.
So why is it so hard to just choose a color and get it over with?! Pfft. Women. LoL.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Back at last!?

...but maybe not for long.

Something is wrong with my poor computer. :/
I removed one of the RAM's, but there is something lingering still... maybe the other memory, or even the graphics card. I really hate technical stuffs. They always break.

99+ blogposts missed. I will catch up with reading another day. I've spent 8 hours installing crap on ze computer today....

But hey, there has been some good things coming out of this. I finally got a new keyboard and monitor. YAY! ....5 min later: Ze computer just got emotional and dont even let me search for google pics. WELL!
I'll see you when I see you. <3

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fatty-pics and a new start!

No, I'm not showing any fatty pictures just yet. ;)
I think I wrote about this a while back... Anyway, I'll post them after I see some results!
Both me and Camilla took pics this morning and measured every corner of our bodies. ^^
I have now started to write a food diary and will probably post some of it here.

Many times have I had that feeling that "this is it!", "today is the day I start eating healthy!", etc.
I have that feeling this time also, but it feels... different.
Not jumping up & down thinking "WOO, LET'S DO THIS!"... More like - it is time now. I want to live a long healthy life. I want to be able to run in the forest, not just walk.
The list is long.

As always I read alot on the interwebs about health, food, exercise.
This time more about primal living. Paleo.
-> Mark's Daily Apple - Maybe you have heard of The Primal Blueprints?
It is alot like "lchf", low carb, high fat - but without dairy & with a little more berries, nuts and fruits.

I still use a little cream & milk in my coffee, but lately coffee hasn't been tasting as good as it once did. Maybe I'll just quit drinking it eventually.

I like that it's sunday today & not an evil "I-start-my-diet-today"-monday!

Moving on! 
I have to complain a little about the weather. We still dont have any snow(!)... february is soon here and... and... what the hell? It's not even cold! We have 3-6 degrees. 
It's so gray, rainy, windy and boring that I wish that spring would just come instead of winter! 
Maybe it will...