Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Need to buy some cheap t-shirts... make things like this! :)

There is so much more I want to do... but the lazyness stops me... plus that I dont have that many fabrics to work with. For example a skirt out of a scarf. Different tops out of over-sized t-shirts. So many things I've thrown away over the years. :/
Well, shit happens, as they say.

I am now going back to my forum and google to figure out if I'm going to dye my hair Henna red or blonde. I think I will get tired of blonde very quickly... and when autumn arrives, I know I will be wanting red hair. ^^ So I will probably get red! ...Or summer-blonde? AARGH!!


  1. Oh yes, she does so many amazing t-shirt adaptations! I love the ones with all the lace and the flowers! I want to make some of them too, they would be just romantic and frilly enough for me to wear them as 'everyday' clothes, I think. (Because i am one of those people who has to dress up!)

    1. Ah, so she's famous! :P I havent looked it all up on her webbpage, but I saw some other pretty things in the corner of my eyes there. ^^
      Hehe, make sure you show the pretty t-shirts on your blog, if you make any. :)

  2. Red red red!!!
    Jag vill med ha röd men jag är för feg.
    Du ska ha rött, punkt slut!

    1. Red it is! Så många fördelar om man jämför med blont.
      Vadå för feg? Bara att bleka och färga rött! :D Blir det skit av det så gå tillbaka till svart.