Monday, December 31, 2012


I wish u all a Happy New Year! :)

Be carefull with rocket and stuff! Me and my family are going to spend this night indoors since our dogs are terrified of rockets. But we loaded up with a nice dinner and loads of candy... and some movies! That will do it ^^
HUGS! <3

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hello Orange!

No, but Im just trying out some new stuff on blogger. 

Like I wrote before I have sort of 2 "styles":
* One is kinda gothic, dark, victorian, all black -thingys.
* Then theres dreadlocks, henna, hippie, bohemian, country -thingys.

Sick of winter (we have no snow atm, that does'nt do the dark weather any good.) But the days are longer now atleast, a little more sun every day :) It feels like spring is coming for real... but allready? It's a bit early. Probably going to snow again soon.

Longing for spring and summer! YAY! Happy colors, no shoes, tanned skin!
I get green of envy when I see other people with dreads, natural haircolor-dreads :) 

So I have decided to grow my hair out and stop coloring it. Maybe try to lighten it to get my own hair color back... Dark blonde!
And then! *HUGE SMILE* Do some highlights! 

Or henna it!
But most important, go dreadhead again! It's a big maybe - but leaning more to dreads than normal hair ^^

Natural blonde or Henna red (wich looks natural red!)? 

...huge differences, but I have a pretty long time to think about it before spring comes.

So for starters, Im changing my blog a little... ALOT :D

Friday, December 28, 2012


We saw a movie the other day, Brave. 
It's great! :D I loved it and so did sis and mom ^^

Brave on IMDB - Trailer etc.

Just the pictures of Merida, the main character, makes me happy :) I love red hair and hers is just beautiful! 
I've always had a thing for bows. I would like to learn how to use one, but not those new high-tech ones, but an old proper one in plain wood :) With proper wooden arrows! That would be awesome!

Also, the movie is about vikings, a magical forest and even a witch! <3 It can't get any better than this.

This pic makes me wanna grab my imaginery bow and run away into the forest xD

Normally I'm not very fond of animated movies, but Brave had everything I like in it!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rain at Xmas ...and candy!

A bit boring weather, but atleast the snow stayed until today. There's a little dirty snow left on the sidewalks and it's storm outside - a nice indoor-only day :D Except when walking dogs... crappy weather = short walks! They dont mind I think.

Sunday we spent with relatives. They had to work on Christmas eve so we celebrated Christmas a day before the actual day :) Then came home yesterday to celebrate Christmas with mom... 
So today was the 3rd day we have eaten Xmas foodz, ham on sandwich for breakfast <3 :P
Allmost all the candy is still in its jars, there's so much of it! 
Food for the rest of the week is planned. xD And candy!

Marzipan. Made it light green <3 If you use your x-ray vision, you can see it!

The Rocky Road!
I love those green nuts *drools*

We also made a marzipan bread with nougat, chocolate toffee and truffle.
Everything chocolate *sigh* :P


I had to pretend I was holding a piece of candy to make Moa look at me xD
Yes, our dogs gnaws on the firewood and eats the tree bark, yum yum. As long as they dont eat the actual wood (splinters), they're OK! :)

Hope you all had/have a great Christmas :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

The world is still here.

December the 21, 2012... The world was suppose to explode today. Atleast that is what the program on TV said... and the Mayans. 
Oh well, I'm glad we're still here! :D
Some say it wont happen until midnight... or 2.00 at night, But,
Nasa and scientists said nothing will happen, "relax". So I will do that. Relax.

I wont be able to start my education for a while. I will have to deal with my tummy first... and as much as I hate it, a doctor will have to check me out and help me. 

Made some more candy today... and yesterday... We have alot of candy now and will probably puke at it at the end of the Xmas day xD It's good you only make your own candy at Xmas times. 
Pics of candy comes tomorrow, I think. Probably!

I've been extra lazy and a bit sick so that's why I'm not as actvie as I want to be.

Off to leveling in World of Warcraft, my "escape from the reality"-game. It really is another world and it's nice to just sink into it every now and then. 

See you laters cutiepies :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

A week of crap ...and it's soon Spring!

Was sick last week, then when I was Ok again, my stomach started to mess with me.
Yeh, you know the story.
So today was my first day at work... again. :D
My candleholder is soon done and they keep telling me how nice my work is. And I know! :P
So my "mentor" told me today that this was just a trial time and that I can't start the education  after these weeks, because of my stomach issues. :(
I sucks, but it's still good. I'm going to get help to figure my problems out, but at the same time I just want to start the education! 
I think way ahead in these situations. Education = Job = Money = Driver's license + car = HUGE CASTLE in the woods of northern Sweden... to spend the rest of my life in! 
How else am I suppose to think? These wishes are far away, but still!

Soon the Spring Catalogues comes out! YAY! I love catalogues. H&M's clothes and random Home Decor stores mostly. As soon as I sence spring or summer, I need colorful clothes and fabrics. But this is wrong, it has to be black! I think I have 2 personalities.
Autumn/Winter - Black, dark and evil stuff.
Spring/Summer - Light colors, butterflies and non-black hair.

My absolute favorite color is green. After that comes black. And then purple, red, brown.
I really dislike the color blue.

Cravings - Pretty stuff for Spring! :D

Something that is bothering me is that not all bedclothes have the same measurement as your quilt. Some of IKEA's has the right length to it, Jotex and Ellos gets the point too, but H&M? There's missing 10 cm in length! It is SO annoying when your quilt sticks out from the  footend of the clothes :P

Normal quilt - 210 cm x 150 cm.
"Too small" quilt - 200 cm x 150 cm.

Well, H&M's bed clothes are too expensive for my taste anyway, but still! xD 

Gonna go make some marsipan! See you soon!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello, Headache!

Yeah, no coffee. I will try not to drink any coffee tomorrow, to see if my tummy gets happier :)
The Insomniac gave a nice drinking advice! Lets hope I like it :P
So, my new friend is hot water, lemon juice and honey. If I like my new friend, I will probably skip coffee forever... maybe. It's so expensive! Haha

Continued watching Pretty Little Liars today... Yes, we're stuck :D
My favorite character is Spencer, "the smart one".
Oh, and Toby, he's mysterious, a geek, hot as ****, has ice blue eyes... and is just weird. It's a perfect combination!(?) xD

Sigh! (A whiny post!)

The stomach problem continues! 30 seconds after having the first zip of morning coffee, my stomach hurts like hell. Can it be the coffee? :( I always drink coffee in the morning to wake up, so why would this issue appear NOW, after all these years? I can eat anything, my stomach have never complained of anything before.
It feels like small cramps in different places, the whole time... weird sh*t.

Thank you google for translating "gastric ulcers"! xD Can it be this? Does'nt that hurt like.. alot!?
I wanna go see the doctor, but I already know the answer, "There's nothing wrong with you.".
As always, if they dont know what the problem is, there is no problem.
Or, if they think that there is no problem, they decide that - just like that.
Or (!), if you're not dying, you dont get an appointment quick enough.

*Whine, whine* :D

Or is this Karma? Payback from all the times I have been calling in (fake)sick over the years?
Wow, thank you, God, you could'nt have chosen a worse time -.-


Anyway, I'll be back later... as I always write but never do xD
I have promised myself to be a better blog-reader!

And yeah, a blog post with no pics is just boring, I know. Sorry :P

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A not so good day

(Nooo, I had a fun pic here yesterday, but it didnt work so I tried finding it to save it, but it is nowhere to be found!) :(

Anyway, this day sucked! I got up early, doing all the stuff that needed to be done for a day at work and then, 30 min before my bus, my stomach decided to turn itself inside out. 
So yeah, for 7 hours I ran around at home, hoping that this crap would stop so that I could go to work, but no. Another day at home. 
I even wanted to go to work! :/  
I've been eating LOADS gingerbread and saffron buns for a few days now, I'm guessing my tummy did'nt like it :D

The pic has nothing to do with my day today! xD

We have been watching a new series here at home, Pretty Little Liars it's called :) I like it! Normally I dont like drama and romance, but this series has eveything in it, and I like the characters! 
It's hard to go from Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead, to THIS, but you cant really compare them. Try it :)

A Dark Winter Morning

So lazy.
Been home from "work" now a couple of days. I'm going today and I'm going the rest of the days I have left. Think it's atleast 2 more weeks. 
I want the education. I want a job in the future. Why do I do this? Why am I THIS lazy? 

It's totally black outside now, it's 06:41 in the morning. Depressing. 
I took some nice sunset pics the other day tho :) Thank god for the sun.

These are outside my window.

We have twice as much snow now and it keeps coming, me like! It makes winter cozy and much lighter.

Off to my coffee and make-up :) I'll be back tonight with gingerbreads :D

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bisol, Vädersol or Sun dog!

Today was a great day! I did'nt have to take the bus until 7:40 and I got on the train in time to get home, so it was a perfect timed day. And the snow just keeps coming :)
Oh, and it's very cold and sunny (with no winds!), cant get any better than that! 

On my way home, sitting on the train, I saw a Sun dog on the sky! Bisol or Vädersol on Swedish.
I have never ever seen a celestial phenomenon before, so this was really AWESOME! 
Everything was white, the sun was just about to go down... and there it was, a beam of light coming up from behind the forest :) In the colors of a rainbow!
My mobile camera sucks and the windows were kinda dirty, so I could'nt get it on camera :(
So, I stole some photos from google to show you how it looks :D

My Sun dog (yes, it was MINE! xD) looked exactly like this one, but with the colors of a rainbow:

(Borrowed pic from:, got interested in the blog, it's about spirits and ghosts :))

Here's another one, actually, this one also looks like the one I saw :o but it was more of a beam, like the top picture.

(Borrowed pic from:, she has some very nice nature pics)

Wiki shows some nice pics of Sun dogs too, they can look pretty cewl!
--> Wiki: Sun dog <--

Only thing I've seen before is an eclipse of the sun and ONE single starfall... in 26 years. 
Not much -.- Where do I complain? Haha
Are those even phenomenons?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Christmas stuff :)

Holy crap, I feel like I've been hit by a truck - after first day at "work". PHEW! *sigh*
First 2 hours at Lernia we just had coffee and talking, some filling in papers etc.
Then I got to try welding right away! It's hard and pretty dirty business, but I like it! Welding is so much more than just welding, so I did'nt actually weld anything, but a whole bunch of other stuff that will end in a candleholder :) Think of all the pretty stuff I can make... Yay!
The candleholder I'm making is plain ugly, but it's just for training and checking my skills. My teacher looked at what I did and said: "That is some very very nice work!"
I KNOW! :D LoL *Pat myself on head*

When I got home I broke 2 fingernails when I was breaking a chocolatebar! Not when working with bad-ass-welding, but ON A CHOCOLATEBAR! Jesus christ...
And it hurts like hell :( 

So, to the gingerbread house! We actually cheated, bought a pre-made set of cookie-parts to put together, but behold... It looks pretty damn pretty! :D We dont have a raindeer as Lesthi does, but the snowflakes on the roof makes it up! Hehe

And some Christmas decoratings :)
Try using cinnamon in your essence-burner-thingy, it smells lovely! (With water on it, or it burns like ours first did!)

My star I got from a fleemarket the other day, it's for candles <3

This is my mini-forest with cinnamon and snowflakes :D


Moa (my chocolate-brown baby) is really hoping she will get a piece of dried liver, why else would I be grabbing the jar? :P

"You are disturbing my beautysleep!"

Bella, the 40-45 kilo lapdog!

And now I'm sitting here shoving chocolate down my throat and drinking loads of coffee!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Early mornings!

Bleh, not use to early mornings nowadays, but that will change now :) Atleast I will see some more of the daylight if I dont sleep half the day. I usally wake up at 10 or 11.
I got a paid ticket from AF now, so that I can move my fat *** to town, fix the bus card wich had wrong zones on it and finally start my "work". 
Kind of a fake work (dont know the word in english) for a month, to see what I can do and cant do ^^ Im perfectly fine, they just want me to do this because I have'nt had a job in a long time. Well, it's easy to get lazy!
After that I will hopefully start my welding education! Woho! :D No more lazy-days! (Only on weekends!)

The batteries for my camera is ALIVE! But now I'm too tired to take pics, haha. Will fix tomorrow! I really will! *Says the couch potato*

Goodnight! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Candy for us and for them!

We boiled a pig liver today... the dogs went crazy :D It's obviously candy for the dogs, to us it smells (and probably tastes) horrible. Atleast when you just boil it as it is.
After boiling you cut it into small pieces and then dry them in the oven.

The gingerbread house is also done, we did it now anyway, it's fun :) we will just have to eat it even if it's not so fresh after X-mas!

My camera batteries are still dead and I'm a lazy s.o.b, so, pics later or tomorrow! xD

Oh and Arbetsförmedlingen (we-will-help-you-get-a-job agency? lol) gave me a bus card that does'nt cover the zone I live in... C'mon? How stupid is that! I will have to get up early tomorrow and call them, ask them if they still don't know where I live... after almost 2 years of contact with them! -.-
A little more "Zzzz..."

Cu laterz!