Friday, May 3, 2013

Education soon?

Information meeting on monday about nursing educations at "AF". I hope it's something for me.
I've always said that I will never ever wipe someone elses ass. Literally.
Might sound not-so-nice, but I have a hard time dealing with other peoples, ehm, body fluids and hygiene. Right.
But it's time to look past that and think of the job opportunities! If I really have to, I think I can make it. :) And it would be SO nice to take a break from all the "practise work" that "AF" is putting me tru.
Luckily there are different directions to go in a nursing education, but I'll know more on monday about that.

Ooh yes, the swenglish. <3

I still like the work at the Second Hand store, but it wont get me a job. It's sad they dont hire people.

Today we got some fixing in the yard done. Looks a bit better now when the flowerbeds arent covored in moss and grass. :D But, there's still much to be done. So. Much. Moss.

Oh! Took some pretty pictures at the sunset the other day. As always! :) Actually, two nights, two sunsets.

Sky on fire

It was so pretty and the colors changed so fast! Happy I cought the real colors! The red, orange and pink usally doesnt get this bright with this camera.

The pink stripes

I always try to avoid buildings and streetlights on my pictures if I can, because I think it ruins the "look" a bit. I like my photos  to be all "natural". :) At these last 2 photos I was avoiding some stuff, first I thought it looked weird with just half trees, but they actually turned out pretty cool! :)

Nature <3


  1. Hope you'll find something in the nursing field that doesn't have anything to do with bodily fluids! Ewwwwww! :D

    I'd kill to have some moss grow around here - we've been trying to get the stuff to grow around the flagstones and it's just finally starting to take off. Too dry, I guess. :P

  2. Haha, I hope so too! :P
    We have plenty, if we were living closer together I would give it all to you... even if you wouldnt want it all. :D Yesh, moss loves the non-sunny places and moisture. Think it will grow just fine with plenty of water and love! ;)

  3. Aaah ska du gå och bli undersköterska?
    Härligt ;)
    Man behöver inte alltid torka folk i röven osv...finns jobb som kräver annat :)

    Btw I see you next weekend!

    1. Well, jag tror det iallafall, utbildningen heter bara "Omvårdnad", så jag tror det är en för-utbildning, eller nåt :D
      Haha, I know, men det finns alltid något superäckligt man måste hantera!

      yesh indeed! :D Ooh, booze! Ta med vad du vill ha själv och vad du vill bjuda på. :P
      Det är ju det gamla vanliga, inte ett skit i kylen eller frysen. Men vi får se längre fram i veckan hur det blir! Ska prata med Yvonne! *suck*

    2. haha jag vet!
      Torka bajs funkar inte för mig...klöks och har mig av lukten inte av själva bajset haha!
      sjukt bra undersköterska jag är va? haha
      Spyor får mig att spy...

      Tänkte ta med baccardi grand melon...vad blandar man med den? du som vet :P

      jaja men det misstänkte jag redan ;)

      ja sen täääänkte jag fråga....det är ett par störtsköna grabbar som ska spela på O'learys i K-stad på lördag...Dust bowl jokies och ska tydligen vara asgrymma live....
      intresserad? on me givetvis då.

      fack vad kasst :(
      inget skoj...trodde det skulle lösa sig för er snart.

  4. Lycka till! Förhoppningsvis behöver du inte torka bajs, jag förstår om du inte vill det, jag jobbade på ålderdomshem en sommar och aldrig mer kan jag säga, haha!

    Bilderna är jättefina :D

    1. Thänk jo! :)
      Haha, fifan! xD Nä jag hoppas verkligen där finns olika inriktningar bland utbildningarna. Och framför allt, att det finns ett jobb som väntar efteråt!

  5. Amazing pictures!! ^^
    Well, I think we're on the same page about body fluids, but I'm sure there will be more interesting fields withing nursing, if you want to stick to it. Personally, I get tired of interacting with people very easily and I can't handle such socially awkward, I whoeheartedly respect nurses...!

    1. Thanks! :)

      Haha, I think we're on the same page when it comes to "beeing social" aswell. xD But I will give it a try! If I cant handle it I guess I just have to find something else that fits me better.
      But I have a feeling I will make it, even if I dont like people that much. Sounds weird, but I dont know how else to describe it. ^^

      Oh, and I'm glad to hear once again that I'm not alone with my "problems", hehe.