Friday, March 15, 2013

A bit AFK

The winter came back, my tooth has been hurting and I have been so tired of moving my ass to work every day. So there was no mood over for the blog.
Today the sun is shining and it feels a bit better. :) Was at work yesterday, only time that week, but I realised   I like that place so much, I just HAVE to drag that sorry ass out of bed each morning, even if the weather sucks! xD

My friends from north of Sweden and Norway started playing some World Of Warcraft again, so now we are all gathered in one place and can do all those fun things together. It's boring otherwise. But I guess it becomes less fun after playing a game for over 8 years... lol.

Maybe the fantasy of using a bow in the wild woods will come true one day. :D

So these days my free-time consists of WoW, searching for jobs, walking dog and planting flowers. xD Oh, how I wish the spring would just stay instead of letting the snow fall! More outside time, fixing in the garden...

It's warm during the days, so that the ice and snow melts, but during the night it freezes again. Risking your life everytime you go outside with the dogs at night, not that fun! Curse you coldness!

Oh, and I've been washing my hair with dishsoap for a while now, I'll take a picture of my shiny hair soon to show you that it's fine to live without schampoo's and such! :D Hooray for No Poo!


  1. Förstår känslan, min blogg har fått lida den här veckan med när jag har jobbat för jag har varit så trött xD

    Yay för No poo, ska bli kul att se bild på håret!

    1. Hehe, ja man har inga problem att sova på nätterna när man är igång om dagarna :D Som någon sa en gång, "I slept like a coma patient!", lol

    2. Mhm, jag somnade klockan 8 på kvällen efter första jobbdagen, min hjärna hade väl gått på högvarv hela dagen!

  2. That's so nice you like the job enough that it makes you want to get out of bed in the morning!

    And I hear you about walking the dogs when it's icy ... that's the one thing I don't miss about not having a dog anymore, is worrying about whether I was going to slip on the ice and get dragged to my death if he happened to spot a rabbit! ;o)

    1. It is! :)

      Haha, aaw, but it's totally worth it! :D I automaticly lean backwards if they see a rabbit or cat, so they are not getting anywhere!
      Spots on the ground without ice are lifesavers, haha.

  3. Oh, World of's been a while. I used to play it when I was 15-18...I'm a gamer myself, but my boyfriend used to be such a hardcore WoW addict, that it was toxic for our relationship, so I came to hate the whole game...really, I mean it! :D