Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dreadlings, 1 week old :)

One week has passed and they have already changed alot.
Last time I had dreads I used all the wrong schampoos, used a crochet hook all the time and didnt leave them alone for 1 sec.
This time - No crocheting, no schampoos (just dishwash) and I leave them to do their own thing.
And it's working! They are dreading faster this time and they are soft to the touch... and soft to sleep on! Phew. Very important.
And they dont grow together at my scalp this time, not much at all compared to the last time anyway.

My baby beasts are growing to be FAT DRAGON BEASTS, WITH FIRE COMING OUT O....
well, maybe not that fierce.... :D

Tomorrow is the last day at the second hand store for me. It's sooo nice to get some time off.
I dont know what plans the "work agency" has for me, I hope they will listen to what I want and not what THEY want. 
I've been thinking of what path I will choose... maybe ask them if I can "work" at a tattoo studio, to try it out and see if I'm still into that. I will talk to the same studio as before, they said I would get a job when I'm done learning, :) but that was some years ago.
Well, we'll see! 
I have a couple of things that I want to become, but the "work agency" has to agree with me. *Sigh* I dont like them. They always crush peoples dreams...


  1. Yo Bitchy! :)

    När dyker du upp imorgon? va va va va va va???

    Knus = Kram på isländska

    1. Jag, bitchy? Pfft, nu har du fått det hela bakom foten va :P
      Yay, KNUS! :D haha

  2. Diswash? Really? I mean, won't your hair just fall off one day? :P
    I know nothing about dreads, really, so it might seem to be a stupid question...well, in fact I'm sure it is a stupid question...:P
    Anyway, they look cool, I like the color. ^^

    Good luck with the agency, I hope they'll be helpful and you can take apeak atthe tattoo industry soon. :)

    1. Yes, really! :D I buy the kind that is non-harmful to the environment, so it's a little more gentle I think. And then I delute it with water, 1 teaspoon with 200 ml water, so it's very gentle to the skin and hair! :) It doesnt hurt your hair, but your skin may get a little dry.
      Dishwash is good when you dont want any residues in your hair, what so ever. If you use normal shampoo, you can get residue-build-up inside your dreads, and over time that doesnt smell very nice! :D

      And thanks! :)

  3. Åh hoppas du kan få en plats på en tatueringsstudio :D Det vore nog spännande. Och man vet ju inte vad man vill förrän man fått prova!

    1. Precis! Vi får se :) De korta stunder jag har spenderat i tattoo-studios, har jag älskat! :D Mycket intressant!