Friday, November 22, 2013

Project: Bleach/lighten your hair with honey

I havent even colored my hair black yet, and I still had time to change my mind! Wat? :O
I am now trying to get my real haircolor back. Boredom = experimenting! And also, I might want to get dreadlocks again.... I know, right! xD My darling, Catta, said she would take a shovel and smack it in the back of my head... as if that would help! Lol.

So, I have colored my hair 3 times with henna, one of those times with a "Lush Caca Brun", wich has indigo in it. So to get my own, original haircolor back - dirty dark blonde - might be a pain in the ass.
(Bleaching with chemicals is a last resort!)

Right now I'm sitting here with honey & olive oil in my hair. I took equal parts of those ingredients, microwaved it for 15 sec and then mixed it with a fork. Took some time to get the oil in there, but it turned into a smooth paste at last. :)
There is literally honey & oil all over my head and face. It's like henna - IT'S EVERYWHERE!
The things you do for your hair. ^^ Going to let it sit for 1,5-2 hours.
Lighten your hair this way takes a lot of time and many, many applications. I have a chamomile tea mix downstairs also, to rinse with. But first - schampoo! Honey is very sticky.
The chamomile mix is tea, lemon juice & honey. Mix however you want. Chamomile tea and lemon juice are also things that lighten your hair naturally.

Excuse the food-stuffz in the back. :P

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