Monday, May 25, 2015

Skin tone & hair colour

I like tests & "help-things" for your skin, hair colour, clothes etc.
Here's one I just found Pinterest.
Well, it's just tiny & not helpful at all here, so use the link above. ;)

As 10 times before, ;D I got skin type Cool & the season winter. Sounds about right!
I have pink skin, dark blonde hair & brown eyes. Kind of weird combo. 
My colours are dark & rich colours as; black, (of course!), burgundy, red, blue, teal etc.

There is one thing I learned new from this "test" though... I've always liked earthy colours; beige, brown, army green etc, but as soon as I wear something beige, I look like crap. 
Seriously. It does not look good at all.
It brings out the pink in my skin. Pale or ivory is fine - beautiful even, but pink? No.

Anyway, the point in all this is HAIR COLOURS! What else?
Cool skin tone = cool hair colours.
Red (more purple than orange), black, cool brown, dark blonde, cool blonde.
Uhm, yeah, so - any colour without golden/orange tones! Sigh...

Ugh... before I started writing this I thought I would be one step closer to choosing a hair colour I would like to have but alas, no such luck.
The search (=anxiety, never ending thoughts) continue.

I never thought I would care about it, but I will choose a colour that matches my skin tone. 
Seeing that my now evil (beige) top completely destroyed my looks. x)

Anyone out there noticed anything like this? 
Any colours that looks really bad with your skin tone or hair colour?


  1. I go crazy trying to do that thing, I can never quite decide which of two I am. I am pale but I think I have both yellowy and pink undertones. I know I cannot wear pink but most reds seem ok! Shrugs.

    1. Ah, some tests shows that I'm between two types too, but then I found this one and it seemed legit. ^^
      But hey, as long as it looks good in the mirror!

  2. Svar: Det är den också! Riktigt smarrig :)

    Haha vad är det med nässlorna nu då? Jättelätt att plocka och ta tillvara på ju! Ja, de har en egen smak. Svårt att säga Vad det smakar men det är lite speciellt, nog en "acquired taste". Har man det där fina ordet "lagom" mycket så blandas det ju ut väl med de andra smakerna i mat/smoothies :) Sjukt nyttigt också!

    1. Haha, nä jag är bara gnällig! xD
      Det växer en hemsk sådan växt vid det enda trädet i trädgården också, har inte bestämt mig än för vad jag ska göra - plocka eller mörda? Nä, men jag ska försöka plocka och torka! Måste smaka! ;D
      Älskar idén att man kan plocka ogräs & käka!

  3. Hahh, I'm a so called 'winter type', I have pale skin with pink undertones and naturally dark hair and eyes, but I prefer warm colors. I've been (dragged along) to some free make - up session once, where I got a cool blue / pink make up, which suits winter types, but I totally hated it...:D

    1. Haha, well, blue/pink make-up doesn't really sound like you. ;D
      I dont think these guide lines matches everyone... maybe that's because they're just that - guide lines - lol. xD *Totally smart*
      I still love my armygreen tanktop. ^^