Friday, December 21, 2012

The world is still here.

December the 21, 2012... The world was suppose to explode today. Atleast that is what the program on TV said... and the Mayans. 
Oh well, I'm glad we're still here! :D
Some say it wont happen until midnight... or 2.00 at night, But,
Nasa and scientists said nothing will happen, "relax". So I will do that. Relax.

I wont be able to start my education for a while. I will have to deal with my tummy first... and as much as I hate it, a doctor will have to check me out and help me. 

Made some more candy today... and yesterday... We have alot of candy now and will probably puke at it at the end of the Xmas day xD It's good you only make your own candy at Xmas times. 
Pics of candy comes tomorrow, I think. Probably!

I've been extra lazy and a bit sick so that's why I'm not as actvie as I want to be.

Off to leveling in World of Warcraft, my "escape from the reality"-game. It really is another world and it's nice to just sink into it every now and then. 

See you laters cutiepies :)


  1. Well, it might just be the timelag and the apocalypse is still to come...^^

    Get better soon, and enjoy your candy before you puke it all out...:P

    1. Haha yeah maybe :P I'm still pretty sure we will live trough this "apocalypse" anyway xD
      I will, ty! :D

  2. Jag håller också på och gör massa julgodis :D

    Hoppas verkligen ditt magproblem är lättåtgärdat när de väl hittar felet :)

    1. Yay :D Vad för godis? Alla gör ju olika :P

      Hoppas jag med! ^^

    2. Jag har gjort päronkarameller och cornflakesgodis. Snart ska jag göra mintkyssar och imorgon smartieskakor och rice krispie treats :'D allt ska bli julklappar! Ska bara smaka lite förstås xD

  3. I, for one, am glad we dodged the apocalypse bullet again this time - because I'd sure hate to miss that big turkey dinner and all those sweets in two days! ;o)