Monday, November 11, 2013

A fifth World of Warcraft expansion!

I knew it would be about Outland again because everyone loves The Burning Crusade. :) The absolute best thing about this is the remodel of the characters! Finally we get normal eyes and fingers! This will come out sometime in 2014. Probably after the summer, or even after fall.

Pics borrowed from Blizzard, World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor. Here you can read and look at some of the changes. Including some of the remodels! And trailers! Cant wait to see the female Night Elf, Draenei and Human remodels! :)

This time I'll buy the collectors edition, never done that before & for once, I will. Of course I still need a new gaming computer and a mouse and a... Yeah.

The new Alliance capital is beautiful and it is always night time there. <3

When you look at these before & after pics, 
you clearly see how crappy they have been looking all along. xD

Diet news!
I measured my body before starting this diet, or before failing at it, lol... and I have lost 2 cm around the waist. And almost 2 cm around my thighs. I'm happy, :D because I have been eating candy like a ************!
(Diet: 3 days - Candy and crappy food: 5 days - Diet: 2 days - Candy and crappy food: 4 days)
So yes, I'm happy for those results. And now that I'm finished with candy and other crap, I will get good results I think. ^^


  1. I have some kind of a love - hate relationship with WoW; I love the universe and the books, but I totally hate the game. I used to play it myself, but I quit after The Wrath of the Lich King because it consumed way too much of my time, but I was bored of it in the same time. I had only a brief encounter with Cataclysm when my boyfriend bought it, who was still addicted to the game at the time and by addicted, I mean WoW was wrecking our relationship, so...I kindy asked him to quit playing that damned game...
    But nice, it was about time for model reworks and texture updates...:)

    1. Haha, I can understand that. :P The universe really looks great, I have always wanted to make a room in my house completely in Night Elf enviroment! <3
      It does take alot of your time, you can choose not to play that much, but the thing is: you WANT to play. xD
      I think it's fine as long as your real life comes first, and that's why I gave it up this summer. I will only start again if I know I dont have to do something else, like jobsearcing(!). Who knows, there might not even be time for WoW when I get a job. ^^
      I'm glad it didnt kill your relationship, that would suck on so many levels. I mean, it's still just a game. :)