Monday, March 4, 2013

What profession?


I want to start my own company. I want to chose when to work and to chose how much work that needs to be done. How much I want to work. And above all, work from home or atleast close to home.

My ideas during the years...
- Tattoo artist
- Konservator on Swedish :D (preserves old things or animals)
- Second Hand store
- Bakery
- Painting artist


So... where to start? I feel like every time I come up with an idea and explain it to the employment office, they're are like: "But..." or "Well, you see....", fucking excuses!!! Excuse my language.
It's like they dont want me to get a job or do something with my life!
Latest reason was that it takes too long to learn how to tattoo... 1,5 - 3 years(!) - and then you have a job for many, many years. So what's the deal? Any education takes 1-6 years, normally 3 years... so what is the problem?

I'm going to have a long talk with my new contact person at the employment office, because I'm sick of being treated like air.
My practice at the second hand-store is going great, so they extended my time there to 6 months, so that is 5 more months. And that is fine... but only because I like to work there.
Their only goal is to write down that "Sandra is no longer unemployed!" for the government, and then they dont give a shit about what I'm doing, as long as they dont have to deal with it.
Actually, now when I think about it, a couple of years ago, I heard that the more unemployed people they got rid of, the bigger the paycheck was.

On to more happy things in life... The sun is still here! :D YAY! BEGONE SNOW!
Talked to dad today and his gut told him that spring is on its way. I really hope that's true! :)

Game Of Thrones has started again, season 3. One of the most awesome series ever!
Well, nothing beats The X-Files! Mulder and Scully rocks :) But GoT comes pretty close after that!
As long as I can remember, I have wanted a tattoo of them, with a background of a flying saucer, some pretty tree-tops and a pretty sky. That would be awesome. Like the "I WANT TO BELIEVE"-sign. Pure awesome-ness... with a little geeky-ness. :P


  1. Usch ja, AF vill helst slippa göra något alls men kan knappt bärga sig förrän de kan stryka en från sin lista. Hoppas du kan komma på nåt du vill och kan göra! ^^ Har ni inte några tatueringsstudior där i närheten som du kan praktisera hos? :D

    Va har game of Thrones börjat redan :O jag var helt säker på att det skulle börja 31 mars igen!

    1. Jo, jag vet en studio i stan faktiskt... de har jag redan varit i kontakt med för några år sedan men AF satte ju stopp för det då. Kanske kan få en andra chans :) Men tänker inte prata med någon förens jag har på papper att jag FÅR LOV att praktisera där jag vill för AF.

      Öh, nu när du säger det så lät den 31 mars bekant och enligt IMDB så är det den 31 mars :/ men på "tanka fetast" låg där 3 avsnitt redan... det kanske var något annat... eller önsketänkande. xD Måste kollas upp imorgon när jag är mer vaken!

    2. Ja jag har hört om andra personer som inte fått praktisera på tatueringsstudior om de fortfarande vill få pengar från försäkringskassan. De vill att man ska lämna AF då i så fall. Känns lite som att de tycker att tatuerare är lägre stående varelser när de resonerar så..som att personer som vill ge sig in i den branschen inte är värda månadsbidraget.

      På IMDB stod det i alla fall 31 mars fortfarande så de som ligger uppe på tankafetast är nog troligtvis fake. :<

  2. Honestly, I didn't even sign up with the unemployement office because if you're not willing to take the crappy jobs they find you, but have an idea of what you wanna do, they're not that helpful...for them, we're just records. of my friends wanted to become a tattoo artist, so he kept drawing and drawing and sending his drawings to various tattoo artists asking them if they're good or if he could work at their parlour as an apprentice...and after three months of trying, he found a guy who took him in and trained the beginning, he had to practice on pig skin and he could do small, simple tattoos only, but now he's working there full time...dunno how things work over there, but maybe, you could try it, if it's possible.

    We've been thinking about opening a small second hand store at my mom's place, but after we did the math, we knew it would never have payed off...but I would love to have one. A vintage thrift store with not only clothes, but all kinds of oddities and home decor...maybe, if you have the funds, you could even start with opening a small store while learning to tattoo...:)

    Yeah, I'm a big dreamer, I know...I think thesame way, I don't want to continue working at home all the time, but I would love to be me own boss and dictate my own pace too. :)

    1. You did what many others do, they dont even bother because they know what the story will be like.

      Ah, how nice for him! :) I havent been drawing since I was 14 years old, so the part of sending drawings is screwed I think, haha, but I have actually talked to some tattoo artists about becoming one myself, and the drawing skills dont have to be super in the beginning, all comes with time. I was glad to hear that I wasnt totally screwed on that part... for now, anyway. I hope my skills are still in there somewhere!

      Aw :/ sorry to hear that. There are so many stores out there, I think it would take years for it to actually pay off, the costumer part etc.
      That is a great idea but yeah, no money :P but I will look into that! Maybe in the future... Im a dreamer too. What would life be without our day-dreams? ;)