Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A not so good day

(Nooo, I had a fun pic here yesterday, but it didnt work so I tried finding it to save it, but it is nowhere to be found!) :(

Anyway, this day sucked! I got up early, doing all the stuff that needed to be done for a day at work and then, 30 min before my bus, my stomach decided to turn itself inside out. 
So yeah, for 7 hours I ran around at home, hoping that this crap would stop so that I could go to work, but no. Another day at home. 
I even wanted to go to work! :/  
I've been eating LOADS gingerbread and saffron buns for a few days now, I'm guessing my tummy did'nt like it :D

The pic has nothing to do with my day today! xD

We have been watching a new series here at home, Pretty Little Liars it's called :) I like it! Normally I dont like drama and romance, but this series has eveything in it, and I like the characters! 
It's hard to go from Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead, to THIS, but you cant really compare them. Try it :)


  1. Ouch, I hope you're feeling better already! Unfortunately, the first photo doesn't show, or at least my browses displays an error...

    I've heard about Pretty Little Liars, but as I'm also watching the same series as you listed, I guessed, that it's not for me...:D

    1. Oh :o I'll fix the pic later.
      And ye, feeling alot better now! :)

      Ah, the most awesome series :D As I said they cant be compared, but it's totally worth a few episodes if u wanna check it out! There's alot of mystery and thriller over it, not only drama and love stories ;P
      (Can't wait for the next season of Game of Thrones!!!)

    2. Okay, I downloaded a couple of episodes, but it's not my thing...:D But I'm excited for the new season of Game of Thrones too! ^^

  2. fy sjutton vad tråkigt! Det kan vara magsjuka också, det snurrar nu :P Krya på dig!

  3. Jag följde också Pretty Little Liars förut men säsong 3 är såååå tråkig så jag har haft en låååång paus nu xD

    Hoppas din mage blir bättre! det kanske bara är godsakerna som bråkar? :3

  4. I love Pretty Little Liars. While it has all the silly teen romance stuff, that can be nice sometimes, but it thrills it up with all horror! :3