Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Header-making for dummies & a little home decor

LoL :D I just found a webpage where you can make you header without photoshop and such.
Very simple... & free! Saves to your harddrive & can be shown on social medias. :) Click here.

Today feels like a good day to write in my diary. I noticed I have not done that in 2 months.
Time sure flies by!

The last few weeks, or should I say months, I feel like I've been getting to know myself better, kind of... It's hard to describe the feeling. I just, know what I want!
I had a look in a catalogue (Cellbes, online shop for clothes & stuff for your home) and saw this gorgeous bedroom with wine red walls, dark rose-y curtains, and oh, the bed & the bedcheets! <3
It's beautiful! But I dont want that it in my bedroom. Just because I love that look does not mean I must have it. It felt so nice to just think "nope, I know what I want & this is not it, even if I love it!"
I want the old look, the rustic, used look. Like a hunting cabin or a barn.
I did find something else at that store though, on sale - brown leather boots & two new bras.
Picking it up tomorrow at the post office, so I will show the boots some day soon. :)

The wine red bedroom.

What I really want!
Well, I dont live in a house built out of wood, or cabin, yet. 
But you get the point. 

It's august already, phew... soon Autumn! <3
Anyway - I have not heard from my contact person yet, so she's still on vaccation I believe. I can't wait for our next meeting - I found an education that I really, really what to get! I have always loved plants & planting, gardens etc. but was told when I was younger that there is no work in that genre (can you call that genre?), so I didn't thought of it more than that - after an education you want to be able to get I job, I mean.
Till I found this new blog, that I now follow ->
She lives in northern Sweden and works with plants, flowers etc. She told me that "Of course you can get a job in this buisness, I have no idea why you would'nt?"
This might be because it's different times now & it's in another part of the country.
So... If all goes as planned, I will get the education of my dreams! Well, one of my dreams. ;)
Super excited! This will also be awesome to learn since I want to live in the country/forest, growing my own foods & such.