Saturday, September 13, 2014


Some more dread-thoughts & haircolouring. *Sigh* :P

My favorite dreads has always been this girls'...

... and I have watched her videos for years. I went in on youtube today and watched a few of them again - (I always check out somthing about dreads before I go make some of my own, even if I know the process etc.) - and it felt like... home? It is a nice feeling, but hard to describe. Uh yeah... She seems awesome and I've always loved her dreads... I guess that's why. ^^

I have changed my mind SO many times about what haircolour I want, and yeah, it always comes back to blonde. Like hers. Not white or yellow blonde. I want my hairgrowth to blend in. Sunkissed tips/lengths, kind of.

I coloured my hair a week ago to get rid of the red henna I put in. I went for a "ash blonde", very close to my own haircolour, but I chose the brand "Mood" once again and it came out dark brown. I never learn. xD But hey, almost all the hints of red are gone, there's just a little orange left closest to my scalp, probably because of my hairs' oil and stuff.
I like it and I will make my dread extensions brown too...

...and then(!), when my hair has grown about 8-10 cm, I will cut the brown parts off, leaving only my natural haircolour, and the put in blonde extensions! Dreads of course.
This is if I still want to have those beloved blonde dreadlocks.
For now I like the brown and I have craved for brown dreads for a while. ^^

Oh, these plans...

I bought real human hair extensions on Tradera (a part of Ebay), but the hairstrands were very corse, so I think it's the worst quality human hair you can actually get - asian hair.
Obviously asian hair is absolutly gorgeous on asians, but their hairtype do not match the europeans. So back to square one. Still need hair.
Next pay I'll check Tradera again, there's a few people selling their hair from "Rapunzel" and their hair quality is pretty good.

So, soon! Soon I will get them head-sausages! <3

Another dreadhead-inspiration is Rania. She got her dreads remade the other day. I dont think I will ever stop drooling over other peoples' dreadlocks. Hopefully I have some of my own to pat & drool over soon! ^^
Actually that may very well happen.... if I sleep very tight, I drool. Awesomestuff!


  1. Glad to know I am not the only one who drools in her sleep!

    I love the look of dreads! I love when they have coloured ribbons, beads, skull beads, things like that, although that would probably be even harder to sleep on!

    1. Haha :P

      Yes! Decor ftw. :) Actually having dreads makes your hair big and fluffy, so you cant really feel the beads and stuff when you sleep on them. Except maybe for really huge stuff you put in there. ^^