Thursday, February 21, 2013


Haven is a very good series I've been following. Based on the novel "The Colorado Kid" by Stephen King. I just started watching season 1 again, since I could'nt remember anything, so now I can watch season 2 and 3 without any questionmarks :D
It's sort of a thriller-mystery-drama-fantasy. Unexplained things keeps happening. I like everything about it!

Another awesome series is Kingdom Hospital. Also by Stephen King, but this series really IS Stephen King! It's weird, strange, creepy, mental... Uhm, you get the point! :D
Also based on a novel if I remember correctly, so I think that's why it's only 1 season.
Totally worth your time, watch it. ;)


  1. The spouse and I watch Haven - we like it too, but I didn't realize it was based on a Stephen King novel! Duh.

    I just searched for Kingdom Hospital, but we don't get it ... :o(

    1. Ah, yeah it's a great series! :) And Stephen King rocks! x)
      Hmm, if you mean you can't find it to download, you can always check "the pirate bay . com"... or just google. :)

    2. Oh my, I'm obviously so old - I never even thought to download it! I was just checking on the tv to see if came on any of the channels we get! Duh again!! LOL

    3. Haha, no one is older than they feel like, no matter what the "number" says :D I'm still 23, and I will be stuck there for a good while I think!

      When you said you searched for it I just assumed you were downloading, hehe.
      The series is from 2004, so it should be cheap to buy, if you were to think of that :)

  2. Åh de där seriena kanske jag kan övertala min karl att se på med mig, just nu följer vi bara Walking dead tillsammans och det vore kul med fler :D

    1. Absolut, det är ju inga tjej-serier om man ser på det på det viset! xP Utan att låta dum i huvudet, haha, så kan jag ju tycka att Desperate Housewives är en "tjej"-serie.
      Min pappa blev helt fascinerad av Kingdom Hospital och han är kräsen. Men man får ju ha i åtanke att det är Stephen King och det är inte alltid det är "A-skådisar" med :) Men en serie kan ju vara väldigt underhållande ändå!