Thursday, March 13, 2014

When time stands still,

Or flies by... ?
I cant decide. It's a time when everything is boring. It's a time when I'm tired 24/7.

I'm going to start work at a different place, but within the same company.
Hotel cleaning! Starting tomorrow. :)
I only have to take ONE bus to get there, plus walk about 50 meters, so it's very nice that way.
Now I can get up at 6.30 in the morning instead of 4.30. So hopefully I wont walk around like a super-tired-zombie all day!

Even if I couldnt afford it, I got a pair of Converse. Finally. But hey, good shoes lasts many years!
Yellow and pretty. Matches my camo-green spring jacket. ;)
Also got this scarf today at a secondhand store. See Catta? It's PINK! :D <3

Some pretty evening skies. :)

~ City Light meets Pink Sky ~

~ Foggy ~

~ Window View ~

~ Summer-y ~

We've had wonderful weather these last weeks!
They said there would be some rain and snow this weekend, but not much. Even if there will be - it will dry up fast, because the warm weather is not going anywhere. :)

Going to plant some veggies this weekend. All the flowers are already in the soil!


  1. We've finally had a break in the horrible weather this past week, too. Although I know there will still be more snow and cold weather before we can plant anything outside!

    I hope you like your new job. An extra two hours of sleep sounds very nice!

    City Lights meet Pink Sky is lovely. :)

    1. Isn't it? I didnt see that streetlight until I transferred the photos to the computer, but it came out pretty nice. :)

      Oh yeah, like we just did - rain and storm. But the temperature is still warm, yay! Luckily we have our seedlings inside the first few weeks tho. :)
      I guess you got plenty of snow again, just like north of Sweden? Hopefully it will melt soon!

  2. Det har varit fina dagar nu, som jag har betraktat från mitt förkylningsfängelse :(. Jag hoppas att jag ska kunna komma ut lite imorgon när jag har skrivit klart min uppsats (blä vad jag är trött på den). Fina vårfynd du har gjort :)

    1. Tack :) Vill helst bada i färger nu när solen tittar fram!
      Usch! Hoppas det känns bättre nu? Ogillar verkligen förkylningar, man känner sig helt utslagen och vill bara dra täcket över huvudet.
      Och hoppas det gick bra på uppsatsen!

  3. Svar: haha eller hur?! Riktigt grymt! NK brukar spejsa till det rätt rejält.

  4. We had three amazing, warm and sunny days, then the weekend was...crap. Seriously, the sky turned brownish grey and it was raining three days straight creating poddles and mudbaths, felt like crap and it looked like crap. It's still grey and cold outside, really depressing...anyway, congrats on 2 more hours of sleep time! ;)

    I admit, I'm not a big fan of Converse, but I like the color. ;)

    1. Ugh, that really sounds like... crap. ;D
      Grey, cold weather and rain together is just awfull. But rain in the summer is nice. There's such a huge difference! ^^

      Hehe, yeah, the color is pretty!