Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rain at Xmas ...and candy!

A bit boring weather, but atleast the snow stayed until today. There's a little dirty snow left on the sidewalks and it's storm outside - a nice indoor-only day :D Except when walking dogs... crappy weather = short walks! They dont mind I think.

Sunday we spent with relatives. They had to work on Christmas eve so we celebrated Christmas a day before the actual day :) Then came home yesterday to celebrate Christmas with mom... 
So today was the 3rd day we have eaten Xmas foodz, ham on sandwich for breakfast <3 :P
Allmost all the candy is still in its jars, there's so much of it! 
Food for the rest of the week is planned. xD And candy!

Marzipan. Made it light green <3 If you use your x-ray vision, you can see it!

The Rocky Road!
I love those green nuts *drools*

We also made a marzipan bread with nougat, chocolate toffee and truffle.
Everything chocolate *sigh* :P


I had to pretend I was holding a piece of candy to make Moa look at me xD
Yes, our dogs gnaws on the firewood and eats the tree bark, yum yum. As long as they dont eat the actual wood (splinters), they're OK! :)

Hope you all had/have a great Christmas :)


  1. Oj vad tråkigt med regn :O här har det snöat som bara den. Mysigt, men nu kanske det räcker faktiskt, haha!

    Nom nom rocky road!

    1. Ja verkligen! Det är ju meningen snö och kyla ska hålla i sig nu i 2 månader iallafall :( nej, det kan inte bli för mycket snö! :D

  2. Åh det ser mysigt ut. Men tråkigt att ni inte har snö. Jag skottar flera gånger i veckan. :-P

    1. :O Avundsjuk(!), även om det är jobbigt att skotta, så är det ändå mysigt :P