Saturday, June 8, 2013

Preparing the henna

My hair was dry before I started bleaching it, so now after 2 bleaches it's even more dry, obviously.
I found a conditioning treatment for dry hair on the internetz!

2 whole eggs
Uuuh... and then some amount of olive oil, haha, I didn't even check it properly.
I guess I took 1,5 dl of oil.
Not that I think it matters, it's just natural stuff and it's all good for your hair.

Mixed it and thought it looked smooth and nice. But nooo, it ran & dripped down my face and neck the whole 2 hours I had it in. *sigh* Anyway, didn't feel any difference afterwards. Probably have to do it more than once. And when you're using natural oils and stuff it's better to have it in all night and wash it in the morning. I'm sleeping with olive oil in my hair tonight. Easy to wash out actually!
Henna sits better on healthy hair and I dont want it to get all uneven.

Slimy goodness :) 

Henna, before mix and after mix.
(300 gr BAQ henna)
(6,5 dl lemon juice)
(6 dl water)

Alot of goo! Smells like hay <3

So tomorrow my pretty sister is helping me to put it all in! I can probably do it myself but it takes much longer and I dont want to miss any spots. Oh and henna should sit for 12-24 hours before use, dye release and stuff! ;P So that's why it's done already.


  1. I'm excited to see how it turns out! And I remember that smell. I wonder what henna would turn out like on graying hair - probably not good.

    So after all your experimentation with no-poo, do you think it was worth it or would you not do it again. Just curious, because I'm thinking that it might be something to try over the summer, when nobody's going to see me out in the bush anyway. ;o)

    1. So am I :) Sitting here now with the goo on my head, plus some plastic and a towel, it's heavy! :P
      What I have read henna should work well on gray hair, but it may take a few applications tho. But as always, everyone says something different!

      I would do it again, I am actually right now... kind of. :D Guess I cant call it "no poo", because I dont wont to give up the lotion for any oil, it's just so hard so smear out on your body, unless ur still wet. And I hate it when I come out from the shower, I just want to get dry again as soon as possible, lol.
      So I use dishwash for my hair & body, and coconut oil for my face = a little "no poo" :D
      Hehe, another perk of living next to no one!

  2. Hoppas du blir nöjd med resultatet :D

    1. Aj'm rilli häppi med resultatet! :D

  3. Visste inte att hennan ska dra så länge. Det var ett bra tips :)

    1. Det beror nog på vad det är för henna. Är det rent henna pulver så ska det dra i minst 12 h i rumstemp. Är det t ex Lush eller Herbique's henna hårfärg, så är det nog bäst att följa beskrivningen på förpackningen tror jag. Alla säger ju olika :) och vissa har mer än just henna i sina färger, som Lush.