Saturday, December 7, 2013

A little change

I've always hated the color blue. It's mostly cold and ugly.
But for some time back now, I started to like some blue colors... It all depends on what it is.
The sky is pretty in all its' colors, specially the nightsky - but a skyblue sweater or a skyblue bag is just horrible.
I love my metallic-black-blueish nailpolish.
I hate the light blue color of our kitchen walls.
I love my new blog colors. :) With a little purple and lime green. <3

Winter is finally here. It's frosty and very cold, wich means it's a little colder inside also, but it's totally worth it. It's so much lighter outside and not constantly wet from all the rain. And we have a tiny bit of snow too thanks to Sven. Weird name for a storm.

I lost another kilo btw. *Hurray for me* :P
Finally got new batteries for that thingy that you weigh yourself on. (Cant believe I got a B+ on my english in school!). I have been eating a lot of "no-no" food lately, (that's probably why I dont loose weight faster), but it's soon x-mas and I love saffron and  x-mas candy. xD I'll just start over, again, when x-mas and New Years Eve is over!

Sunset - the day after Sven was here.
Stormy and cold, but I still ran out there with no jacket to snap some shots. :) It was so pretty!

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