Friday, June 28, 2013

Off to wifey!

Catta is my wife and I am hers. <3
Well, not really, but hey, you can still pretend as if you were 10 years old! Right? xD

So off to wifey we go and let's make Helsingborg unsafe!

I miss the forests of Glimåkra, where we lived before. But I sure dont miss the house! 
This is Catta, Diesel and Moa :)

So many nice roads in the middle of nowhere and so much fluffy moss.


  1. Jag saknar oxå Glimåkra.
    Härlig natur som fan <3
    Kanske borde ta en tripp dit endast för skogens skull?
    Haha vilket foto... XD
    Min smala hund då har gått och blivit tjockis nu <3

    come on over honey
    Helsingborg as at your feet! they will bow for you as queens we are!

    1. Me 2, jäffla hus till att ramla sönder. -.-
      Kanske vi kan! :) Det är ju inte skitlångt härifrån.

      Men never the less, soon (förhoppningsvis,) så ser vi vackrare skog än så! ;P
      *ÄR PÅ SOM FAN!* Mor t.o.m sa till Camilla idag, LET'S DO IT! :D HURRAAA! :D:D:D:D Jag kan bo med mina barn! Haha

    2. woho!!
      vad har fått dom att ändra sig?

  2. Ah, a walk with your protectors - no wonder you feel safer walking with them! And what a beautiful forest!! I'm looking forward to making some little terrariums with the moss in ours. It's taken over 20 years to grow any kind of moss in our city backyard, so the different kinds growing out in the country has me very excited! (Obviously, it doesn't take much to get me excited...) ;P

    1. It really is a beautiful forest! :) Around this area there's too much water and grass, and too little moss!
      Aaw! That will be awesome, making your own little terrariums <3 I've always wanted a terrarium, but with a lizard in it. :) But realized that 4 furball-pets is enough.

      Have you gotten anywhere with the new home yet? Must take alot of time, but drains and such? *Very excited* :D