Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I woke up with a song on my head

It was this masterpiece

Supernatural fan this way <--  :D
Just the lyrics of this song is awesome! And the music itself can cheer up any soul.
I'm searcing on the interwebs for Supernatural soundtracks, but can't seem to find any... until I find something, atleast I have youtube. ^^

Sitting here waiting for the doctor to call - I need more drugs! Lol.
Then when sis & mom gets home, it's time to grab the yellow bike and hit the store for some New Years Eve-goodies. I'm still sick of chocolate & candy though - very strange.
I'm planning on measuring my whale-sized body this morning, so that I can measure the change when I start loosing weight for real. I kind of already started eating better. :) Hurray!

Goal 1: Skip ALL the sugar & only eat home made bread.
Will make the list longer soonish! 
Got a little inspired by Linnea. :)

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