Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shopping a little at H&M

Got two knitted sweaters and two scarves for only 180 SEK. :)
I bought sis a knitted sweater and a hat and mom got a pretty top and a scarf.
So, 4 sweaters, 1 hat, 3 scarves for 335 SEK.
Hurray for sales!

Catta - maybe you dont have to drive all the way to Hässlehåla after all. I might sneak in at H&M a few more times after work. Speed shopping á 20-30 min, so that I can get to my bus in time. :P

That green scarf. <3 
The sweater to the left also came in a pretty dark green, 
but of course those were gone.

I still need (-want-) a brown handbag, new Converse shoes 
and a thin jacket for spring.


  1. Svar: Visst är det?! är så kär! oooh, converse i sånt läder låter inte dumt :)

  2. Svar: Så lite så! Kul att du gillar dem, tack! Ja, alltså nu är det bara rått och kallt här i Göteborg, men ingen riktig vinter med massa snö så det kan lika gärna bli vår nu känner jag