Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Instagram & some evil thoughts.

I've had an account there since the beginning of time, but blogging (...or posting pics?) has really never been my sport. I like following others instead.

Today I was fast to change my profile pic, post a pic or two - and then - one hour later, I dont feel like continuing posting stuff there. Haha. It's like when I change my blogdesign (or hair colour)!
"Aaw, that is SO pretty!" - few days later - "What was I thinking?"

And doing all that on a tiny screen? I think not! I love my huge computer screen. But here I can't use Instagram properly.
And apparently, on occasions, I really do like writing down my thoughts about things *coughs*

I might just continue here, with my new food journal... maybe. Time will tell.

Anywho! Today I baked focaccia - Paleo style :) It was pretty good! Not as good as bread of course, but this is still day 1 with Paleo, I will probably taste like heaven in a few weeks without bread. ;D
Aw, and I can't copy my pics from Instagram to here. Awesome.
Here's a link to my pic, or my Instagram, who knows...

While I still feel like blogging, I want to complain a little about ...myself.
It's about my "style". I don't have a style. I have many. But noone of them shows on the outside.
I just use whatever is clean. It's not pretty. I don't do make-up anymore. I don't care. 
(Well, a little maybe, when I need to dwell among others.)
A big part of this is my weight I think. I'm not happy with the way I look. But nevermind that.
I mean the thoughts that move around in my head. 
- During the day: "Ooh, black hair, red lipstick, black boots & a nice black coat for Autumn! YES! And that foggy, dark weather <3 Or the sun on the orange leaves! The warm tea in my huge mug. Legwarmers & slippers! HALLOWEEN! I want it NOW! "
- That same night: "Aaw, but I really like having light hair... or do I? What if I bleach it, it's summer and all. And I really like those earthy tone colours... Aah, nature. Living in my dream cabin! Running around barefoot with loong, blonde hair!"

When I windowshop or look online, I fall for both type or "styles" I mentioned above. 
What the hell should a lady do with that? Lady, what a beautiful word. Anyway...

Without wanting to, I think that "If I move to a cabin in the woods, I wont care to dress properly, or put make-up on, or colour my hair etc.".
Therefor I can't decide on hair colour today - What if I go dark, then move to a cabin in the woods and start living more close to nature etc. I can't have dark hair then, or dress nicely, I need to look like I "belong" to that home... Ugh, I sound like a moron! Right?

Obsessive freaking thoughts! I think I think too much. I got too much spare time! Right? RIGHT? 

You know what I really think? That summer is EVIL! It's messing with my mind! xD

I'm such a talanted Paint-artist.


  1. I constantly change my mind if I want my hair long or short, blue, red, blonde, black... perhaps we are related some way back in the past! I also had the 'what if I move to a cabin' thing but it is not happening soon. So I will keep wearing this stuff. Also I realised white flowy garments while they look nice are totally impractical for mud and woods anyway, ha ha, black is probably the least easily stained. I will make Nature Goth a thing.

    1. Haha, maybe we are. ^^ That is a great point - but white looks SO pretty on screen! Attracted to bright & shiny stuff like a raven, lol.
      I would imagine the Nature Goth to look something like this: - And that I love!

    2. On moving to a cabin - yup, jeans and t-shirt and most days I don't even comb my hair out. So my advice to you and Laura is to grow your hair long (whatever colour it may be), so you can wear it in a braid for days on end! And nix on the long black dresses unless you live somewhere you don't need to be able to run fast from bears and stuff. LOL

  2. Dog is ridiculously gorgeous and I need to hug it!

    1. She would love that, but only if you pet her tummy at the same time! <3 ;D

  3. Ehh, I'll follow you on Instagram anyway...:P

    I change my mind about my hairstyle and color daily as well. Now it's medium lenght with bangs in a grogeous dark burgundy color and I love it. But I miss my black hair. moreover, sometimes I crave glitzy colors...And my boyfriend misses my long hair. Apparently, I miss it too, because it was so classy and lady like, but short hair is so much easier to style...And the bangs...: I've been trying to grow out my bangs for about 3 years, but once it reaches that annyoing length, I can't resist and cut it...and I regret it every single time. Trust me, it's a struggle, I understand you...:/

    I don't think there's a certain way you need to look, you don't necessarily have to fit your environment, meaning, that I'd love to move into a cabin, but I'm absolutely not into all the bio stuff...If you wanna dress nu - goth while living in the woods, then by all means, do so.
    I get your point, because I also love gothsy, halloween stuff and black clothes, but in the same time, I wear a lot of earthly tones. Plus a bunch of loud and colorful, geeky stuff...These three things or styles are so different and dissonant, but it doesn'r bother me. I don't think I have to label myself and stick to one certain style...moreover, versatility is a great thing: When I'm in a good, playful mood, I put on something colorful and geeky, but when I'm tired and need comfort, I dress in flowy blacks...^^

    1. Great, I wrote and entire blog post...:D

    2. Haha, an interesting blog post though! ;D

      Wow, I thought I had issues, lol, just kidding. Even if these problems suck, it's nice to hear that I'm not alone in this jungle of hair colours! And hair cuts. ;)
      I love long hair too, I'm growing it now and I hope I will not go mad when it gets "too long"!
      You really describe your style(s) on spot. :D I often think like that too, that I don't have to fit in with the enviroment. Why would I have to? But the other thoughts burry the good thoughts, (haha, well that sounds awesome.)
      Maybe I just need a bigger wardrobe?!!

  4. Oh, I'm trying to keep up with my new Instagram account, but I after about the fifteenth time trying to post a picture and getting the 'failed' message because internet is lousy out here, I give up. So I have three pictures so far. And that teensy screen - don't get me started! :D

    1. Oh my, 15 times? I would have thrown the phone in the wall by the 3rd try... :P
      God bless huge computer screens!

  5. Alltså... det är mer än okej att ha flera stilar. Det du känner för en specifik dag, som du trivs i - det ska du ha! Om du ser ut som en gothare en dag och en lantis en annan, so what? och man behöver då Inte ha en stil som "passar in där man bor", dock tror jag sådant sker lite grann utan att man tänker på det. en viss typ av kläder är skönare och mer praktiskt när man bor på landet. Färga håret nu om du vill. Vill du ha ljust sen löser du det då, men att vilja ha en specifik hårfärg baserat på hur du bor... nä gör det du känner för bara! och försök att inte titta på för mycket bilder online och jämföra med andra. ha det som känns skönt, bekvämt och rätt för just dig :)

    Svar: Hihi jaa det vore riktigt härligt att testa på vintern också! Nää bada själv är lite läskigt faktiskt, men nu när vi bor vid en sjö måste jag våga gå ta ett dopp även om Andreas inte är hemma/ är med.

    1. Förstår precis vad du menar och håller med! Det har blivit lite som ett beroende att stirra mig blind på bilder och så tänker jag alldeles för mycket på det hela.
      Överväger att köra med kemikalier fast jag inte gillar det. Ingen hit att leka med henna om man vill byta hårfärg sen. ^^

      Hehe, ja det får man nog träna in, övertala sig själv att det är bara vatten, inga monster på botten! x)

  6. Oj, det låter jobbigt att ha så mycket olika tankar :O men som de andra redan skrivit så är det många som känner igen sig idet! Jag skulle lätt kunna byta hårfärg en gång i veckan om det var möjligt, haha! Embrace your velighet och ha på det vad du trivs i :D min syster är den mest stilvarierande människan jag vet, en dag kan hon vara supergothig och en annan dag som en sweet lolita och hon är sjukt cool jämt!

    1. Det är det! Måste ha med tvångstankar att göra, usch.
      Haha, ja det hade varit bäst, en gång i veckan är lagom! ^^
      Häftigt! :D tyvärr har jag "nog" blivit lite besatt av att det är EN stil som gäller, haha. Phew, I'm wörking on it! Och som ovanstående smarta människa skrev så är det nog en bra idé att sluta glo på bilder på internet - det kan vara dåligt ibland... *host* för sådana som mig då alltså. xD

    2. Ja jag måste också hålla mig borta rätt mycket från tjusiga inspirerande människors bilder tyvärr :'D annars blir jag för hagalen på olika stilar och kläder som jag inte har råd att skaffa!