Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A few new things

Dear diary,

(I missed you!)

I have a working computer again - hurray!
I've been sneaking around a little, but mostly I've been playing a bit WoW (Oops!) and hanging on Pinterest & blogs. :)

Gotten a few new shiny things, I probably wrote that last time, but hey, they're very shiny! ;D
A keyboard that glows in different colors, you can choose any color you like - SHINY!
A new huuuge monitor - SHINY!
A new graphics card - Not so shiny, but very effective!

Ah, yes, and then we have the old "can't decide what haircolor I want".
I cut off about 15-20 cm of my hair and bleached it, I'm almost blond now. I had to cut it even if I would like to have long hair - there were residues from the indigo I used once, so those parts of the hair would never be normal again, there's a little of that left even now and it's green. Not pretty - will have to cut off a little more.
Tomorrow I will throw in a darker blonde color so that it matches my own haircolor. Then, after this, I will try to leave it alone for a while until I know what damn color I would like to have.
Obviosly I didn't like the blonde very much. -.-
Then let it grow!

I bought some other shiny things today, candle light holders & an owl. :) Threw them on my bureau together with some branches and pinecones. Very pretty! Will show that later!

Was just drooling over Pinterest,
These outfits made me happy. :)

Source of pics: http://n-nyx.polyvore.com/

About my hair... I want it to match what I'm wearing, I want it to match ME.
So why is it so hard to just choose a color and get it over with?! Pfft. Women. LoL.


  1. That keyboard sounds super fancy!

    Ha ha you have the same hair problems of me! Have you seen how much mine has changed? Lol

    Oh, those outfits! Most of them probably wouldn't suit me but they are pretty amazing!

    1. Oh noes, the reply-button tricked me! The answer is below, lol. xD

  2. Haha, yeah, I saw you cut it again & it has some pretty cool colors. ;D Looks good on you!

    Indeed! And sure they would fit you, I've always thought that anyone can wear anything. But maybe they're not fairy-like enough? ;)

  3. Aaaw, shiny...! I want a keyboard, that lights up too! ^^

    I'm still struggling with my hair too...I got a new haircut in December and I LOVE it, but the color...ehh...I dyed it black, than I dyed the bottom layers blonde and now it's all red...but I'm not happy with it. I want the blonde bottom layer back and a few months later I'm gonna dye it burgundy...perhaps burgundy and black...But I'm already sure, that it's gonna go back to black and blonde soon again...however, I wanna try a lighter violet or purple too...:D

    1. Haha, aah, it feels pretty good to not being the only one with haircolor issues. ;D
      Red is hard to get rid of, so get the blonde first maybe, then go red if you still want that. :) I say, it's better so change colors so that you can get a real feel about it, instead of just wanting it and never try it. If that makes sence! :D

    2. Yeah, I did it that way, I got a darker blonde first, then I dyed it red. It looks better now, but I looked like I was a cartoon character when it was freshly colored...:D I will keep this color for another month, then I'm going to try another, darker shade of red. :D