Monday, February 4, 2013

Rise and shine!

I got the spot on the flea market if I did'nt mention that before! :)
Starting today, first mission: find mom some yarn xD
If you want to buy something, they have some rules. You can't put a price on the thing you want to buy yourself, obviously. And that the thing you want to buy has been in the store itself for atleast 2 hours... because: customers first! But sometimes they make exceptions. :D

My bag is done! Taking pics of it later today.

Weather is really grey, I hate it. One day its sunny and warm with no snow and the next day it's snowing like crazy, and then the day after that it's 15 cm of snow and freezing!
Please Spring, come sooner this year!


  1. Come over here! It's hot and muggy and awful, it will be a nice change for you! :p We are having the first cool breeze in aaages, such a relief!

    Congratulations on the flea market spot! Love to see what you are selling!

    1. No thanks! Haha, worst weather there is, warm and muggy!
      Wind is fine during warm weather, but not cold tho. ^^
      Thanks u! :) My phone-cord is gone so I cant show you the store, but when I buy something I'll throw up a pic or ten :D

  2. Lycka till på första dagen :D

    Här är det också grått idag, tråkigt.

    1. Tack! Det gick jättebra, förutom att jag missade min buss, kul som f*n! :D

      Ugh, indeed ...och nu är det storm också :/ *hatar*

  3. Congrats about the flea market! Two hours isn't too bad of a wait - hopefully nobody will snap up the stuff you want! :D

    1. Thank u!
      Haha, yeah hopefully! I didnt think of it before, but I can buy anything that is allready out in the store, so I'm good! Did my first shopping today :) My wallet is going to run away and hide xD